AT&T puts in $39 billion bid to buy T-Mobile USA


Market Watch: AT&T to acquire T-Mobile

As a T-Mobile subscriber for several years, who has enjoyed cheap phone plan prices, semi unlimited internet without overages and great customer service, I think this brief clip from Good Times sums up my feelings pretty accurately.


  1. This sucks, especially for T-Mobile customers. Welcome to crappy pricing and substandard service.

  2. AT&T had better fucking not get rid of the commercials with that hot Carly girl in the striped dress.


this shouldve happened when i wanted the Treo


Apparently, AT&T is going to honor current T-Mobile contracts. I won’t believe it for a second, but if so, better upgrade while I can.


This is why I’m going to prepaid.


this is the most important one. don’t you take my white gurlz from me, att! :crybaby:


I’m currently under a new two-year, myself. They better let me keep my grandfathered plan with my fianceé once the takeover is complete.

I’ve been with T-Mobile for about 12 years (up here they were Voicestream before Deutsche Telekom bought all the little companies and made them all T-Mo USA). Their price structure is great and I’ve had no problems with their customer service…except for when they got rid of their 24/7 support and moved to a regular schedule. hahah

All my AT&T friends have been complaining about them since they were AT&T Wireless, then Cingular, and then AT&T Wireless again. Lack of proper customer service, no corporate stores in my area (all indirect retailers), and ridiculous plans. And then the dropped calls? Eh.

All I know is that they better make sure that their Customer Service improves when they become AT&T-Mobile.


Ah, son of a bitch.

I’m currently working as a third-party phone contractor. I was honestly hoping that, with them losing iPhone exclusivity (a.k.a the only reason anyone still uses at&t) that they’d be going the way of the dinosaur. Their coverage, their pricing and especially their customer service is completely and utterly awful.

Then again, maybe by buying T-M, they’ll end up losing so much money that they bring about their own early death anyway. Either way, we’re losing (good) competition, which is never good for the customer.


Oh shit, will this affect Simple Mobile users as well if it goes through?


Having worked customer service for AT&T, I can tell you that they honor the shit out of grandfathered stuff. If somebody accidentally fucks up your grandfathered stuff, they can get near fired for it. If anything, t-mobile customer service is a gigantic nutsack from all I’ve had to talk to them. But the customer service stuff is far more dependent on the person that you call than the company as a whole.


verizon…we da best…i recommend you guys jump. i really see no real advantage price wise to at&t.


This is terrible news.


… fuck.


If this causes them to stop airing the Carly Foulkes commercials I’ll be pissed. :mad:

I don’t have T-Mobile (Verizon here) so I can’t say I’ll be upset about the service, other than by proxy for people that do because AT&T sucks ass.


I have a friend who use to work in upper management in AT&T and he says completely otherwise. He was told to tell people their bill was $120, when it was $115 and small shit like that.

I don’t anyone that works for T-Mobile, but being a T-Moible customer their customer service is absolutely amazing. By far the best customer service I have ever received and I’m not talking about just phones. I’m talking customer service in general whether it be retail, restaurants, tv, internet etc…


Welcome to the Empire.

No more of those fucking ads :D. “omg I haf iPhone itz 2 slow”


SMH, I’ve been with Tmobile since omnipoint. I’ve flirted with at.t because of the ip4 and with the ip5 nearing completion i was going to make the switch.

I dont really like Verizon cause i feel like they look 4 ways to over charge you. So idk what to do now. Guess me going with At.t when the ip5 drops will be the best out of the 2 evils.


I had Verizon and it was actually some of the best service I ever had. I really have nothing bad to say about them but they ask for a big ass deposit.


In my area At and T is shyt and fucks people over
so many stupid charges at the end of every month
plus the douche who put on the plan did some dumbass shyt and added features like a fuckin gypsy that were never discussed
Apart form being salty from that, it just sucks and it cost a lot more…
Not every1 has a friends with the Hook Up, some of us are actually consumers, but fuck it, if i gotta Black n blue this shyt Ill get my hands dirty… at&t is fuckin garbage… T-mobile should by them out… watch the customer satisfaction go up on the former at&t members

and its really shitty at the boarder( i dnt live there, but pops works there) it can’t even over power the mexican stations
fuuuck, t mobile could and we have 3 people for like, 60 bucks with a good amount of minutes and I have unlimited txt…


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