Athanoske: A Collab Avatar request thread

Hey think you can make me an av with this tusk sprite? Just freestyle it if you’d must :tup: .

Thanks man! Number one was on key of what I asked for so I went with that one. Saved both in case i wanna swap out. Thanks again.

Yeah Monkey we can hook ya up.

Glad you like your av SFMC

Shoots guys thanks. Looks good. I’m in my computer art class and were doing C4D stuff. I’ll upload it to my computer later.

P.S. The American Head Charge guitarist was found dead yesterday. Didn’t listen too much to that band but it sucks that he died.

Yeah i was reading about that just now. I mean i heard of them…just never listened to them.

Glad u liked the av.

Here ya go monkey

hey kyosuke87…you visted my thread about the akuma avatar…my vision was just too big i guess. So take the idea i had and do your thing. I like your work. Unfortunately i can’t post the the pic so here is the link to the page and the move is d,d,d+pp…the link is

Hey, im looking for an av but for some reason I can put up any pics so I was wondering if you could visit the page where I got the pic and download it yourself, heres the link

It should be the only Pantera pic on the page, also could you put PANTERA in distorted letters or something if not thats cool thx.

Ok Well, Can I Get A Magneto Av With Him Recolored And The Background Recolored In The Same Type Of Scheme As Sin City But Have His Eyes Glowing Red And His Hands(if You Get A Sprite With His Hands) Also Have It Say Team Decepticons And Dragongod Like In The Corners In Small Font Cause I Want The Magnus To Show Off And Your Ultimate Skillz Too. Thanx :slight_smile:
I posted this in another thread but i don’t think they will take it so yea

Hey I gotta ask you when do you play online? Do you even game anymore online. If so i am usually on 11pm to whenever in the morning.

Lol, i don’t have my sex-box right now bro. But i’ll be getting it this week :slight_smile: i’ll play u soon

Hey Kyo, is your av from the newest Trivium video? I was watching it in my computer art class. To be honest, I admire anyone who can play guitar well and sing/growl at the same time. Also an honorable mention goes to the other guitarist of Trivium who in the same video, he’s windmill-ing pretty much the whole time. I’d definitely get dizzy.

Listen to more COB. =D

COB…as in Children of the Bodom? Good stuff those guys.

Alright, sorry guys. I’VE been slacking(Away from comp while HF had to do most of the work).

Working on them right now. Apologize for the wait.

EDIT - HG, yeah. COB is the shit.

good stuff thx ill pimp it out when i become premium again

Ooh I’d like one.

Give me a bit too find a sprite.


Since Kyo went ahead and did SFMC/M.Spank’s Avs all by himself while I was off doing shit. I figured I might as well take the last requests while HE’S busy. =D

MC - We await your return…Warrior…With pics.


Just one question…not being picky…where is the “187?”