At the Eye of The Ragin Storm II and III-Vid thread

All SNK related tournament vids etc…are here…

To those that asked for this…please now STFU. :rolleyes:

EVO North SNK 2007

good shit please post more…didnt know that they played breakers revenge??? i gotta get back into these games again

More will be coming…this is just for now…I got Mexico footage, EVO East footage, and Vegas footage that will be going up…

Plus I also have more EVO North footage but I took a break from that. I got more Breakers Revenge footage though surely…

Also this is me running these tournaments…I run whatever the people want…

A new CMV folks-

Don’t now if people saw this, if it’s a repost I apologize.

KoF 98 Ultimate Match Premiere Event: (not the live matches from earlier)

This video shows some of the challenge mode being played, some Krauser, and a stage with a reworked background. (The one on the city street, don’t recall the name of the level.)


More EVO North vids…


i SHOULD have ur dvds for u at evo

btw lukus you post too much

Good 2 know!

Vid update-

More CMVS and NGBC vids etc-

NGBC vids-

Mexico and EVO World SNK 2007 as well as EVO East SNK 2007 vids coming soon!!!

More Vids

SST and SSVSP vids from sdfjkln-


Good stuff Geese, man I really do hope SNK games get picked up for EVO next year. There are so many excellent tittles from SNK that it doesnt make sense for them not to include any of these awesome games.

Rik- I totally agree…and the games they dont pick up I will take care of.

Samurai Showdown II vids!

Samurai Showdown Zero vids

i am going home next weekend so i should be able to get the tapes out to you. i have alot of spare time now but i just don’t have room in my dorm for the equipment to do this. I barley have room for my TV and computer.

2nd set of vids I’m pretty sure are Special vids, not straight 0.

Shodokan so you are sending me the tapes then?? If you are gonna send me the tapes could you send me the paperwork I have with it so I cn correspond who played with the paperwork?

More CMVS…


i g2 find it in my room lol, but sure

Mexico NeoWave Footage is UP!!!

Shodokan- Works for me!

All right Mexico footage is up and running!!!

KOF NeoWave US vs.Mexico Exhibition: Dark Geese (USA) vs. Khannibal!(Mexico)

Yay, we finally get to see the Mexican goodness you got to play.