Atlanta Revival- Sept. 26


hello everyone Atlanta Revival is back in the “A” , back on the marta line and its back at the Georgia World Congress Center with AC:rock: the room number is A-308a. there will not a repeat of the last revival i promise you all that. the tournament will be ran in a timely and orderly fasion. revival will start at promptly at 230 pm and sign up is from 12 to 2.

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd., NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313-1591

By Marta:
This tournament is Marta accessible. Take the Marta train to GWCC/Phillips Arena/Georgia Dome train station. From there exit go up the stairs make a left then a right and you should see the GWCC right in front of you.

Room A308a

Door fee: $10
Entry fee to games: $10 (Except Marvel which is $5)

Equipment Waivers:
This tournament is ran from us members in the community for the community and so we can’t survive without your guy’s help. We need you guys to bring equipment to help out our tournament. So any full setups (Game/system/TV) will give you a waiver on the door fee.

12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Tournament starts at 2:30

The following games will be at the tournament.
Street Fighter IV
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
King of Fighters XIII

Street Fighter IV
PS3 (Only PS3s will be accepted for equipment waivers!)
2 out of 3
3/5 Loser/Winner’s Final
4/7 Grand Finals

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Game version: US Dreamcast
You may not use any glitch that prevent the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.
Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.
Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point).
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Winner keeps the same team, while the loser can switch teams.

King of Fighters XII
2 out of 3
3/5 Loser’s/Winner’s Final
4/7 Grand Finals

2 out of 3
3/5 Loser’s/Winner’s Final
4/7 Grand Finals


i am going to be playing marvel
could not make it to the other other one and it was only like 4 ppl to join


Well we are still going to be running Marvel on Dreamcast until there’s an official shift. :slight_smile: It is great to be back for the month of September. We won’t disappoint! I want to personally apologize for last month’s mishap and we will never again run a tournament in a house ever again. Anyhow Cool-breeze I wanted to make plans for Season’s Beatings 4. Hopefully we can solidify a plan at this month’s Revival. :slight_smile:


marvel is only arcade perfect the dreamcast. personally i think its going to be a hassle running it on ps3 or xbox


sign me and my boy for this.

Jose santiago
Lord jas
Memphis tn

Lil zay
Memphis tn

Its been a while since i traveled so this should be fun.


what’s up my dude. i got you both:smokin:


Pre- Registration List


  1. Pokchop
  2. Launchpad
  3. Lil Zay
  4. Lord Jas
  5. Raekwon187


  1. Pokchop
  2. Nitrox
  3. Raekwon187

Blaze Blue:

  1. Raekwon187


sup dude? Wut’s really good? Hopefully we’ll get enough marvel heads for this cause that’s the main reason we riding out,other than to chill with everyone of course lol


I’ll be there

Josh “Nitrox” Ohana
Atlanta, GA


Isaac Nicholson

pokchop FT5 in marvel how much?


can’t wait to play you. i got a new team now.

got you added

got you added and ft5 for 50. is that cool:smokin:




YES SIR! I can’t wait for this:smokin:


So we arleady got a main event money match already! Hype+++

Lord Jas, it’s been a while! I haven’t seen you since Impact 2. It’d be great to see you again. Hopefully Clint should be coming through for Marvel as well. We should have a pretty good Marvel turnout.


yea man it’s been a while but i’m coming to this and impact clash as well. Marvel is def gonna be hype!!!


Great to hear that! Can’t wait to see you.


Hey Pokchop make sure to put in the first post that we will be having a monthly October 31st in Tekken to see where everyone is at in the game.


So I have word that East Point will be attending. :slight_smile: That’s great news Pokchop. It sucks we can’t have a stream for the event but I guess it shouldn’t matter that much.


the Atlanta Revival in October is going to be the introduction of tekken 6 br. October 31st is the date so all you tekken heads keep the 31st of october in mind for atlanta revival and it’s going to be at the same place as usual, the georgia world congress center


Make sure to edit that and put it at the top of the thread. I’ll remind you next time I see you at EP. BTW are you coming through to EP tonight?