Asus VH242H

I know that the Asus VH236H is what was used for Evo because it is “lagless”, but i was wondering (since i cant find any in-store 236H’s) if the Asus VH242H is just as good. And while on that topic are all the asus monitors “lagless” or is it only a select few.


i know many, including mine, have a gaming mode that speeds up fps

The only true way to have more FPS is for the system to be producing the FPS itself. Anything else is just frame skipping and acceleration which alters the input signal.

well it speeds up frame processing speed

Which is actually controlled by your computer’s graphics card, or xbox/ps3. Not the screen.

Looking at different details on this monitor and several others. There’s absolutley nothing about “increasing fps”. The gaming mode on these screens just adjust brightness, contrast, color, etc to give you best visuals for gaming.

There’s no way a monitor can increase what a computer or console is outputting, it just simply displays it.

it cant increase it but it can display it at full speed reducing lag

Before everyone else confuses him I will give the first straight answer. I own a VH242H.

The lag is very minimal to nonexistent, pretty much just the same as the 236. I’ve been using it for tournaments for months, not a single player has ever complained of any lag.

Gaming mode is nothing more than a visual preset, it does not reduce or increase display lag.

Gaming mode sometimes disables post-processing for images which would otherwise lead to higher input lag.

Really? can you tell me exactly what post processing it turns off for your 242H? Because on mine all it does is change brightness and contrast.

thanks funkyp… just trying to get my timing down for tournies that all use the 236H. i always gotta log my stuff to my CRT everytime i need to adjust my timing. this will help a lot.

I can tell a difference on mine mostly with shooters tho

No you don’t it was a rhetorical question. The different modes of the VH242H are only for brightness, contrast, ad color saturation. Those have no effect on the lag the display uses, and there are no post processing effects on this display that most HDTV’s use that would cause lag.

Another owner confirming. Gaming mode on the ASUS VH series is purely aesthetic.

thats not what my manual says,
and I can tell a difference who are you to tell me otherwise?

Mind taking a picture of the manual where it says that game mode reduces lag? I didn’t even get a manual with my VH236H, just a quick start guide.

Game mode might disable some scaling processes for HDTVs, but it just a preset on LCD monitors. Unless you can prove otherwise with timer test.

I think hlcws was making a more general statement, which applies more to HDTVs. Notice how he says sometimes. I take that to signal a broad statement, because it’s not like if you turn “game mode” on (on a particular TV) it will sometimes skip post-processing and sometimes not.