Asus VH236H Questions

I recently ordered the Asus vh236h, and I had a couple questions for those who have this monitor or for those who are more tech savvy than me. lol

  1. I plan on using VGA cables from my xbox to the monitor, but my friend told me that hdmi would look better and using VGA would look horrible. Is this true? The reason I have to use VGA is because my Xbox is one of the first generation ones and it doesn’t have an hdmi out.

  2. Is there any other difference between hdmi and VGA other than picture quality? For example, input lag, sound, etc.

Other info… I’m currently using a cheap old tube tv (or CRT) and the reason I ordered the asus monitor is because it is hard for me to read the text in SF as well as other 360 games.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

I’m not sure about the quality of the picture but I think it’s actually recommended to use VGA on here since there’s supposedly less input lag due to less processing.

Edit: On second thought, I’m not sure if this just pertains to HDTVs. :stuck_out_tongue:

VGA and hdmi really have not much difference cause I play Xbox with the VGA cable hooked up and ps3 with hdmi. You’ll be fine. I play MW3 on Xbox and all my FG on ps3

I have my Asus VH236H with PS3 connected via HDMI and 360 via VGA (as well as Wii via HDMI upconverter to DVI). Going back and forth from PS3 and 360 in the same games I’ve noticed no discernible difference in picture quality/clarity from HDMI - VGA.

VGA is a analog out put, and the max resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p)for both Component and VGA
Not all HD TVs and Monitors will support 1080p via analog connections.

The Xbox 360 has its own restriction of 720 on analog formats.
Have your Xbox 360 set to 720 and not 1080.
Many games are only design to display up to 720 any ways.

Any ways DVI/ HDMI is superior to VGA, as analog is by nature more susceptible to signal degradation

Sort of, On many HD TVs the VGA connection bypasses much of the image post processing such as scaling, deinterlacing and so on.

Best thing to do is set you HDMI console to the same resolution as the monitors default setting

Thanks everybody for your input, I really appreciate the input.

wrong, VGA as spec has a max resolution of 640x480. the VGA connector supports many VGA standards, the highest of which is double that of 1080P.


further investigation shows the xbox 360 will only allow you to choose from a list of screen resolutions that your monitor tells the XBOX it is ok to use. this happens on the data line of the VGA cable. not every video card or monitor supports this two way communication but the xbox 360 does. so does every computer monitor made in the last 10 years. my 46" sony supports the standard so its safe to say that HDTV’s also do this. my 19" monitor is running 1440x900 with the 360 since its my native resolution for the monitor. I would rather scale it all in the xbox than scale it twice.

this relates more closely with old NTSC standards than VGA. older 1080P displays will support 1080P over HDMI only while the standard at the time was 1080i for component cables.

thats a pretty fair statement but I find that it often falls on the video card and the operating system to display non-standard VGA resolutions. why would a 1080P TV not display 1080P? that makes no sense at all.

thats what it says on the package of the official xbox 360 VGA cable that I purchased 3 years ago. old information. don’t trust it.

depends on your computer monitor. the crappy LCD’s are actually VGA native. your digital inputs get scaled and converted to the native max resolution of the analog LCD. I own one of these too so I know. if you have no VGA connection on your LCD and it did not come with a VGA adapter, then you can bet it is DVI/HDMI native. VGA is still king when connecting arcade boards to anything.

sorry to spam you. just wanted to post up some good information.