Asus vh236h question - settings

I just got my asus vh236h and I’m very pleased with it.

One minor thing is pissing me off though. It seems that you can’t select individual picture settings for each input (dvi, hdmi, vga). I want to have separate settings for my hdmi input (ps3) and a different set of settings for my mac.

Is this possible?

bump :slight_smile:

I think your only option will be to switch splendid modes.

Like use Scenery for your Mac and Theater for your PS3.

so i can customize each mode…different settings for scenery and then different settings for theater? niiice

Indeed. It’s not as nice as automatically changing modes based on input but it’s better than nothing.
I personally spent a few hours calibrating one day and managed to get a setting that I felt looked relatively good on either input I switched between, and forgot that the ability to switch modes even existed until I read this thread :rofl:

dude! can you share those settings with me? I’ve noticed that if i put sharpness over 19 my mac text looks too pixelated but at that same sharpness settings my ps3 looks a bit blurry