Asus vh236h slow




Timing changes can be pretty severe between playing offline and online. Not only do they use fairly lagless monitors at Evo, but differences between consoles can also cause a difference. Your best bet is to just adapt to the offline environment, or buy an Asus VH236 monitor to closely mimic Evo’s conditions as close as possible.

XBL ranking doesn’t mean shit if you can’t produce results at tournaments.


Keep in mind there are different kinds of lag, all caused by different issue, not all lag is caused by your monitor.
[]Local system lag - usually caused by a over worked CPU, GPU or a full ram buffer (nothing to do with the internet or your monitor)
]Network Lag - Lag caused by issues with your network connection, such as sudden slow down in your connection speed
[]Server Lag - Network lag caused by the game server
]Controller Input lag - delay from where the controller input hits/registers with the system
[]Animation delay lag - lag caused by the in-game rendering engine as a particular sequence or animation on the screen needs to finish before a new input will be accepted, prime examples are cut scene and close ups (like how you can’t do inputs during someone else’s super). Nothing to do with your monitor.
]Game Engine Delay/ Lag - A in-game coding reason why your game might lag that may or may not have to do with anything going on the screen as the games coding is slowing down on its Render. Nothing to do with the TV or Monitor. Prime example is too many things on your screen is happening at one time, common with Metal Slug when alot of bad guys pop on the screen at one time. Could also be caused by a glitch in the game.
[*]Lag caused by Heat/ Overheating - As your system gets hotter, many of your consoles components work less effectively, CPU, GPU and Ram slows down, so can your connection speeds, the power supply outputs less power, and your system will lag. If you are playing for a long time or your system gets too warm. You want to give yourself and your console a break, allow your self some time to recover and your system to cool down.




You’re right on the money with that one. Asus feels sluggish compared to most TVs due to the reduced input delay. Normally, on a laggy TV, you would have to do your inputs earlier to adjust for the lag. On the Asus, it feels sluggish since your visual cues come way too early, which means you need to slow down the timing of your links to land the correct timing, which makes the game feel as if it’s slower than normal.


What eltrouble said.

Basically you are used to the lag on your tv so playing on a nearly lagless one is throwing you off.


Oh ok that’s why when I was at fr all my inputs felt like crap at first then later everything was much much better