Atlanta Revival: January 15th 2011 Results

First off I would like to thank everyone for coming out to yet another Atlanta Revival. I had a grand time and hope to see everyone next month. Without further a due:


1: BlackWhiteBoi ($384.00)
2: JTO ($160.00)
3: CyberAkuma ($96.00)
4: TooMuchDamage
5: ShinPhoenix
5: Cardell
7: Taboc1
7: Druseph
9: DaNut
9: Reox
9: Blaze
9: DBJoseph
13: CashMoney
13: Electric
13: clint "the beast"
13: IggyWhite
17: ShinBlade
17: JeremyWorst
17: Cris Barnes
17: ExciteBeast
17: LauchPad
17: Lil Majin
17: HeavyWeight
17: Joel
25: FlyMike
25: Pokchop
25: big-boi
25: Usual Suspect
25: Black Dolemite
25: Assault Face
25: RaishinX
25: Yohan
33: Dch1zzle
33: DoggySamich
33: Kiyokix
33: DeeJayTeiiBear
33: Menedez Brother
33: Wizzle
33: Shadow Ace
33: Malik
33: LiquidGen
33: Skeletal Minion
33: Pollin
33: InternalBurne
33: ChnChilla
33: Stig-San
33: SupriseButtSex
33: MPR
49: Kazujiro
49: Tron Li
49: Solid Play
49: Kidd
49: ZeoHawk
49: Bishop
49: Kirsty
49: SMG_Carnage
49: DreamBoat
49: Dollywood
49: Laswagga
49: David R
49: Deadend
49: JayFierce
49: BrianCharisma
49: Youneak


1: Skeletal Minion ($48.00)
2: Solid Play ($20.00)
3: Kazzmat ($12.00)
4: Lil Majin
5: TheGreatReptar
5: Bishop
7: Tsuraen
7: FunkyP


1: Anakin ($48.00)
2: Lil Majin ($20.00)
3: ShinBlade ($12.00)
4: Pokchop
5: FlyMike
5: Solid Play
7: Catherin
7: Dom

SSB Brawl:

1: Skat ($114.00)
2: Ice ($47.50)
3: ForGod ($28.50)
4: NeoX
5: Lol
5: DiddyKong
7: Aml?!
7: Zatch
9: TheGreatKazoo
9: Hammer John
9: mercy
9: JAY
13: Hero?
13: MrOAW
13: LinkQueen
13: NoID
17: FourAces
17: Cloud7
17: GT


1: Pokchop ($27.00)
2: Zach ($11.25)
3: LauchPad ($6.75)
4: TooMuchDamage
5: Yohan
5: Tron Li
7: Menedez Brother
7: Black Dolemite
9: HeavyWeight

3rd Strike: Unfortunately did not finish


1: Pokchop ($21.00)
2: hollaback ($8.75)
3: MPR ($5.25)
4: Druseph
5: Zach
5: Shadow Ace
7: Malik

Melty Blood:

1: Solid Play ($20.00)
2: Tsuraen
3: DoggySamich
4: Malik

to be honest its a breath of fresh air to see some new names in top 3 for a change shows how much we are improveing keep up the good work peeps and may you ALL die to me next tourni =}

good games to everyone, easily one of the biggest revivals yet and the odor level was kept to a minimal…props to the impact crew for holding it down

great wraps >…all the food spots in CNN center

to the guy who fell on his shit running on ice when I was walking in

ShinPhoenix for being patient and giving me one hell of a match

blackwhiteboi for being the peoples champ and this time its official :open_mouth:

CVS2 is the truth…I dont know why cats are sleeping on it…props to the SNK only player hollaback…real close matches…when I say close I mean one hit from either player for the win…wish I could have recorded it…Ricky I will defeat you!!!

Usual Suspect…Im so proud…

see you guys next month!!! GA is getting stronger :open_mouth:

Looks like fun, too bad I wasn’t able to show up and beat up people :frowning: New people in top 8 is nice, keep it up.

I’m quitting Rufus after what happened.

Jesus gives, and he taketh away, apparently :lol:

ggs to my boy Taboc1 for getting top 8. Could have went further if you would have picked U2 against Vega. Too bad Blaze made it just outside of top 8. I’m not sure why I tried to go offensive against Cash Money though. I pretty much gave that match away. If I had won that match (like I should have), I could have got top 8 for sure. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

That small old TV has got to go though. Everyone who played on it said it was off. I know it can’t be lag, but everyone fucks up ranges on the TV.

I think everyone is stepping it up. And thanks Zach for an epic MVC2 match. I hope you come out more. I may get on the grind with 3s again. No offense to the people who were playing, but the 3s level looked hella free. Way too many guess parries.

Good games to everyone I played with at ATL-R: JayFierce, Druseph, Blaze, Exitebeast, Electric John, and ShinPhoenix. Sorry I forgot you wanted to play me again JayFierce, I left as soon as I was knocked out send me a message on here or Xbox and we’ll set something up. Also on Xbox: Blaze, where you at? Don’t forget to add me so we can study that match-up.

Also thank you Impact Crew for running a smooth tourney in a great venue. Job very well done!

Interesting turn of events. Too bad I couldn’t come out or watch D;

Good shit to everyone showing up to play PERIOD. I appreciate all the people coming to play CvS2, 3s, and folks interested in Melty Blood, thanks for at least trying the game. CvS was too sick, I wanna play it more, lol. Oh yeah, long live 3s!!!

Told you that Akuma is Guile’s worst matchup by far. And Blaze doesn’t even do a perfect vortex with him. If you were on PSN, you should play an akuma who does a perfect vortex, and has many setups for it. It’s a crazy hard matchup for Guile, in the 7-3 territory.

Man, this was too much fun. First ATL Revival I’ve ever been to and definitely won’t be the last.

Shout outs to (forgive me for forgetting names, I’m terrible with them):

  • Kazzmat: Nice Lambda. I had a lot of fun with the matches we played (and I know we played a ton).
  • The Morrigan Litchi player: Nice Litchi. Your combo execution was on point, and every time you landed a hit I knew I was in for a world of hurt. Fun matches.
  • The Golden Tager/Hugo player: You’ve got a really solid Tager. I had trouble believing you when you said you’re still learning the game after a few matches of seeing how smartly you played. Keep building on your matchup experience, you’re going to be a beast. Repeated psychic Hugo SA2s during the 3S tourney was extra hype.
  • All other BB players: Good games and thanks for representing Blaz. Hopefully turnout will pick up once CS2 drops.
  • The E.Honda player that kicked my ass: You’re the first Honda I’ve ever played in Super, and I could’ve sworn I was playing Mike Ross. My mediocre T.Hawk had no idea how to handle that matchup, and I got bodied hard. Very nice stuff.
  • Everyone who made the 3S tourney hype. The two Hugo players were fun to watch, and my boy RaishinX was tearing people up with Elena. Sucks that it had to end early, but shit happens.
  • Finally, shout outs to Solid Play and RaishinX. We went to ATL looking to represent Bama, and we definitely did. Good shit guys.

GGs to everyone I played and good shit to everyone who came out.

I heard what you did to mpr, Ricky!! all I have to say is this…DO ME LIKE THAT!!

Dhalsim is Guile’s hardest match. I never said Akuma wasn’t hard, but it’s not as bad as Sim. Blaze is also a smart player and the match up isn’t just about Akuma’s mix up game.

c.fp and j.fp rapes my demonflip mixups >[

Really fun tournament again guys, big shoutouts to Bama for coming out and representing BBCS and being cool guys in general. There was this huge issue I ran across during the tournament that i feel i need to get off my chest.


While BBCS was being run the Brawl players had shut off each BBCS setup and took our TV’s because they felt like they had the liberty to, my fucking monitor doesnt even work with a god damn Wii. That shit doesnt fly, you kids don’t bring your own damn setups and complain that the tournament organizers dont run it. It is no one’s obligation but your own to bring setups.

Damn that’s pretty messed up, I wouldn’t have let them use it period if I was playing my game unless I volunteered, fuck that.

lol just bring it

damn! big turnout…

Ricky, you got a revival planned before final round? would be nice

Thank you all for hosting this event and everyone who came out. So honored to be able to attend. Being that 85% of my game play is all online I’m shocked I made it that far. But I want to thank Big Boi, Blaze, Excite Beast, Clint, Dante, and Taboc (forgive me if I left anyone out) for working with me offline on my game and coaching me in crucial matchups. It gets a little tough making it to East Point all the time for sessions so if anyone lives in the Sandy Springs area please PLEASE hit me up for some offline sessions!

Cell 404-421-4165
Home 770 394-0355

I want SO bad to hang with the best and will train vigorously to get there. Let’s show Tokido he came to the wrong side a’ town. fanged grin

Damn, I can’t believe you showed up. I was planning on going but my alarm didn’t go off and I waaaay overslept. Feels bad =/