At The Buzzer SSF4 XBOX 360 Cash Tournament BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS

At The Buzzer Presents: Super Street Fighter IV XBOX 360 Tournament Powered By: Amp Energy Drink

Free Amp Energy Drink will be available throughout the event.

Shoutout to Remy for helping out with the event!


Flyer Image

Tourney Details

Sat. Sept. 18, 2010 | 12-5PM
$15 Pot Fee | $5 Venue Fee
Tournament Location: At The Buzzer
81 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

Click on flyer or log onto: ATB | At The Buzzer League for complete details.

Contact Info

E-Mail: info @ atbboston . com (Without The Spaces)
Phone: 617.783.2899

free amps this time? good times in the past so i’ll def try to be there again. thanks for hosting again.

If anyone feels discourage to come out for this because of the HDTV used in the previous tournament, then you don’t need to worry about it.
We will be running the tournament on 3 Asus 2ms HD monitor! See you guys there!

Damn. I wanted to make it to this, but it’s on the same day as New England Revolution. If it were moved to a different date, I would try to go.

xbox > ps3

Finally, no more slow motion links at these tournies!

Damn, this thread is hidden. You gotta post this around more!

I guess I play on both so much there’s no more difference to me anymore :\

Xbox or ps3, i have sticks for both systems and both systems are trash, so makes no difference to me what we play on.

Oh right, but I wont’ be able to make this because of work -_-

looking forward to this

its been awhile since the last ATB tourney but im glad to see it back

It’s always nice to have a tournament close to home, I’ll definitely be there :tup::tup:

You work on saturdays??? nooOoooo

DAMN i would like to go but i got no ride right now… :frowning: i’m in Boston tho…


i want to let everyone know that no one is allow to touch these monitors other than me and joon.
anyone seen messing with these monitors will be disqualify and there is no exception.
by any chance that you feel the need to change a settings please let us know.

bump for tomorrow!!!