At a complete loss



Worked on execution and now I can do some target combos but I see that time spent as a waste because I can’t open somebody up. Also falling victim to frame traps and losing to better buttons. I felt as though I have plateaued


Chin up dude it takes a long time to be able to open people up, I know it’s tough but try not to get discouraged!!! Keep playing and trying to learn, playing thoughtfully and trying to improve. For frame traps, try to get reads on people…watch for the patterns they are using to frame trap you. Try out your different options and see what works, maybe it isn’t always pressing a button.

Everyone goes through this same stuff and every single player ever started out getting their butt handed to them(except Daigo, he was born good). Even if you really get down one day, maybe just take a break and go at it again later.


Lately I get blown up a lot for using H kasatushi too much. People see it coming and they can punish it hard if they connect with an air to air counter hit. So I try to use L/M kasatushi instead. Kasatushi is great vs characters that have some good gaps between their mixups (Heihachi for example, you block his 2 first attacks, then kasatushi his follow ups and blow him up).

It’s kinda hard for Juri to get pressure off because her reversals are shitty, her backdash isn’t good enough and she doesn’t have 3 frame pokes or a shoryuken type reversal that people need to respect. As a result you end up relying on kasatushi too much and end up getting bullied by throws on wake up.

To open people up, there’s no magic trick you just need to make people respect Juri’s overhead enough so that they have no choice to stand up from time to time and that’s when you catch them off guard with a or into a full combo. I also recommend always having a LK fuhajin stored (but you need to know when to release or silent release it)., L fuhajin release is great. On hit you hit confirm and go into a full combo, on block, you’re still at advantage so if they press a button you blow them up. And even if they don’t press anything, you can follow up with either xx CADC or xx H Senpusha Switch or Sekku (remember that on counter hit Juri can combo from her overhead so you need to be ready to take advantage of counter hits).

The other way to open people up is using her ambiguous jump ins (, and j.hp). You need to learn when and how to make them cross-up or not. Juri can make her and j.hp be a complete 50/50 off her cr.hp jump cancel at the right spacing (not point blank).

You also need to learn how to space yourself for your main anti-air. If they jump at you, you need to be able to walk forward or backward a little to be in that perfect cr.hp range. Every jump attempt should be punished by at least 330-500 damage when possible. If you’re not doing that kind of damage then you’re doing it wrong and need to go back to training mode.

Though sometimes you can’t rely on Juri’s cr.hp so you need to know alternative ways to deal with jump ins, dive kicks and air tatsus. Practice CADC, air to air Switch and dash under.

Lastly, you need to know how to use alpha counters. Even if I don’t like Juri’s alpha counter and I don’t think it’s worth the meter most of the times, sometimes you have no choice and it can save your ass. Also remember that you can tag cancel your alpha counter to bring your partner in and get a juggle combo (usually between 250 and 350 damage).


Thanks for this, there are a few things here I definitely need to try.

Regarding anti-air, I definitely have issues with c.HP not working on deep jumpins/crossups. I’m a little confused about what you mean when you said “air to air Switch and dash under”. Is this one single AA method, or is the “dash under” a separate method of avoiding crossups?

Also, do you have suggestions on dealing with dive kick pressure from Juri and Rufus? Is there a way to punish on block?


When ever I hit a plateau period with a character in Super, I worked on an alt for a while and revisited the character soon after. I always came back fresh and able to learn new things. If my Juri was feeling flat, I’d work on Cody or Sagat, and make my way back to Juri.


I just uploaded a video that illustrates what I was talking about. Look for it in the video thread. :slight_smile:

You can’t really punish Juri’s dive kick when it’s well aimed. The pushback puts you out of range of your jabs/shorts and medium attacks are too slow. To beat her dive kick what you can do is neutral jump HK or throw some occasional H fuhajins to control air space and discourage them to jump. Switch = back jump MP tag cancel

Also by CADC I mean Charge Attack Dash Cancel. You anti-air with then cancel it into Senpusha then cancel senpusha into dash (to cross under them and catch them off guard). You can also slightly charge the senpusha before cancelling it to make the cross-under more ambiguous or make it fake.


