At a loss for Marvel


Hey all, I just picked up UMvC3 a couple weeks ago and have started the uphill battle to become serviceably good at it. I’m really at a loss as to how to practice intelligently though… I haven’t played fighting games at all in nearly a decade, and being just a kid then, I was never more than a glorified masher. I really want to take this more seriously though. I’ve made inroads with my local FG scene, but when I went to their Marvel night last week, I was too intimidated to even play - even the worst of their players would have made me feel like I was flopping uselessly around the screen. So I just watched.

I’ve been practicing basic combos with different characters in training mode. I can do simple MMHS stuff just fine, and I’ve pulled off a few relaunches and such, but I haven’t yet been able to land a full BnB with a single character. I know these things take time, but I’m just frustrated because I don’t feel anywhere NEAR ready to even TRY the good part - playing other people.

So, this is a vague question, but how should someone of my sheer n00bness proceed? Should I just keep hashing it out in training until I can land a character’s BnB consistently, or should I be doing something else? I have to admit, just wailing on a standing dummy for hours on end isn’t really all that much fun.

Thanks for your help, guys. For the record, this is also my first ever post. :slight_smile:



Start by watching this


I would say check out some youtube videos for tutorials, some people don’t like them, but I think they work pretty well. Grinding out does help but record the PC to do certain things, like certain moves or have them jump to figure out what combos work when and where. To record for the dummy go under controls in training mode and change button to record and play.


You need to get into this mindset when you play fighting games:

“Fuck this nigga, Imma whoop that ass”

Anything but that is unacceptable




While not having your combos 100%, playing people will teach you how to play defense against real people. Something training mode won’t teach you. Might as well just take your losses, playing people offline will accelerate your improvement more than online and training mode.


Marvel is one of those games where it’s near impossible to train in isolation. You can craft out some crazy MarlinPie combos, but if you don’t know how players move around the screen, or you don’t know how to get out of shitty high/low mixups then none of your combos will mean anything.

Play against people - anyone, if it’s not laggy then even play online, just do anything to see as many situations as possible. Marvel is a hard game to play online.


start simple. learn one character at a time n dont get ahead of yourself trying to do advanced stuff - gotta walk before you can tutorials are good if you find a good one and the specific character sections of the forum have alot to offer. If u have specific problems or questions make threads there. Maybe start with things like LMHS into air MMHS into an assist that picks them up (deadpool katanarama) into S then air MMH hyper like alot of characters have.Also the bradygames guide for UMVC3 is probably the best thing in the world. I know the idea of a guide seems funky nowadays with the internet at your dispoal but its infinitely useful for beginners to advanced players. Its info is laid out in much clearer terms than this board and its much more in depth and to the point than alot of info floating around here.Try n find 1 cheap or used @ gamestop or amazon. i cant overstate how helpful and informative it is and will always be, not to mention interesting. Once you get a grip on UMVC3 its so much damn fun, so dont get discouraged n give up.Make sure u arent starting with characters who have precise execution. If you start with easier characters like deadpool or wolverine (imo) once u get a feel u can branch out to whomever you want. Do their missions alot until u get them tight. At least up to like mission 8 where they jump from fairly simple to difficult out of nowhere.Try n get some basic stuff down in training and take it online. Use these forums n ask for friends on ur level or for people to take it easy with you. i wouldnt bother too much playing the cpu since its so un-human.

Who is the team ur currently using? Seriously think about picking up the brady guide or as people here call it - the bible. Practice practice practice, and welcome to the boards!


And dont listen to people who say online is bad. If theres a decent connection its a great tool. I gotta disagree with 2 posts up saying learn to block high/low mixups and just work on basic blocking first. That stuff will come later. Learn when to block, how to be patient and wait for the right oppurtunity to seize. Dont be a turtle tho - for the most part this game rewards the aggressor. Take alot of info around here with a grain of salt (no pun intended). Alot of folks think they know more than they do and alot forget what its like being a beginner. No one in particular or on purpose mind you.


Online is a good tool but compared to local matches its pretty garbage. But it can still help you with matchup knowledge a
nd mixup familiarization and learning how to block in general.


I play online and trust me even if you try you wont do much blocking online. It is a great source for matchup knowledge though.


General rule for those starting off this game is, you will get bodied at first. Badly. For a while. If you are not willing to go through that then quite frankly I’ll suggest you pick another game instead, those who call this game scrub friendly and super easy to get into aren’t very correct. But if you are willing to get past that it shouldn’t take long for you to get into the game.


Either you need to practice blocking too or get a better connection. Not tryna be a smartass but i can block just fine online. The way people talk makes me feel like im the luckiest guy playin marvel because both places ive lived since it came out, the online for the most part was very similar to offline. Maybe im just very lucky? Maybe its because im always practicing? I dunno


online for the game is ass


I’m liking Jill/Arthur/Sentinel as my team right now. I know Jill’s movement options are kinda unorthodox and she’s execution-heavy, but she feels best of all the characters I’ve tried. Her basic combos, at least, feel smooth to me. I also played some in-person matches this week, and yeah, I got bodied, but I learned a lot and gained a bit of confidence. Arthur’s keepaway game found me the most success. People run into daggers and lances more than I thought they would.


Only for elitists. I play on and off, I am very good at the game and it runs fine for me. Most of the time the difference is only barely noticable.For me anyways.

The discussion here is the man asking for pointers tho, not the netcode. Lets not derail this.


Holy hell dude thats a rough road just starting out lol. If thats who you want its gonna take alot of practice just picking up the game but if you put the time in youll get it. Its just practice and watch vids and dont get discouraged.

Learning good, deep fighting games is almost like learning a musical instrument. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Those 3 just happen to be 3 of my least used characters, hopefully somebody will have some helpful tips but with those 3 it aint me haha


We’ll see how it goes. You may very well be right. Arthur and Sent are pretty bleedin’ scrubby though, it’s just Jill who has wonky movement and high execution combos.