ATB #3 Boston Massachusetts 1/23 quick results


Another good tourney event presented by At the Buzzer, it ran smoothly and was a good time.

24 Entrants

  1. CP (Ken) - $252
  2. Weak Sauc3 (Sagat, Balrog) - $72
  3. RemyBlue (Ryu) - $36
  4. Lucky D (Dhalsim)

gs to those who came out and ggs to those I played, shoutout to atb for running a tourney in MA.
They said the next one will be in the spring when Super is out.


Nice Job CP. :karate:


Good shit CP. You’re lucky I got random’d out in the preliminaries by LuckyFREE and that gief.


Gratz for real though. :china:

Edit: Oh yea, good shit Joon at ATB. You guys know how to run a tournament.


Good job CP on taking out WeakSAUCE (aka Craig Stevenson). I heard he was free :rofl:


I might have set the record for latest arrival earliest exit in tournament history. GGs to the 3 people I played. Good job to the top 4 too. I’ll be sure to step my shit up for the next tourney, and if anyone wants to play on XBL send me a friend request.


good shit CP gratz on winning


Congrats to CP! Will there be videos of these matches anywhere? I want to see Ken’s road to glory.


haha thanks dude. this is dan lefort by the way. i have the tourney videos up if you want to see them

ggs asiantom.