ATL Pizza Tourney 1/14 T5/SC3 Results

Tekken 5

1st: Clint - ganryu/nina
2nd: RTD - steve
3rd: richard - nina
4th: jackie tran- feng/nina
5th. Anakin- Paul
5th. Mick- Law
7th. Bane- Hei/Kazuya
7th. Sim- Eddie

1st(tie, split pot) RTD/Mick3rd. Clint- Sophie
4th. Tab- Strife
5th. shadowG- X, Soph
5th. WingZero- Kilik
7th. RedZo- Taki, Sets
7th. SirSmoov- Maxi
9th. BigBoi- Taki, Mina
9th. ZoddtheImmortal- Asta, NM
9th. TheSin- Strife, Mitsu
9th. Aceman- Zas

$$ Matches
Wingzero vs Mick (10-6) $60
Wingzero vs Mick (5-2) $20
shadowG vs Aceman (5-0) $20
RTD vs RedZo (3-0) $10
RTD vs TheSin (5-0) $20
(winner on the left)

ATL SC3 regionals will be on feb 29th. We’ll probably have T5 also.

(as posted by ShadowG on

really fun tourney, clint came back from losers to beat RTD after rob sent him to losers, rob then wanted to split the pot, but clint wasn’t havin it. RTD only won one game in both sets @_@.

really fun tourney, gg’s to all i played.

edit, more results.

so Wait… who did RTD and Mick use?? Why do they split the pot?!? They are to good I guess haha… Let me guess both used X but one used Cas and other used Sophie haha… They are cool

rtd used x. mick used sophie/cass.