Atlanta Revival February Results: Whatchu' mean we got 15 second matches!


Heyyy guys…I just want to Thank everyone so much for coming out to Atlanta Revival today. What an amazing turn out and I appericate everyone who brought their set-ups. I do apologize for running a little late, just wanted for out of state people to make it worth their trip :slight_smile:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1: kevin bacon
2: TooMuchDamage
3: bullethell
4: clint
5: yohan
5: freeze way
7: lordiceman
7: megaman xd
9: cardell
9: doctor dolemite
9: drusph
9: stig-sna
13: pokchop
13: launchpad ATL
13: shadow ace
13: don
17: nasty on wake up
17: c wade
17: reox
17: willie wanka
17: arch angeo
17: smoothl flaba
17: kirstie
17: yerm
25: chris barnes
25: mayor
25: ralph
25: solid play
25: crash dummy x
25: big boi
25: kiyo
25: malik johnson
33: wizzle
33: ginger1558
33: cucumbers
33: fte kingturmornal
33: brian charisma
33: morpheus angel
33: shatha
33: cdeezy
33: kirakuma
33: kazzmat
33: parris
33: mc gibson
33: osiriskidd
33: maste rmeet sin you rmom
33: kinkofthen00s
49: ftebubba
49: fte Kaz-KA
49: you are not ready
49: tsu
49: filthy- luker
49: exilexc
49: jaguar
49: fte this that

Super Street Fighter IV:

1: ramenaddict
2: bbjoesph
3: shinkeuR
4: ralph
5: gammon
5: pokchop
7: tooMuchDamage
7: Jto
9: reox
9: cardell
9: kiyo
9: Joel
13: kato
13: dj ducky
13: alven
13: kevin bacon
17: raishienx
17: drusph
17: cdeezy
17: shadow ace
17: freeze way
17: jeremy worst
17: da knut
17: JR
25: mc gibson
25: crash dummy x
25: chris barnes
25: zen
25: doctor dolemite
25: Taboc1
25: shin phoniex
33: kinetik
33: inflames
33: parris
33: kege demorrow
33: malik johnson
33: simple kiss
33: ivan
33: wizzle
33: stig-sna
33: Cloud9
33: osiriskidd
33: big boi
49: kirstie
49: kazujiro
49: enternal burn
49: socom leo
49: cucumbers
49: mystic Black
49: solid play


1: skeletonminion
2: dj ducky
3: solid play
4: tsu
5: lockhart
5: kazzmat
7: kimchi
7: yohan
9: ftebubba
9: simple kiss
9: fte nebs
9: fte Kaz-KA
13: fte this that
13: crash dummy x
13: arch angeo

Capcom vs SNK 2

1: Blaze
2: pokchop
3: shinkeuR
4: tsu
5: malik johnson
5: drusph
7: brad

Super Smash Bros: Brawl

1: sleepyk
2: relex
3: kismet2
4: big lou
5: scatt
5: dino
7: don
7: robin
9: ice
9: 4GOD
9: link queen
9: player 1
13: thegreatkazoo
13: karin
17: willie wanka
17: steel
17: aml?!
17: fernando
25: hero?


Alabama just keeps going in. Full force to Final Round!


I can’t believe I had Kevin round one and then got knocked out by TooMuchDamage later on…

Whatever I’ll be back. Good games


Damn, misspelled my name but it’s all good. GGs to everyone I played. The tourney was super hype and I’ll definitely be heading to another one of these.



-Big Boi


Although I’m STILL salty about 3s & Melty not happening, CvS2 was good shit, felt like I played my heart out in every match, GS to Ricky, Blaze, & TSU. Oh yeah, next time, y’all bring some damn setups so the tournament can run smoother, the TO’s shouldn’t have to worry about that all the time when everyone wants to play & bring friggin sync cords & desync the controllers, shit was ridiculous having MvC3, the biggest game being ran on basically two setups. How the Smash players gonna have more setups than SF & Marvel, I tell you…


Warner Robins crew collectively decided to sit this one out.
It was for the best for me, Dogy probably could’ve gone had he REAALLYY wanted to, lmao.

I kinda regret not going though, ShinkuuR was there and I really wanted to get my chance to fight him Juri vs Rose (Because I don’t see any point in Rose mirrors.)

Ooooohhhh well.


Thanks for hosting the tournament yesterday, it was good seeing where i stood in MvC3 in prep for FR. Shout out to all the GA peeps who knew me from previous tournaments, the new folks i got to talk to (clint in particular), and Anotak. I appreciate all the taskmaster props i got and I’ll hopefully attend the next Atlanta Revival you throw.

Till next time (im guessing Final Round)


ramenaddict took it with Adon? man I need to step it up although I haven’t touched super in about 2 months…

Kevin “the main man” Bacon took it as expected…taskmaster is to beast…now im no longer salty :slight_smile:

shoutouts to megaman for showing me something new about my team during our match

ggs everyone, see you guys at Final Round!!!


I would like to say sorry I wasn’t able to show up. In my best efforts I tried my best to show up but the traffic situation and the GA DOT shutting down pretty much all of I-75 to Atlanta prevented me from getting to Tech campus on time to pickup the boys. Then when i finally reached midtown, a flurry of events preventing me from getting anywhere downtown made me have to bail as it was already late into the afternoon before i could get to the GWCC.

I was about ready to abandon my car on tech campus and use marta!


Good job to the savannah prodigy winning ssf4 I’m proud to say your from my city :wink:


I got 17th in MvC3? That’s some bullshit. I shouldn’t be that high.
Good shit to everyone I played yesterday.


GGs to everybody who played Blazblue. See ya’ll at Final Round!


That ramen cat is in ATL?! gotta go to the next one now


MC Gibson’s cammy was ridiculous, if he placed that low then everyone higher must’ve been god tier


Interesting results, I like that:china:

Hey Kent, you making them rounds, huh:nunchuck:


It’s not BS, it’s MvC3. :cool:

When I learned that Ramen was there, I was hoping that Grand Finals would be between me and him for that PJS civil war. Well it happened, and I got the beating of a life time. GS for him finally coming out and doing so well.
The whole tourney was interesting though. A lot of major upsets, showing that a lot of people in GA are improving. And just in time for Final Round.


I had a lot of fun but I need to get back on XBL. Haven’t been playing much lately and it showed at Revival lol. I’ll be ready for FR though!


I’m excited to see how GA/SC will do at FR for MVC3 - this game is the new crack, too hype - also need to get back into SSF4 more, starting to lose that touch :confused:


Good games Launchpad, Yerm, Cool-Breeze, Yohan, Kevin Bacon, TooMuchDamage, Freesway, Chris Barnes anyone else I played but I can’t remember right now.
good shit Mayor for driving, good shit to Raph, Kinetik, Luker for riding with us.
good shit to Raph for training bama to be beasts.
good shit to level 3 x factor sentinel
good to see Augusta, Athens and Atlanta players.

special thanks to Athens, C Deezy, Freesway, Kiyo, some of Auburn crew and others for providing a hype machine in a particular match where I needed that.
I never heard of a place called “Dunwoody” before saturday but y’all seem cool. I knew MegamanXD from the marvel 2 tournament at tension pulse tho, good to see you again.

Good shit to Cool-Breeze and Pokchop for running the marvel 3 brackets, I laughed so hard when those smash players touched the bracket computer and they got the real talk from Cool-Breeze. That’s how it should be.

bama will be be back for final round, tokido is going to get scraped by us.
Kevin Bacon and the other sc players: I better see you there in top 8 at final round, we’re taking down NYC and West Coast in 2 weeks.