Asus vh236h question

I recently ordered the Asus vh236h, and I had a couple questions for those who have this monitor or for those who are more tech savvy than me. lol

I plan on using VGA cables from my xbox to the monitor, but my friend told me that hdmi would look better and using VGA would look horrible. Is this true? The reason I have to use VGA is because my Xbox is one of the first generation ones and it doesn’t have an hdmi out.

Is there any other difference between hdmi and VGA other than picture quality? For example, input lag, sound, etc.

Other info… I’m currently using a cheap old tube tv (or CRT) and the reason I ordered the asus monitor is because it is hard for me to read the text in SF as well as other 360 games.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

There’s a place just for you: Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Please remember to post in the appropriate section. Thank You!