Athanoske: A Collab Avatar request thread

Okay first off…Here are the rules bitches before you apply within :tup:

  1. Please supply your own pictures

  2. Give a lot of detail if you want it a sertain way, or give very little if you want us to express our artistic ways (skillz) :tup:

  3. Also give us at the very least a 2 day period to finish avs, because one of us might not be available that day.

To answer a few questions that were directed to me over AIM and YIM.

Yes we are skilled in making avatars with no sprites
and yes we do make signatures and banners.

Request away!

To Do List:

HG - Avenged Sevenfold Ava (Suke first half / Athan Second half) -DONE
Ranma - Mega Man Av (Athan first half / suke second half) -DONE
(SFMC)Maligore - Custom Batsu av (suke first / athan sec) -DONE
Monkeyspank - TUSK av (suke) -DONE








Manng, ain’t gettin no luv :tdown:

its ok i love you.

Make me one of Avenged Sevenfold and forever will I rock in your names.

By the way Kyosuke, you got some of my favorite bands in your line-up as well. Good choices. :slight_smile:

I am such a whore. Switching amongst collabs with other people.

But this thread is all Metal.

hg you play also?

Av for you soon.

haha. hell yeah dude. I just need better gear that’s all. My guitar and amp isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Shit! You need to hit me up sometime, so I can hear your shit or something. Maybe if I ever go back to Hawaii we could shred. Hahah.

HG: Ur av is done on my part, athan waiting for you :tup:

I ain’t got no pics, but I need a new Megaman avatar.

Lol nah it’s cool man, Athan is a big MM fan he’ll hook ya up with some nice sprites

Ranma and HG ur av’s will be done shortly :tup: C’mon GUYS!! Give us more requests!

I All Pau.

Ranma ur av is done bro.

Hey are you still taking request? I need your ok before I supply pics. Hook a Houston neighbor up.

Lol no doubt we’re still taking requests man. Request away

Big fan of ur art BTW

Hehe thats too flattering. Thanks though.

1st pic should be the black and white pencil pick starting out

2nd should be the Batsu in color with blank bg as the second pic

3rd pic should be final all colored up version which will end the sequence.

I want the av rotate like this over and over again, if this goes over the 20k limit then just go with the first and last pic. Can i get like a 2 to 3 second delay on the rotating pics. By the time it comes to the 3rd pic can you put my gametag MALIGORE in white? Any font. If this is too much to ask then you dont have to do it.

Damn that’s sick man.

Lol. It can be done :tup: