ASUS VH236H turns on but display remains dark... help?

Hey guys, I got an ASUS VH236H last year during the big rush post-evo 2009, and it worked awesome up until yesterday. The screen turns on (orange light in the lower right, glows blue if I click power button), but the display remains dark and doesn’t give me the menu to select VGA/DVI/HDMI and doesn’t show anything… if I hook it up to my laptop, the laptop screen changes like it’s changing format to go dual screen but again, nothing shows up on the monitor.

Any troubleshooting tips? Is there a better place to look for help with this?

Can you see anything from the screen? I would think maybe backlight. Does this monitor have speakers? If so, do they play sound like they should still? (My monitor’s speakers shut off when it can’t get a video feed.)

Are you sure you’ve set it to the right source? Maybe you have it on HDMI when it should be on DVI, or vice versa?

Try pressing the button with an arrow pointing into a rounded square.

It doesn’t give the menu to select an input, so it doesn’t appear to matter if I’m on one or the other.

Menu? I have a different ASUS monitor but I have a hardware button next to power for input, as does my Viewsonic.

I have to agree, most Asus monitors have the input button to the left of the power button.

Yeah, sorry for the wrong term, it doesn’t give me the input selector when I hit the button you’re referring to.

Sounds like your backlight died. Look at the screen real closely while your laptop or something is plugged in and its all on, with a bright ass light shining on it, or a flashlight or something. If you can see the picture very faintly, then yeah the backlight is dead. Hopefully its still under warranty, because it doesn’t sound good.

i second this. it will be good thing if its under warranty. i’ve had a monitor less than 2 years before the backlight went out. if you turn your monitor off and on like crazy then you’ll eat up the cold-cathode fluorescent lamp backlight.

its basically a cfl bulb behind that lcd. cfl’s are efficient when they run for long periods but the amount of energy needed to start them up just drains the life out of them when you constantly turn them off and on.

Yeah, that’s definitely what happened. I’ll have to get in touch with Newegg and see what I can do about getting this replaced/fixed. Thanks guys.

If it’s any help I had experience with a dead backlight on my Viewsonic monitor. Someone local advertised he can fix monitors and no charge if he can’t fix it, and since I was out of warranty I just got on with it. Looking at his work he just switched out the capacitors inside and bypassed the fuse using a thin wire.

To make sure it’s the backlight problem, turn it on an put on a flashlight on the screen. There should be a faint image but isn’t lit because the backlight is dead.

Have you tried going through Asus directly? Going through Newegg will be a hassle and more than likely, they’re refer you to Asus unless you bought very recently.

i had the same problem with my Samsung 245B lately. But mine was out of waranty (3+ years old). The problem that you have is either the power to the screen (internal powersupply) or the power to the backlight.
There is a lot of info about bad capacitors on the internet but the guys that had the same problem with the same screen as me found a lot of different capacitors that could be faulty. So without the ability to test it i just went on Ebay to find someone with a broken Samsung 245B and found a guy with a crack in his screen. That was the best solution because he showed a pic of it turned on to show the broken screen. That meant that the powersupply was OK :wink:
When it came in it took 5 minutes to swap the powersupply and it worked like a charm.

In the end it cost me about 25 bucks and i still have a 2nd (double broken) screen that i can dump on ebay. That way it might cost me 0 :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t need this advice as the screen will probably be under waranty but just so you know :wink: