Asus VH242 and VGA (or DVI) vs HDMI


I?ve been using my new Asus VH242 for a week now and I must say I?m very happy with it; anybody on the fence about this monitor needn?t be worried. At the moment I have the 360 connected via HDMI but I also wanted to connect my PS3 simultaneously ? I?m using this monitor for console gaming only. I believe my only option for connecting the PS3 to this screen is via a HDMI cable, but what of the 360? I think the 360 can take VGA and DVI cables but I don?t know which would be better, and ultimately how they impact input lag and picture quality wise. I know neither VGA nor DVI carries audio but I?m already looking for a decent pair of gaming headphones (extra credit if anyone can recommend a pair of these too!)

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.



On that monitor Analog vs Digital shouldn’t really matter.

That monitor has an audio-in and audio out correct?

Well if so, you can just buy an RCA Female to 3.5mm male and plug that into the audio in and you can use the built in speakers for now.

I use my headphones with my 360 but instead of running it through my monitor I plug the RCA to 3.5 adapter into the line in on my soundcard on my PC and listen to it through that.

Now headphones, it depends on your price rage.

Most common for around the $100~ range I’d recommend either the AD-700 or HD555, both are open though so you’d hear outside noice and other people can hear what you’re listening to.

Also you may want to go with a FiiO e5 with bass boost if you want a tad bit more bass as both are somewhat lacking.

I use closed headphones myself.

If you’re looking for a gaming headset, I’d only really recommend the Sennheiser PC350s if you can find them for 100-130 dollars. (Amazon has one on sale for 99+5.50 shipping.)

They’re pretty much HD595 that are closed ear. Hero modding them makes them fantastic as well.

There’s also the ATH-M50 which is also a nice pair of closed headphones. I’d also look for those in the 100-130 range.


Thanks for the speedy and informative reply.

I’ll have to recheck the connections when I return from work.

I’ve been considering a set of Turtle Beach headphones but dont know anyone who’s ever used a pair.