Athens monthly GGXX results may 1st


fucking work i couldn’t make to this tourney but these are some of the results that i could gather from my fellow team members

1st Keith Daniels(Chilidog) team bums house g-ville SC
2nd Colin Caldwell(halcyonryu) alabama
3rd Matt McCoy(RavenStorm) team bums house g-ville SC
4th Josh(Icege) chareston


Sorry I didn’t make this one guys, everything look set for me to go until the last minute. I really wanted to play you guys all again, especially everyone from Team Bum that made it.

Congrats to everyone who took part. Good job getting 3rd Matt, gotta show everyone what Ky’s all about. If you got taken out by Colin you can blame me, he has a lot of vs. Ky experience. And his Venom is too good now.


apparently not good enough lol, just kiddin around, I wish you could have made it, you better make it to the next monthly thats all im saying!


lol whatever keith, you wont beat me again unless you learn another new character that I’ve never seen for next time, that baiken shit wont work again. I’ve only fought baiken once in my whole life against a skilled user and i won that match(raph at the team tournament) so I wasnt sweating her as much as I should have, her jump HS is no joke apparently and you were on point with the corner combos but I still have 100 more tricks up venom’s sleeve for the next time we get to play.
(/shittalk mode off)

Great games from everyone and I had a lot of fun, I wish I had gotten more sleep (I was kind of delirious there towards the end, if people didnt notice, heh) but I still had a great time and will make the next one for sure.


haha you know im just messin with ya colin, we had some badass matches man and your a great player, you had me nervous as you can tell since i switched to baiken even though sol is my main man, but you can get your blood at the next athens tourney:D by that time hopefully my 360 stick will be actually working, then i wont freakin mess up stupid shit all the time. Great games and im looking foward to our next matches. Our Ken team owns everyone lol