At The Buzzer Presents: SFIV Tournament Part 2 | Allston, Massachusetts | 10/11/09

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Tournament Flyer

Tournament Trailer


Official Tournament Website. View results from 1st tournament.

1st & 2nd Place Winners From 1st Tournament

Tournament Location
At The Buzzer
81 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Doors will open at 11:30 AM for on-site registration & friendly matches.
1st Match Will Start at 12:30 PM

Registration & Payment
On-site registration will be available. We will close registration at 12:15 PM to prepare for the 1st match.

There will be a $5 tournament fee and a $15 pot fee. The pot will be distributed to the 1st (70%), 2nd (20%), and 3rd (10%) place winners.

Prospective tournament participants may register early & drop off their registration and $20.00 fee at the following location:

At The Buzzer | 81 Harvard Avenue, Allston | 617 783 2899

Payment can also be made on-site or it can also be sent via PayPal ($2.00 PayPal Fee) to info AT atbboston DOT com

1st Place: Cash Prize: 70% of Pot & 24 Pack of Red Bull or Red Bull Sugar Free
2nd Place: Cash Prize: 20% of Pot
3rd Place: Cash Prize: 10% of Pot

General Guidelines
The maximum amount of players will be at 64.
Players who arrive late to their match will automatically forfeit. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed.
Players will be held responsible for any damage done to controllers, consoles, and/or property of tournament locations.
Players must configurate their buttons before the match starts.
Pausing the game will not be allowed unless both parties agree.
Pausing the game to distract your opponent will not be allowed and 2nd strike offenders will be disqualified from their match.

Tournament Format
Each player is guaranteed 3 games.
Tournament format is pool play.
Each match is best out of 3 rounds.
There will be 4 players in each pool and you will play everyone in your pool once. If there is not enough players in your pool, you will play someone outside of your pool.
The top 2 players from each pool will advance to the playoffs round.
In the event of a 3 way tie, the players with the fewest amount of lost rounds will advance.

Playoff matches will be best out of 3 matches (1st to 2 wins).
The semi-finals match will be best out of 5 matches (1st to 3 wins).
In-between matches, winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.
The final championship match will be best out of 7 matches (1st to 4 wins).

The tournament location will have 4 XBOX360 consoles, standard controllers available, & 4 TV’s.
A few fightpads will be available.
Players have an option to BYOC (bring your own controller).
Controllers will be inspected before game play.

I’m down!

sick im fuckin there

Looking forward to this tourney, hopefully bringing thru a friend or two.

damn 20 dollars again!? i thought it was gonna be cheaper this time…

I should be able to get there. I might not want to get up that early on a Sunday though.

Can’t wait =D

Tournament Location has been changed to:

At The Buzzer
81 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

I was checking out the bar today and the set-up there would make it difficult to connect wires, setup fightsticks, & such, so we’re relocating to the 1st tournament location from May 2009. Call if you have any questions!

617 783 2899

whats the parking situation around the area, like is there a free parking lot to park in near the bar? I originally was going to take the T there cause i was gonna leave from school, but now im thinking i might drive there since ill be home for the long weekend.

there’s plenty of street parking on harvard ave and brighton avenue. you can park all day since it’s sunday. there’s also a city lot behind the blanchard’s liquor store. just don’t park in the resident permit only (sidestreets).

Do these tv’s lag? Pryde should know how to test em.

i’m defintely down for this one. see you guys there.

we never experienced a lagging problem last time we held the tourney, but yeah we can test them.