Atlanta Revival RETURNS June 26th 2010 Atlanta,Georgia


The New Season for the Atlantic South Division now begins.
In the wake of Final Round XIII, it’s success seen all over the United States and a bit across seas, The Impact Clash Crew Returns with yet another of it’s Monthly installments, this time with a banging new look, Permanent Location and many many more improvements!!!

So without Further lag (get it):razz:

June 26th 2010

The venue is located in a suite of office building’s If you have any
problems call us at (404) 954-0243

Ramada Atlanta Airport Conference Center
1380 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344 US

Directions Via Marta

  • Ride to College Park Train Station
  • Take Bus 72 Lets you off right across the street from the venue.
  • Harrison & Virginia Ave is the exact location

If you have any problems reaching the venue by bus call (404) 954-0243 for help

Venue Fee:
$10.00 Per Person

New Registration and Start Time:
Registration begins at 1:30pm ALL TOURNAMENTS Begin at 3pm NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Games in Attendance:

GEARS OF WAR 2: (X-Box 360)
(Bring your own controller and head set)
5v5 Teams $50.00 Per Team (Basically $10.00 per head)
2v2 Wing-man Teams $20.00 Per Team (Basically $10.00 per head)
**POT BALANCE SPLIT: 60% 25% 15%

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4: (Playstation 3)
(Bring Your Own Stick/Controller)
Game Fee: $10.00
POT BALANCE SPLIT: 60%-30%-10%

(Bring Your Own Stick/Controller)
Game Fee: $10.00
POT BALANCE SPLIT: 60%-30%-10%

TEKKEN 6 (Playstation 3)
(Bring Your Own Stick/Controller)
Game Fee: $10.00
POT BALANCE SPLIT: 60%-30%-10%

Equipment Waivers:
Full set up meaning Television,Video Game+Console, Your entry Fee is waived!!!
1/2 set up meaning console or tv, half off entry fee!!!

In order to qualify for Equipment Waivers, you must contact the Impact Clash Crew/Impact Players via

Once Email Confirmation is reached, your names will be added to the list, visible here in this thread on a first come first served basis, you will also be added to a list for PERMANENT Equipment door fee waivers for future Atlanta Revivals!! :tup::rock:

Please sign up, with all your information, all your games so the tournament can run as smooth as possible, EXAMPLE:
Full Name
Tekken 6 & Super SF4

Food and Beverages will be sold at this venue, please keep us up to date with what it is you all like to eat, drink & snack on while at thees tournaments.
Right now Our list goes as follows:

GATORADE (Bottles) $1.50
POWERADE (Bottles) $1.25
Water (Bottles) $1.00
Chips (Zip Lock bagged for more quantity) $.50
CupCakes (Homemade) Please notify us of icing types, sprinkles etc $.50
Cookies (Homemade) Please notify us of what types etc $.50
Microwave Popcorn (Cheese-Extra Butter-Plain) $.75


We’ll be there like always.

Isaac Greene

Chris Greene

Chris Barnes


As you can see we have mad a few modifications, Our Monthlies will now start a bit later, giving you all plenty enough time to wake up, shower up, get dressed, drive or catch public transportation to the event.

Parking is free at this location.

All rules will be re-spoken at the beginning of the event so there will be no confusion, please do not vote if you are not interested in the games up above, the success of these games being held at the event is based upon you all’s interest and if 50 people vote but only 3 people show up… well that game will be 86’ed from our tournaments permanently!!!
Just post up and contact us via email and offer some games for future monthlies rather then filling up the voting box!!


Whatchumean atl revival comin back full force?


gears 2? that seems like a crazy game to try and system link a bunch of consoles on.
but i like it and i’d be down for some wingman comp if ppl actually wana play it.

i didn’t see an address, is it same office suit as last time?


ima be in town for the summer so ima have to hit this one up

Brandon Douglass

Tekken 6


SSF4! Yes!


No TvC love?

Eric McKenna
Savannah, GA


…why isn’t SFA3 on this list again?


The Poll list couldn’t be edited once the post was accepted by mistake.

Everyone can follow the instructions up above in order to add Street Fighter Alpha or any other game to the list, the votes/emails will be counted and the most votes/emails will choose what game is hosted at the next Atlanta Revival Tournament!!

Just remember to email us with the games you would like, we will do our part to advertise those games but if there is not enough feedback, crowd response, then those games will not be involved with our tournaments.

So the New List to choose from will be:



Many people claim they are about TvC but when the time comes, they do not register. So, we took that game off. However, we may be adding Melty Blood. Just gotta get a confirmation someone is bringing it to the tournament.


Eddie “Over 9000 Messiahs” Mu
Atlanta, GA

Equipment: I can bring a PS3, TV, and SSFIV. :tup:


ill be there


This is a day after my birthday. :sad:


Yo your B-day on that friday right… Come up that saturday I got ya’ entry fee and a nice little present straight up.

For those who did not see this posted up above!!!


Yo your B-day on that friday right… Come up that saturday I got ya’ entry fee and a nice little present straight up.

For those who did not see this posted up above!!!


Bumping this beast cause it was about to hit page 3:nono:


I’m happy to see that you guys are still doing the revivals. For a second, I thought there was going to be no more monthlies. Y’all playing the GEARS this time around!?!?! Damn I wished I still lived there, whoever would be on my team would have won.


What in the blue heck are you talking about??

You are correct sir’



Hey, sorry for the retarded question, but this would be to @gmail**.com**, right?

Just making sure so I’m not sending an email to blank, void space :lol: :tup: