Athens Fight Club Results 6/5


All games were run in ROUND ROBIN format with the exception of puzzle fighter.

3s Results

  1. June Ro (Dooboy) - Ryu, Necro (undefeated)
  2. Eli (Sundu) - Ibuki, Urien
  3. Adam (Ari )- Hugo, Ken
  4. Niders (haunts) - Twelve, Yun :frowning:
  5. Colin (Halcylonryu) - Alex
  6. Delicious Jay (epsilon_) - balls of necessity, Chun-Li?
  7. Ted (LiquidTed) - Ken, Urien?
  8. Jordan (DarkAkuma) - Ken, Sub-Zero
  9. Steven SaXXX :eek: - Yang, Ultimante Yang ?
  10. Gabe (gabe) - Akuma, Ibuki
  11. Keith ([CRAZY] CHILIDOG) - Improved Ken
  12. Daniel (LastBlade) - Akuma


  1. Max (50morCeNtz [we tried our best])
  2. Daniel/June/Colin/Delicious Jay (Tie)
  3. Derek (RDF_SDF) /Charles (PimpJuice69) (tie)





  1. Max - [50MoreCentz] 16points (undefeated yet again) Batman/Daredevil/GreenLantern
  2. Charles - [PimpJuice69] 14points
  3. Nam [TheNamyNam] 13points
  4. Kiyoki [Kiyoki]- 8 points
  5. Harry - 8 points
    4-5*. Colin [HalcyonRyu] - 6 points (never played last match with taylor)
  6. Chris - 5 points
  7. Derek [RDF_SDF] - 3 points
    7-8. Taylor [RocketLunch-1 point (never played last match with taylor)

ok we fixed it. thanks kyoki.

Puzzle Fighter

  1. April Bayne (HolyHotnessGrl) - Ken
  2. Steven Sacks (Ultimante Yang) - Ken, Chun Li
  3. CRAZY LEGS!! :frowning:
  4. Eli (sundu) - Ken
  5. June/Ted - Ken
  6. Colin/Gabe - Ken :o :o :o :o

Gears that feel pretty bad about something XX

  1. Raph (WHOA RYU)
  2. Matt
  3. Keith ([CRAZY] CHILIDOG)
  4. Charles (pimpJuice69)
  5. Colin (halcylonryu) - Alex
  6. Lester (professorLester) /Taylor (rocketLunch)?

Leaving Tournaments Early

  1. Larry Dixon (Shinblnka) - UNDEFEATED!@!!!


yo, I got sec in marvel… and I won some money for ggxx so I think I got 3rd


this guy was wile’n out…shit…he’s juss hard as fuck

on a real note, glad to see u made it home safe…yo ol dufus ass missed ur exit didn’t you, i thought that you shoulda got off at 285 West…thas where eric lives at least…well, thas it.

Oh yeah, there should be like some SET directions formulated by the hosts of the tournament because ima just tell you…the mapquest directions are horrible as fuck. I am guessin that is what evil storm and whoever he was bringing didn’t come.


sup man good games everyone, i was rusty as hell but its all good had much fun…Max beasted me a few times but i’ll be sure to be on my game next time :D, and i think the worst beasting i saw the whole day was when i was playin April on Puzzle Fighter…i was switching my gem around like 3 times times and next thing i know i see about a billion things fly on my screen…crazy shit…

Oh yea and on the directions…I know the backroads and such, but is there some sorta Highway i can take straight there? it would cut the time in like half to get to athens


Good times, good times… It seems that I am destined to have 2nd place in Puzzle Fighter…lol. But you know, as they say… 1st is worst, 2nd is best…and 3rd has some problem with a hairy chest…ahhh I dunno.
I had a good time playing everyone and I’m glad you guys waited on me. That was super nice. It was cool seeing Raph and Pimpjuice again and getting my revenge on haunts…:smiley: hehehehe. It sucks that I really didn’t get to pay attention to the Guilty Gear matches. I did see that Lester was playing like I know he can and that made me happy. And, of course, Mitsurugi-san and Shigure-san kicked ass.
The only thing that SUCKS MAJORLY is that I can never get my revenge on that one guy…hold on, (mumble) if only he was important enough for me to remember his name (mumble)
oh yeah…
Steven, you ultimate yang, that sucks that this tournament was it, but I’m just playin’ around, I had a good time fighting you. I told you I would be satisfied by giving you a run for your money. And so…I was satisfied. So I guess I will bid you a well respected adieu and wish you luck in San Francisco.
Alright, take it easy guys and see you next month, hopefully.


good shit mah nigga max :smiley:


good shit June RO, holding that shit down!!!


Sweet tourny peeps, even if our CvS2 placings got a bit f’ed up. Haha one more point and I coulda fought Max for 1st even if he’d still whip me.

  • Max (13 points)
  • Daniel (12 points / if we count the two matches I won versus June and Jay)
  • June (10 points)
  • Jay (10 points)
  • Colin (10 points)

Its all good though, it was awsome and I definitely plan to attend the next one. And perhaps not get in last place in 3S :wink: :smiley:
Akuma’s God Smash + June’s Necro = weeeeeee! :cool: :evil: cough, cough sorry didn’t mean to gloat or nothing. You all are awsome at 3S, someday I’ll be a match for you.


i gave it to max :smiley:


i got the marvel results, i put them in my pocket on accident…

  1. Max - [50MoreCentz] 16points (undefeated yet again)
  2. Charles - [PimpJuice69] 14points
  3. Nam [TheNamyNam] 13points
  4. Kiyoki [Kiyoki]- 8 points
  5. Harry - 8 points
    4-5*. Colin [HalcyonRyu] - 6 points (never played last match with taylor)
  6. Chris - 5 points
  7. Derek [RDF_SDF] - 3 points
    7-8. Taylor [RocketLunch-1 point (never played last match with taylor)

sorry about that missing match, it was tough getting colin, max, charles to play in the marvel tourney due to the other tournies happening at same time…

this was a very fun tourney, AUG is definitely gonna rep next time.
oh yeah, definite Honorable Mention to Colin, that OmegaRed/Storm/Ken team was a beast, had me playing hella safe after seeing it own some other people.

No idea how charles manage to beat all of us, but good job anyway, welcome back to marvel, ya gotta come down sometime this summer for some games, and maybe even some magic hehe.

nice seeing everyone, and all the new people i met, thanks for the tips Lester, and see u guys next month


i just thought that sounded funny…


[this is max] my gas tank and the waitress at that hard ass waffle appreciated you doing that:o :o she got a good tip, can’t wait till next time:p :o :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun tourney everyone, tho I wish I had pulled off a couple more wins…oh well. This is just proves my point that Max is some kid of god, takes the gold in MvC2 and CvS2. That’s hard core Arario reppin’ right there, hehe. See ya guys at the next one!(Fear the short jump!)


thanks to everyone that came. that was excellent.

i would like to say TED AND JORDAN did an excellent job holding it down. Both those guys were really on point for most of the tournament in 3s. Keith was really good too. For not playing 3s very much his ken really did very well.

i was glad to see Eli playing ibuki. he really wrecked shop for the most part.

and of coure, June is June. Undefeated. I would say he was playing very solid all tournament. He is defanitly in his best form as of late!

What did everyone think of the ROUND ROBIN format for most games? I think it took a lot of the edge off becuase you got play everyone and it was more of a learning experince rathe than everyone trying to win.

The atmosphere was really relaxed but everyone seemed to be having a really good time.

Anyway, if anyone has any input on how we can improve things, let us know. We arent going anywhere.

We will have much more standarized directions next time so no one gets lost.

see you next month!


Your welcome man. I wish I could have stayed longer.:bluu: :frowning:

Hopefully I won’t have to leave after 1 fucking match next tournament.:bluu: Maybe I could have atleast beat his ass, so it wouldn’t be a clean sweep.

I can’t judge it since I had to leave early, but I prefer to play the standard double elim to get me ready for evo2k4.

I already have my tix’s and I want to have a killer instinct when I goto cali. There’s only one more athen’s tournament left before evo2k4. Even though I had to leave early I would think everyone would rather play the normal way just to get as sharp as they can get in 3s before EVO2k4. I don’t know who is going besides me and maybe leigh from Ga, but I hope we will be on point when we goto cali. The intensity at FR7 was nothing compared to what we will see at EVO2k4. I don’t get to practice against people because I work so damn much. These tournaments are the only thing keeping my fighting juices flowing unless I stop by someones crib if i’m not working or working close to a friends crib.

You guy’s run a great tournament. Standard or RR your tournaments are top tier. I would like to say something to the people that are attending the tournament.


I thought I could have played alittle bit in the tournament before I had to leave, but to only play 1 fucking game of 3s and have to leave is fucking :lame: IMO. I was suppose to leave when I played my game, but I wasn’t going to leave without playing 1 game in the tournament I sign up for. I was late picking up my wife by playing that game also. I didn’t even get to play puzzle fighter, but I didn’t take my entry fee back for that. I know we can’t start the tournament with the people, so please try to get to the tournaments on time.

I know shit happens sometimes, but some people make it a habit of making a late entry into the tournament.:bluu: All I know is that if I can drop my wife off at work at 7:30am go home to get my work truck to do some pick up’s around the city and then go home to take a shower and make it to athens at 11am, then most of the people attending the tournament can get there atleast at 12:00pm-1:00pm.

P.S. Eli I will be near athen’s tomorrow morning. I have to be at a site at 6am and i’ll prolly be finish 10am. Please be awake so we can get some practice in tomorrow sir.


I think a good amount of people got kinda lost. Dan and I left pretty early tho, just in case we did get lost (which happened, lol.) I think when we got there around 11-11:30, it was just Larry and Eli, hehe. I know it’s already been said in this thread, but a little more in depth directions could go a long way for this tourney. It was a blast tho, see ya next tourney!


I need all of the full result’s with their full names and SRK handles to enter them in the apex system or there won’t be any apex points for this tournament. People need to sign their name and sig like it is in the apex system or you won’t get your apex points.

I think your right man. I know mapquest is not to be trusted for directions.:mad: :mad: :bluu: I just want people to act like they have been to a tournament before and get there on time if they can.:slight_smile:


Random shout outs!!!
rdf_sdf nice to meet ya…
was Epsilon there?
Daniel very nice cammy…

Great games to all our Ggxx players always fun to hang with you guys :slight_smile: best ggxx moment for me was keith owning me… with wake up super twice for the win… and super close match with me and ralph…

I was out of my league in Cvs2 but I was trying to rep, with bat lady…

April, hope I didn’t make your boyfriend too uneasy with that comment :lol:

Great marvel players, best player to me was colin with omga/strom/ken

And last but not least thanks to Sundu/haunts for running the Tourney :wink:


Haha funny shit…Next time you betta have some bigger bills cause i wont accept any bills under 10 dollaz :lol:


Charles man, it was a fun day. Glad I was able to meet and play with ya. I’m not glad about getting owned by Vega(!), hehe. Hate to be a poser, but I’m doin my own random shout outs.

Adam nice to meet ya as well, keep kickin ass at 3rd Strike…next time I’ll join in…for some odd reason, heh.

Eli same goes for you, despite the CvS2 mess (and I mean mess…) you held a kick ass tourney.

and June…my foot was in your Kim!! Lol, How and why?! Great playing tho all around.