Ati catalyst help

I just had an nvidia 7800 burn up on me. So I ordered an ati powercolor HD 2600 xt. I uninstalled the nvidia drivers then swapped the cards out. I then tried to install the driver off of the CD that came with it. It seemed to install then it reboots and in the add/remove programs list the ati driver is in there, but the computer doesn’t know it’s installed. It keeps saying new hardware detacted please install driver. I’ve tried the drivers off the ati site, both just the driver & the catalyst package. I also tried the catalyst package from the powercolor site. None of them work.

What’s weird is if I try and uninstall the ati driver I’d says can’t initialize. When I try and install the catalyst package from powercolor it says "catalyst controll center can’t intialize. I can install the inboard video drivers, and with no drivers installed I have the monitor hooked to the DVI on the 2600.

The system is a 3.6ghz celeron with 1 gig of ram, and it’s pci express. I’m running windows xp pro.

I’ve installed dozens of video cards in my life and I’ve never seen this problem. Does anyone have anything I can try? Please please anyone here help me out.

Thanks in advance

Be sure to disable the onboard.

What I used to do back in Win 98, when driver installs were fairly common to get bungled, is set the driver back to a generic video adapter driver and install from there. It takes more time, but it kinda helps Windows forget the old driver files it was looking at previously.

Also, if there is a separate chipset on the card, it will ask you for multiple drivers for it. For instance, some video cards might have a video card and a tunder card all in one card, but still prompt for two drivers to be installed. It could be detecting something else besides video.

Post stuff like this in the PC help thread, please. SRK is getting big enough as it is. :tup: