Atlanta Revival II - 7/11 -

Well i figured I’d make the thread since no one else is. I only kno some of the results sooo

Street Fighter 4: (33? entrants)

1: Clint (Sagat/Dhalsim)
2: Raph (Gief)
3: Wingzero (Ryu)
4: JTO (Boxer)

Marvel vs Capcom 2: (11?)

1: Pokchop
2: Namynam
3: Clint

Blazblue: (10 - round robin)
Some confusion with the brackets, but basically Kiyokix/Namynam/J share the top 3.

GGs to everyone, GA is definitely lvling up. I want to say THANK YOU GA for showering and wearing deodorant, the place was burnin up, and i didnt smell any funk in the room so thats definitely a plus!

Random funnies of Pokchop doing flips and Clint running around the yard to hype himself to do one. It was like 25-50 cents for a soda, 2 dollars for a corona, and then 1 dollar for a water? i think somethin was wak about that.

shoutouts to everyone i played, definitely ggs, btw bigboi/wingzero, just PM me and i’ll give u the info for the paypal/shipping…


ggs yo

Vids up soon, lol, JTO man, your always one step away from being in the money, but good job to you, wing-zero, and Clint! Players like you make me confident to say GA is not to be left out! I’d honestly like to see how far you’d guys make it at EVO given the chance!

only thing that made this tournament

18 shoryukens :rofl:

Damn Tekken house stepping up. Good job guys!

Hey Rick this is the bracket we re-created.

Good stuff to everyone.

The East Point bracket was pretty killer. It was the bracket of death, pretty much. :lol:. Good shit to whoever avoided that crap at the bottom of the bracket.

To whoever used my MAS stick last, good shit on breaking it, then leaving it on the side and just leaving the tournament without even telling me. You, sir, are a great person to trust hardware with :tup:

I paid $1 for a soda!!! :wtf:

Anyways i had fun seing new faces and old faces. Had a good time at the tournament. People need to stop walking in front of people playing a tournament match. I know it was cramp in there but ask someone if it’s a tournament match before you just walk in front of them like a dumbass. :wtf:

I had to be tied for 5th because I was pretty far in the brackets when I lost to jto in the losers bracket. Anyways, I have learned that blanka is tournament worthy character. When you face rog, honda, rog, sagat, rog, and rog in that order it doesn’t give you a fair chance to play with blanka in a tournament. Ga seems like rog boxing gym imo. We got alot of good one’s imo. I’m just sick of playing my 2nd character to fight rog or honda. That why I didn’t pick gief against you dru because I was getting sick of playing gief. i wanted to play with blanka once in the tournament, but oh well fuck it now! Next time we meet brock (gief) will ufc honda ass. GG’s sir.:china: Nice honda.

fuck holyfield!!! j/k gg’s yo. I hate rog so much in this game.:xeye:

yea now that i think about it, there were some moments of random “did you really jus do that” moments at the tourney…

for instance me and kiyo were playin a tourny match, and a guy comes and unplugs one of our cords from the ps3…

another instance, which i thought was funny but Clint comes over and drops his stick/box infront of the PS3 i was havin a match in, and it ends up turning off the converter and pauses the match…Clint’s face was about priceless like “…whoops”

but yea larry we got jipped out some drinks…btw, next year at final round, could i jus buy packs of drinks and jus sell them at FR lol, freakin hotel was like 3 dollars for a drink lol

Very fun shit, most fun I’ve ever had in 120 degree heat. :tup: I’m about sick of seeing Balrog’s face at this point.

good shit clint! hope everyone’s doing well…sup nam.

The soda prices should have been .50, not $1.00. I apologize for whoever told you that price. That was a bit of confusion about the prices. Fortuantely to say, this will be the last tournament in a house, lol. We’re returing back to the Georgia World Congress Center.

Yeah, you made it mad far. Would you say picking Blanka against boxer is suicide honestly?

A few matches I was able to record:

-GGs Larry, hope to play that Gief next time, and that blanka stick was nice!!:tup:
-And yeah, Alotta weird little thing happened here and there during the tourney. I had two, not one, but two matches where another ps3 controller somewhere in the background connected to our console and pressed start during the match. It seems like thats starting to be a pretty common problem with these wireless controllers being used more and more these days, and I really think these pad players should pay more attention to their controllers, and not just leaving them and turning them on randomly, but keeping up with them aswell! lol, im tired of hearing people yelling out :yo, can i borrow someone’s ps3 controller?" over and over again. :lame: You pad players just need to stick with the good ol’ “non-wireless” arcade stick! Its bettah for yah!!:cybot:
-Sucks the full results got lost, I’m pretty sure I placed atleast top 10 maybe top 8, but oh well…
-On a last note: the Honda army is building! Soon it will overcome the Balrog army so be prepared :smokin:

Really? Me and my friend paid $1. That’s what the lady said it was…:xeye:

I had a lot of fun. It was my first fighting game tourney in years. I only played in MvC2, but I’ll definitely compete in more games next time. My favorite tournament moment was when Clint got that perfect in Marvel. I started to record that match…but I was at a bad angel so I stopped recording.

This tournament showed me that I still have a lot more practicing to do before the next tournament (I lost both my Marvel matches. 1 against PokChop and 1 against Kuro-somethin.) I’ll try my best to make it to the next major tournament, which I think is the South East Battles. Hope to see you all there.:china:

Could you post up the brackets from the tournaments (if you still have them)? And what’s the software that you guys use?

clint cheats. He uses sim and then unleashes sagat on everyone! :lol: I wanted to play against more augusta players but there was no time for casuals.

That is the bracket we started out with although there was alot of “floating” to ensure certain people did not fight each other. Ricky and myself have to get together so we get the full results.

Yo. Are you Cameron (sp?)? Your friend aced my stick if you are :crybaby:

Well, I was pretty dissapointed. I had a good time seeing everyone, but everything else seemed to be a wreck.

The post for this event stated that the room would be bigger than the one at the GWCC, and that it would be “more than enough room” for everyone. Both of these statements were flat-out FALSE. The room was the same size as the GWCC room, and was set up so poorly and overcrowded that people literally couldnt get to setup b or c without stepping in front of set up a or d. I thought that was just incredibly poor planning and judgement. How are you going to run a tournament with out being able to get to the setups without disturbing other games!?

And then, the main issue was the heat. Dear god. Really, I had to pay 10 dollars to go into an overcrowded room with no air conditioning!? It was easily 100 degrees in the room. If I have to pay to play, I better not be sitting in a puddle of everyone’s ball sweat. I really think that the a/c was turned off just to make us buy drinks. That’s some shady shit right there. I had to pay to get in, then pay a buck for a soda?

I would like to thank the people who helped run and manage brackets to make sure games were getting done. Pokchop and anyone else who was helping with that gets a big thank you from me. Also a big thank you to Kiyo and Nam for making sure BB was getting done, as it seemed to be getting neglected by everyone else.

But overall, I left with a sour taste in my mouth and will not be attending any more Revivals. We were promised things we didn’t get, it was uncomfortable, poorly organized, and I didn’t even see the tournament organizer do anything but sign up players, take the money, and watch some games.

Oh yeah, Magnicious, if you give out your number for people to call you because they are running late, make sure 1. You pick up your phone and 2. Your voicemail isnt FULL.