ASUS VH236H problem

Hello guys. I dont know exactly where to talk about this issue, and if there is a link specifically on monitor issues, feel free to move this thread to that thread.

I have recently bought a DVI connector for my Macbook Pro so I can start streaming videos for the ASUS VH236H. I have the DVI connector on the ASUS monitor and I’ve switch the input mode to DVI and it say “DVI no signal”. is there anyway to work around this?

Make sure you hit the button on your laptop to switch display modes.

that button isn’t featured on the newer macbook pro, unfortunately

Do you have a way to check the DVI on the monitor with another computer? It may be a bad DVI connector

i have a cintiq monitor-tablet and it works just fine. i’ll try to look out for a driver of some sort for it.

Can you test the DVI on the monitor?

its not a button, you should be able to change it in mac’s internal display settings from their version of control panel

try in apple -> system preferences -> displays