Atlanta Revival July Results: Whatchu' mean we run random select SFIV tournaments

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us this month! We had a great turnout and over and over again you guys prove to us NEVER to underestimate your numbers. Atlanta Revival will return sometime in September. :rock: Without further adue:

Super Street Fighter IV:

1: JTO ($427.00)
2: shinkuur ($122.00)
3: cardell ($61.00)
4: pokchop
5: Wizzlecroff
5: marty
7: dru
7: nato
9: gammon
9: penis slicer
9: reox
9: certainality
13: raekwon
13: db joseph
13: carapalm
13: lance penis armstrong
17: megaman XD
17: Joel
17: shin phoenix
17: red zo
17: dee hill
17: rocky
17: shadow ace
17: shin blanka
25: grape
25: liquid jin
25: J R
25: nigel h
25: dogysamich
25: party eagle
25: dragon joe
25: purple rain
33: cheap n easy
33: kirstie
33: key
33: zombie and old demons
33: Deanare
33: excited beast
33: wieland
33: ayane mishima
33: violent repent
33: smg_carnage
33: mr. annual
33: shane
33: socom leo
33: deadly rave neo
33: anotak
33: david r
49: brian b
49: kill switch
49: west
49: mistic black
49: remy
49: westley h
49: Mr. Fightman
49: makai
49: J bei
49: prime 8
49: JG
49: areist
49: tj

Tekken 6

1: james ($63.00)
2: pokchop ($18.00)
3: shinkuur ($9.00)
4: tremble goose
5: megaman XD
5: efx
7: purple rain
7: loc asylum
9: dom

Blazblue CS

1: ivysaur ($105.00)
2: daysoo ($30.00)
3: penis slicer ($15.00)
4: red zo
5: marty
5: remy
7: david r
7: makai
9: funky p
9: anotak
9: nigel h
9: wieland
13: party eagle
13: purple rain
13: reox

Super Street Fighter IV “Random Select” Tournament

1: JTO ($34.00)
2: shinkuur
3: nato
4: gammon
5: lance penis armstrong
5: dru
7: purple rain
7: red zo
9: certainality
9: megaman XD
9: cardell
9: kharisa
13: marty
13: kill switch
13: cheap n easy
13: J bei
17: funky p
17: excited beast

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1: pokchop ($20.00)
2: raekwon
3: lance penis armstrong
4: anotak

Wow big numbers! Good shit to everyone! Props to JTO for killin in two tournaments. Glad to see that BBCS happened and had a decent turnout. I’m sooo fucking pissed I couldn’t be there, but I was there in spirit!


Joe getting top 5?! Kent 9th?!?! Cardell finishing in the money, GS. I can’t wait to come back down to see how much comp has improved.

hehe carapalm instead of karapalm.

Anyway, ggs everyone. It was great to see new faces. Fun time as usual. Sadness about the lack of 3s but that’s how it goes huh.
Big shoutout to Nato coming out. Good to see you again.
Always good to see the regular friends, Eddie, Marty, John, Joe, Dru, Cardell + everyone else I’m forgetting (sorry).

I’ll see everyone in a couple weeks, after finals + summer break.

13th place again. Really need to change that next time.

random block tournaments. lol.

I wanna thank everyone that entered BlazBlue and supported the tournament.
I hope to see you all at gatherings and future tournies! Much love! <3

Oh, and.



had alota fun nice to see everyone once again!

Sorry I couldn’t make it! Had some other things to handle. Goodshit to SAV and all of GA! I’ll def be at the next revival!

Just please don’t forget who had the random idea to run a random-select tournament, please :sweat: :sweat:.


I will have my revenge. ;_;

Good stuff to everyone who placed. Proud of Marty, Reox and Wizzlecroft for placing well.

I decided to go to East Point to work on some match ups with Clint and Big Boi. Got to be in top shape against those lame fights (mainly Dhalsim).

So did UMK 3 not have enough participants or what? I was gonna head out but then i realized the umk players around here wouldn’t show to support a mkdc tournament so I wasn’t going to return the favor.

Pokchop-I been thinking about getting back into top form but it doesn’t look like many are playing tekken these days. I need some people to practice with cuz I’m pretty scrub these days. Hit me up if you up for practicing with me.

yo thanks mag and ga! mag,u going to sb by any chance?

rashid!!! man i got get down on some more of tht rose training!!! ggs man.

marty!!! ggs on tht penis slicer match! lol!


nato,ggs to da few short games we had. good to know ur alive and kickin!

justin,me and eddy gonna try and get up wit ur crew,ya’ll play in dunwoody right?

excite beast…

dru, funny games in the random tourny.

and ggs to norm da storm aka kof fight man aka norman,for stoppin somebody’s 32wins in cvs2!!!

Thanks for letting me use your phone dude :tup:

Too bad I couldn’t come, but too many bill issues this month. I’ll try to come through next Revival. In either case, it’s nice to see Marty in top 5. Really good shit there. I know I would have failed that random select tourney for obvious reasons.

And Norm the Storm stopping someones streak in CVS2? Seriously? No disrespect to Norm, but that guy couldn’t beat me in that game on my worst day.

Good shit to certainality bringing that Adon to 9th place, Dru for fighting his way through losers to finish 7th, Marty for 5th and for knocking me to losers, Nato for 7th despite not playing for awhile and for murdering me out of the tourney, and I’m especially proud of Wizzlecroff/Solstice for making top 5, way to represent Hiram!

GG’s to everyone I played in BB:CS. It was exciting and fresh, I’m going to try come to gatherings for it in the future it’ll be nice to go to tourneys and play more than one game.

Personal disappointments: I recently learned I’ve been fighting Balrog all wrong, but I didn’t get to put my new knowledge in action in the tourney as I fought no Rogs. I looked at the bracket and saw that my next match would be the winner of Raph vs Dee Hill so I got excited to finally play Raph, but then I was called to play someone who was entirely different turns out the bracket changed; maybe next time.

shoutouts and ggs to all who entered BBCS, way to show that we have a real community. Most of us had really tough brackets due to there being so much talent.

Also random select was mad fun, hope to see that happen more often.