AT&T to cap broadband plans

AT&T will cap DSL and U-Verse internet, impose overage fees (update) – Engadget

Fuck that, if I’m affected I’m switching to Comcast. At least the speed is much faster.

I have no idea how much bandwidth I use. I have Netflix, Hulu + and whatever I download through bittorrent or direct downloads through other sites.

AT&T is ass. I think it was 2006 when I moved and I decided to try out AT&T becuase it was a little cheaper.

I didn’t even last a week. A MOTHER FUCKING WEEK and I gave up.

this is ass : | looks like ill have to make a move to time warner…or ill give it a try and see how bad the cap gets me

I’m not even sure I could use 150GB in a month with how slow AT&T DSL is anyway. Their claims that this will only affect 2% of users seems accurate.

Torrent with comcast? Goodluck lol

Hmmm, Download too much with AT&T, get an overage charge. Try to download torrents on Comcast, get throttled. Where the hell is my damn FiOS Verizon?!

Newsgroups. That is everyone’s answer. Pony up an extra $15, purchase access from a news provider, and not have to worry about being throttled (still have to worry about the cap, though, obviously).

i just renewed at&t a couple months ago, and now i’m stuck with them for a year. we just dropped their telephone service. this is fucking bullshit

Damn, this is crazy. I hope Verizon FIOS doesn’t do this shit anytime soon.

Your DSL must have been shitty, mine is 3Mbps which ain’t blazing like FIOS, or even as fast as Cable, but it is enough to go over the limit easily with Torrents running.

150GB is a lot, but still I don’t want any limits. I remember when I found a torrent sight for F1 races for past seasons, I definitely went over 150GB that month.
Each season was 30GB and I got 6-8 of them complete that month.

On average not counting streaming Netflix and Hulu +, I DL less than 20GB per month.

That is the thing, when one does this crap they all follow because they have nothing to lose.

I think Comcast’s softcap is 500gb though.

This wont affect me at all so I don’t really care about it at the moment. It could be an issue some time in the future…

Hey ATT, I have a brilliant idea. Instead of capping your plans, why don’t you invest in your infrastructure so that it can handle the increase usage. These motherfuckers are trying to do everything they can to delay the inevitable.

All Alaskan internet companies cap their internet sad to say. I think most companies are going to adopt the same policies. Just a matter of time

So someone explain this shit to me, since I am retarded when it comes to technology and currently my family has U-Verse but I’ve been looking for an excuse to switch, since they refuse to change the ground lines and everyone in the area routinely loses services on everything.

How much does me being on the internet all day, playing on my 360 at like two-three hours at the most, and then using Netflix through my 360 take out of the gb limit?

If they aren’t going to make it cheaper, especially when we pay for “Unlimited” then I think it’s switching time, Fios has a nice deal going.

Not sure… don’t they give you a bill that has detailed info for your internet usage?

Probably, the bill doesn’t come in my name though I help out frequently, so I wouldn’t know honestly.

Being on the internet all day is rather broad, it depends on what exactly you’re doing online, whether you have adblock or noscript to cut down on bandwidth usage, whether you’re loading images, whether your browser saves images and reuses them to save bandwidth… (for example, this page you’re looking at right now is about 1.4MB. Without images, it is less than 400kb.)

I’d estimate 150-300MB per day. Much higher if you’re streaming video, a little higher if you’re streaming audio, and lower if you’re mostly just chatting through IM/IRC or browsing forums.

Netflix says their movie streams on 360 are 2000Kbps at SD, and 3200Kbps at HD. That’s roughly 900MB per hour at SD and 1.5GB per hour at HD.

As for video games, it varies from game to game, but the average amount of bandwidth used by a video game is actually very low - most PC games today are still playable on dial-up. 50MB/hour would be a very generous estimate for a 360 game with voice chat.

If I was on at&t, I would switch just on the principle. This is a slippery slope they are going down.

I’m glad my ISP doesnt cap me. Not that I use much besides a casual torrent or two sometimes. I’m sure though every ISP within the next few years will begin capping, or talking about caps. It’s really the future of data.

I used to be on ATT. Now I live overseas and thank god i don’t have to worry about the caps.