At The Buzzer Boston, MA results


Great Tournament overall. It was run quickly and the guys running it were cool.

28 Entrants

  1. BRN (Viper, Sagat) - 189$
  2. Weak Sauc3 (Abel, Sagat, Balrog) 189$
  3. LuckyD (Dhalsim) - 42$
  4. CP (Ken)
  5. AsianTom (Gen)
  6. BrainYi (Honda)

Gabe and I split for first. We played out the grand finals, but it wasn’t all that serious since we agreed to just split it beforehand. Good shit to everyone, except LuckyD, you suck. :rofl: jk



Yeah good tourney guys, it ran faster than i expected so thats really good. The hosts were chill too. But im disappointed rob… i wanted to see some viper!!! lol


gs guys

but where’s gonzo in that top 5? did he not get to make the brackets this time?


Very nice viper play i must say.


Damn gabe, you xcopying my viper? What the fuck meng…


Wow GS Joey on 5th!

I was in and out faster than I’ve ever seen anyone at any tournament, so oh well. Maybe next time :bluu:


Was a fun tourney, I didn’t get to stay till the end but it was surprising how smooth everything was going. GG’s everyone.


ggs to everyone, the turnout was pretty good

p.s. yo rob I got 4th and azntom got 5th :sweat:


good games to everyone i played - Rob, BRN, and Buddha and the other guys that i didn’t catch.

And yes i was there to win…but I lost. Gotta level up for next time!

See everyone tuesday at GU hopefully.


gg’s everyone :stuck_out_tongue: i am so sf4 burnt again. i will be sure to bring my VERY NICE cviper out again to play lol


ggs to all. very smooth tourney.

that viper was very nice, she almost beat that godly fei that didn’t have a fierce button.


ggs to everyone, mad fiunas usual
dark kingdom gauntlet is hard as hell, good stuff gonna keep on working on this


What are you implying Defcon 5?


deciphering that implication takes some real deep thought i guess.


gabes viper is freeviper and nerdjosh’s viper is freeviper


i do believe that my viper made you REAL CRISPY on friday.


Wow, agreeing to tie is fucking weak. What’s the point of competing at all?


butt buddies imo


to become the best raging flower child ever


good answer! :slight_smile: