Atlanta Revival Feb 20th Atlanta, GA Final Round 5v5 SF4 & Tekken 6 Qualifers

Atlanta Revival Feburary

This is the last month before Final Round which means one thing! We must protect this house next month. Our last tournament’s hype was way out somewhere in the stratosphere. With that said we are going to run this back one more time before Finnl Round. We have a new venue that’s way larger than before that you guys will love! No more $10 parking fees! Although I will miss the within walking distance CNN Center food court :(. However, if this works out, we will definitely stay at this venue. If not, we can always return to the Congress Center at a later point. The last thing is I want everyone to know that Atanta Revival is a monthly tournament. It will be every month. Make sure to
keep updates with us at

We will be hosting a Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 5v5 Qualifer this month! Secondly, you will receive a high seed at Final Round (Which
is right around the corner!) So come and support guys!

(Suite F)
2144 Hills Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30318

The link to directions:

The venue is located in a suite of office buidlings If you have any
problems call us at (404) 954-0243 for directions

Directions by Marta

  • Ride to Midtown Train Station
  • Take Bus 37 (Defoors Ferry-Marietta blvd.)
  • Get off at Defoors Ferry Rd@Hills Ave
  • Less than one minute walk to Hills Ave NW you’ll find the venue

If you have any problems reaching the venue by bus call (404) 954-0243 for help

Venue Fee:

10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

If you are running late and need to be added to the brackets call us
directly at (404) 954-0243! We want to start on time.

Start time:
2:00 p.m.

Equipment Waivers:
Full set up meaning tv and console. entry fee will be waived
1/2 set up meaning console/tv, half off entry fee

If you plan on bringing a setup make sure to arrive early. Once we
have enough machines we will not be accepting anymore.

Tekken 6: $10
3/5 rounds
2/3 matches
3/5 winners finals
3/5 losers finals
4/7 grand finals

Street Fighter 4: $10
2/3 rounds
2/3 matches
3/5 winners finals
3/5 losers finals
4/7 grand finals

Blaze Blue: $10
2/3 rounds
2/3 matches
3/5 winners finals
3/5 losers finals
4/7 grand finals

Marvel vs Capcom 2: $5
2/3 matches
3/5 winners finals
3/5 losers finals
4/7 grand finals

Smash Bros.: $10 and $10 per team

Street Fighter 3rd Strike: $5
2/3 rounds
2/3 matches
3/5 winners finals
3/5 losers finals
4/7 grand finals

Power Stone 2 $2
2/3 matches ,
3/5 Grand Finals
Winner keeps same character, loser stays

Now usually I can’t make it to these tourneys, but since this is the last one before FR XIII this year, I will definitely see if I can make it to play. Haven’t been to a tourney in forever due to live kicking my a**, but yeah, I will try to clear my schedule, hope to be there, seriously.

looking forward to seeing you there :smokin:

We’re not having a Revival for March guys since Final Round is that month.

whatever magic setup for top 8 that was there last time, do that again

also rival and grudge matches shall be hyped up and then recorded…

I definitely want my rematch with Excitebeast

are there gonna be any matches for mvc2 on xbox 360 by any chance?

Unfortunately we do not have any games in our tournaments that are on Xbox 360. The Xbox 360/Playstation 3 version is not as close to arcade perfect as the Dreamcast version. Thus, we only want to play the game in it’s closest to arcade perfect form and since this tournament is suppose to be last minute training for Final Round and Final Round’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament is on Dreamcast we would like to follow in that direction.

I will NOT be missing this one!!

i was afraid u would say this,but i wanna play but i dont have a stick for the dreamcast just xbox thats why i was wondering if u had like any casuals on xbox but its ok i’ll just watch til i can afford one.

Many of us have no problems loaning out a stick for you to use. That’s absolutely no problem at all if the only issue is the stick. :slight_smile:

SWEEEEEEEET U JUST MADE MY DAY!!! how do i get a loaned stick(im very new to the arcade fight scene)and how much will this cost for the rentals.(mainly i dont wanna get happy n go up there and ask 2 borrow a stick and people be like "who is this nigga i dont trust him ")

You’ll be ok, sir. Just don’t leave someone’s stick in pieces after using it, and I’m sure nobody will really mind.


damn i used to love some power stone

Last ATL Revival was a blast, ima definitely hit this up. power stone 2 is real tight. yall need to get some MK3 ultimate in there sometime =P

Alright, we can do Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 next month. What system is best to run it on though?

i own, it on tha Snes and that version runs great. only problem is the screen goes black for sub-zero’s head rip fatality.
the 360 version is crap (surprise surprise).

if we play it on tha Snes i can bring a full console set-up, it should be ok on a pad due to the 2punch 2kick ( shoulder buttons would be block and run)

I’m 100% down for some UMK3!!! The MAME version runs good if memory serves.

To make things more interesting this year I wanted to implement a point system for our monthlies. That way, we can make this monthly like a ranbat. The way it’s calcluated is number of entrants, times 100 divided by the place you got in. We’ll keep updating it throughout the year and it will reset every year. I hope you guys like this idea. Here’s what it looks like so far after last month’s results.

Street Fighter IV

  1. Clint (2300)
  2. JTO (1150)
  3. Pokchop (767)
  4. TooMuchDamage (575)
  5. Issac Green (460)
  6. Chris Barnes (460)
  7. Branh (329)
  8. Shadow Ace (329)
  9. MPR (256)
  10. Hafus (256)
  11. Nkidob (256)
  12. Dale Becker (177)
  13. Coldshock (177)
  14. Brad Williams (177)
  15. Chris Bradford (135)
  16. Chris Greene (135)
  17. TomWarrior (135)
  18. Atlanta Dracula (135)
  19. Laswagga (92)
  20. David (92)

Tekken 6

  1. M.E. Red ATL (2000)
  2. Clint Lemar (2000)
  3. Pokchop (667)
  4. DJ (500)
  5. Lac? Asylum (400)
  6. SerpentWave (400)
  7. Monkey Kang (286)
  8. That Man Pilot (286)
  9. Darrel V (222)
  10. Chris Bradford (222)
  11. Omar Lara (222)
  12. Kurisc Kappsu (154)
  13. Terrell (154)
  14. FTB (154)
  15. Andrew Spalding (154)
  16. UR Not Ready (118)
  17. Deadly Rave Neo (118)
  18. Arch (118)

That should be great. Just bring to controllers because I doubt many people have a controller to bring and we should be good. :slight_smile:

yeah i got 2 Snes controllers that work great.

i never played the MAME version but if you have it bring it and we can run it on both.