At what point in my opponents jump should I use shoryuken as an AA?

Is there some sort of visual sign as to when I should do my shoryuken against jump in attempts, if i do it too early I’ve noticed the invincibility wears off by the time I hit the opponent and we often end up trading hits, which with Akumas crappy health doesn’t usually discourage them from jumping in.

Wereas If I attempt to anti air too late I find I end up eating a big combo. Oh and just for clarification I mean what’s the opportune time to start inputting the shoryuken command, not the opportune time to finish it.

Oh and I’m talking about HP shoryuken, as i’m guessing that will have some relevance.

EDIT:Oh and I do shoryuken from the crouching position.

I wish I had a camera because I can’t really explain it with words but I press the punch when my opponent is right next to my head.

Here’s an ugly picture I drew to

You have quite a sizable window to buffer DP. Go into training mode and figure that out yourself. It’s pretty easy. Just hit Punch after your DP motion later and later until it doesn’t work. You’ll learn your limit.

As for AA timing, you’ve got to DP them when they’re as low to the ground as possible to ensure it anti-airs cleanly (You’ve got to connect with the Shoryuken before the invulnerability frames run out, which is like on the first frame it hits). That can be a problem depending on the shape of the opponent’s hitbox during jump-in.


I made the picture a bit more accurate…

Hit it deep and use strong dp not fierce. If you have ultra and they do something dumb early aa them with jab dp and ultra their ass.

Using HP for shoryuken depends on them sticking out a limb with they jump unless they’re real close, but not close enough to make it whiff while they get behind you. Just stick with cr.hp

You very rarely want to use cr. hp to anti-air if you’re a shoto. Very rarely.

In akuma’s case, it’s a safe option compared to taking a chance with a hp srk and whiffing it to take big damage.

Part of Akuma’s game is learning how to best use the DP. If you don’t want to lose, use the cr. fp. If you want to get better, learn how to use the DP.

go into training mode & then you can see what’s too early/late.

Akuma can’t ultra from dp.

oops I read wrong thought you were talking about ryu, still input the motion and press punch at the latest possible moment. if you have the meter to spend and or you are just going for the kill fadc hp red fireball for the extra damage

use MP shoryuken, it has more invincibilty and do it when their on their way downwards to u

Akumas Fierce DP has the most invincibility, 6 frames. His Strong DP only has 4 frames of invincibility.