You need to know what kinda role Juri plays on the team. Juri does damage and zones. Use her strengths don’t try to do something she cannot. She was never built for offense. She’s all about fuhajin frame traps and laming it out. What is your team made up of? For me my main team complements each other very well. They counter each others bad match ups and are very versatile. Again i will say that this is a team game. Juri isn’t just the team, figure out how you can mix up via tc and look for what your opponent is doing to you. If your opponent has to go in because he has the life lead than it works towards juri’s strengths. there is no need to rush in when you are winning. Lame it out. A w is a w no matter how you earn it.


Thank for the advice, I think I am pushing past the wall I had hit. Had a round win on a really solid player so I think progress is coming along well.


It’s really easy to open people up with Juri in this game. f+MK is a near-unreactable overhead that moves forward, hops over low attacks, and is safe on block. Mix it up with low attacks and throws, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some damage.


^ Especially since you can combo off a counterhit. Her overhead is great in this game. If it was faster, it’d probably be too good.


Except good players don’t care about the overhead.

It’s better to take 70+70 damage than risk eating a 400 damage combo. Any experienced player will always block low vs Juri’s mixups. So you need to abuse her overhead to the point where they can’t afford to take another 70 damage. But the thing is, Juri’s overhead, as good as it is, loses to jab mashing and reversals. So all they need to do is hold down+back and late jab or backdash if they have a good one like Julia. Then the pressure is reversed.

I’ve fought against players that knew how to block Juri and never jumped when it wasn’t safe to jump. Those kind of players are pretty hard to open up. Especially if they have assist gems and aren’t scared to reversal tag during your pressure.


I’m not saying the overhead is infallible (nothing is), but it’s a really strong option for offense nonetheless. If they eat the overhead, you get to do some damage, get closer to the opponent, and have frame advantage, essentially giving you another mix-up. If they start pressing buttons, it’s still good for you because they have to stop blocking. Even if they block the overhead correctly (and risk eating that 400 damage combo), you’re completely safe. For most other characters, it’s basically impossible to open people up without taking a big risk, which is why comebacks are so rare.


Resurrection spell!

About her overhead. laughs. I am the biggest troll ever in this game. My favorite thing to do to people laughs (I’m at work giggling to myself) is raw launcher. It’s just… I dunno. The sound… The delay… The idea if hitting someone with a frame trap that’s unsafe as fuck makes me lololol.

Nevertheless. Overhead x 2 > launcher, kasatushi in > launcher That’s the setups I use. Troll on.


Problem also is… the cats out the bag, if you were a juri player in sf4 like i was and i think most of you were, most did not respect or understand juri… when this game came out she was touted as a beast and yadda yadda yadda , so much everyone everyone flocked to her, even if just for a while ,giving them a understanding of how she works and also now you see her frequently online, by Nuthuggers who would have never played her before people screamed high tier OMG JURI DAT BiTCH…Its not like AE were juri was a small cult, Her mystic is gone, people have played or played against her so much , I actually dropped this game after the second week i was so Butthurt to be just another JURI…i just got back into it…


Man why didn’t I think about that lol.

I’m sure that would actually work a lot vs good players because they always mash low shorts/jabs when they see you LP Kasatushi.

I think Launcher could also work after a blocked L Pinwheel or blocked Dive Kick.


Don’t be just another juri… Be “that” juri. Like.

“big nasty Kail vs Noel brown station b”

Noel: “fuck!”.

That’s what you want. Be a beast and always strive for excellence.


Question: Which Fuhajin is better to store at the end of block strings? LK or MK? I tend to use Juri’s Cr. LK to test guards so I’m curious.


LK if you’re planning to combo or pressure.

MK/HK if your intentions are to zone/occupy space or get in/tag.


Okay, so have an LK Fuhajin stored from block string. Curious though, should I try using LP to try to chain/link with since LK must be held?


Yes. Up close use c.lp, s.lp,, LK release. And from there xx MK/HK Senpusha or xx xx Launcher.

The store on block pushes you back so from there you can just use, LK release to hit confirm. If they block you are still at +frame advantage so you can go for xx CADC, the overhead or another xx Fuhajin Store. It’s pretty good.