Atlanta Revival Results- Sept. 26

First off i want to thank everyone who came and supported revival. i had a blast on yesterday. nice to see new faces come out to the scene. most of all big ups to brandon h. or minister of defense. he really surprised everyone there. good job man, you’ve really gotten better. now for the results

Street Fighter 4:

1: JTO ($154.00)
2: Kiyoki ($44.00)
3: Dru ($22.00)
4: NKidOb
5: Nato
5: MPR
7: ColdShock
7: ssjBananas1,000,000
9: Forte
9: Gen-an
9: Donald
9: Tom Warrior
13: Shadow Ace
13: Excited Beast
13: Ribnloin
13: Dark B
17: Brandon Harrell
17: SilentScreen
17: Penney
17: Corey
17: Pokchop
25: Punk Rock Fox

Blaze Blue:

1: The Light ($35.00)
2: Kiyoki ($10.00)
3: Forte ($5.00)
4: SilentScreen
5: Tonku

Tekken 5 DR:

1: Pokchop ($21.00)
2: Big Boi ($9.00)
3: ColdShock
4: Isacc
5: Diron
6: Batman

Street Fighter 3rd Strike:

1: ColdShock ($38.50)
2: Nato ($11.00)
3: Pokchop ($5.50)
4: Brandon Harrell
5: Dru
5: Shadow Ace
7: Punk Rock Fox
7: Isacc
9: Shadow Night
9: Corey
9: Ribnloin

damn, branh @ 4th?.. saaaay waaaaaa? good ish

GS kiyo, JTO, and Dru.

Hey guys, I had a lot of fun at the tournament. Pokchop - gg on SFIV and I fear your Tekken skills man…12-0 right? That’s nuts man.

Good seeing everyone again and I hope to be back in November.


Wow, I had a great time at this Revival! Once again I want to thank all of you for giving us another chance again.

Big shout out to Stacy for holding down the door in my absence. She did an excellent job along with Pokchop to ensure that the tournament would run in a timely, reasonable manner. I wish I could’ve been there the entire time.

Trey/Dark Balling for recording all the videos and posting them up online for us.

Branh for providing us with your heel character-like personality.

Big boy for providing us with your hilarious commentary.

Excitebeast for always managing to bring the hype with your matches. Also Branh for bringing the hype with yours as well.

Internalburn for bringing all the equipment you did. You guys came and supported Tennessee very well! It’s always nice seeing an old friend like you. :slight_smile:

JTO Congratulations on winning the main event at one my tournaments. This is the first time you’ve placed in the money at my tournament. Getting 4th place for so long can be discouraging but you didn’t give up and you kept at it.

And lastly everyone else who did not lose faith in me and Ricky and still attended and supported our tournament. Without you guys, it would not be possible. Hope to see you all next month at our October monthly!

Lol im guessing mvc2 didnt happen? Im glad i didnt go lol.

Good shit for running a successful GA tournament though, and congrats to anyone that got moneys!

Well we were going to run it but everyone wanted to run it on PS3 and no Playstation 3 of ours had the game unfortunately. I’m going to buy the game for my Playstation 3. However, personally I think the game should be ran on Dreamcast if you ask me. I hear that Cable has been beefed up a bit in the PS3 version

Good shit JTO! Makin yourself a name, are you? :lol:


Gooood shit ta the top 5

thanks man…:wgrin: im trying:sweat:

and thanks to everyone that can out! ricky,haywood,nicely done:tup:

I was playing like crap and had no practice, I guess tying for 9th wasn’t so bad.

Vids are being posted as I type:
Also thanks to Forte for taping the BB side of the tourney!

This was a really good tournament, and it was ran very smoothly. It’s amazing that they had a 20+ man bracket and made the tournament run in under 4 hours. I must admit, it was a very professionally ran tournament, if news spread that ATL is running tournaments this well, you can expect even bigger turn outs to ATL Revival and Impact Clash.

shout outs to Dark B:
If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have came. Thanks for randomly calling me and pulling me out of the house to go. Glad I went, pretty stuff before I have to return to VA.

shout out to Forte:

Always walking forward and hitting button. LOL. Anyway really good shit and good games. You’ll break top 8 before you know it. Was surprised you choose Ryu against me, I was surprised and didn’t really know what to expect. Thanks for giving me a pretty good match. I don’t mind the controversy, it was fun.


Nice to finally get to meet you. Seems like we always miss each other at tournaments. Really solid Chun-Li. Probably the matchup I hate the most and took the time out to learn, though I’m still not entirely familiar with the matchup. Next time we’re at a tournament, you’re going to have to do casuals with me so I can learn that matchup.

Cash Money:

You’re super solid man. Your Balrog is a big headache, but at least I know a LITTLE bit more about this dreaded matchup.

Shadow Ace:

Thanks for pulling out the oldies,especially the underrated KOF 99. Would have been better if you had the Dreamcast version, but I’m not complaining.


Thanks for coming up to ATL.   Don't see Columbus crew, and you represented in 3s.  I think you pissed off and surprised everyone.   Keep trying to put Columbus on the map.


To bad you guys didn't do better in 3s and SFIV, but it's a jungle in ATL.   Hope to see you guys more often at ATL Revivals.   I admire all you guys commitment.

The Staff:

You guys have come a LONG way in less than a years time. This tournament barely resembles Impact Clash I and II.

Hope to see all you guys soon, I’ll try to hit East Point once my Virginia rotation is over with.

I no longer have faith in anything.

marvel didn’t run because of one stick for the dreamcast. if you would’ve came we would have had one it would’ve been about 8 to enter i think. hopefully you can make it next month cause i miss raping you:smokin:


You dont want that MSP :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i miss playing you too. You are one of the only people in GA I know that are still on their marvel game, and you get mad respect from me for that.

We just got our car back yesterday, so ill call you next time I can come to east point.

You can always come out to carrollton and we can play for 10 hours or something. Might be worthwhile.:looney:

all i have to say is:

how does one go from almost losing to BranH to getting to grand finals with JTO da HERO?

Maybe atl is really stepping it up :wow:

Good games to everyone, I came up just to get some games in with JTO, didn’t think it would be playing grand finals with him lol. Its good seeing everyone level up, no more free wins for anyone.

Impact Clash is looking to be serious, might have to make it out for that too

I wish I could have attended. Went golfing instead. lol.

ATL has always been super solid ever since the last impact clash. MeRed’s boxer is too good, Eddie was always solid with Rufus and Sagat, and JTO just leveled up insanely fast from Sakura to Boxer. I think I leveled up too but after training with Kiyo I haven’t touched the game since. Just waiting for that T6 to drop.

I will definitely try to make it to Impact Clash!