Atlanta Revival: The Reawakening January 15th, 2011 Atlanta, GA FR14 SFIV Qualifer


Update! The first and second place winners of Super Street Fighter IV will receive a free entry into Final Round this year!

Thought the Impact Crew fell off? Thought we were done? No way! We were taking a few steps back and scoping the scene out. Anyhow, in 2011 we will continue to bring you back to back monthlies like your expected. This room is much larger than our past venues for Revival. No more gaps in our schedule! Without further adue the first GA tournament of the decade:

When: January 15th, 2011

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd., NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313-1591

Room A408

Door fee: $10

Spectator fee: $5

10 a.m. begins registration
12:30 p.m. registration end
1 p.m. tournament begins

Running late? Call us or text us at 404-954-0243

Bring your own Controller/Stick

Pre-Registration list
Click here to pre-register for the tournament so we can know how many people are coming and with what equipment.

Click here to view the pre-registration list (it’s updated automatically when you guys fill out the form)

If you bring a setup your door fee is waived. Please guys we need a few setups to ensure a nice smooth tournament even though we don’t have many games running. I hope you guys come through with the setups. Please, please please bring Street Fighter IV setups. We don’t want another IC4 situation again

Riding Marta:
If you take Marta to the GWCC ride the train all the way to the GWCC/GA Dome/CNN train station. It’s one train station west of Five Points train station. When you get off the train go up the escalator and go to your left, up the stairs. Look to your right and you’ll see the GWCC buildling. It’s that simple.

Remember parking is $10 at the GWCC.

Live Stream will be at the tournament
Catch our live stream of the event at Impact_Clash on USTREAM: Streamers of video game fighting tournaments. :).
If you can’t make it we will have a stream up for all you stream monsters!

All games will be $10 entrance fee
Double Elimination
Standard tournament rounds (3 for 3D, 2 for 2D)
3/5 winners
3/5 losers
4/7 grand finals
Winner keeps same character/teams in ALL GAMES


Tekken 6 $10
Playstation 3
Best 3 out of 5 matches
2 out of 3
No button mapping allowed (I.E. RP+RK)

**Update! The first and second place winners of Super Street Fighter IV will receive a free entry into Final Round this year!


Super Street Fighter IV: $10
Playstation 3
2 out of 3 matches
2 out of 3 sets
No button mapping (Except 3x Punch and 3x Kicks

Super Street Fighter IV Special Tournament $5
Playstation 3
2 out of 3 matches
2 out of 3 sets
No button mapping (Except 3x Punch and 3x Kicks)
Special conditions TBA (Possibly %50 health, new characters only or random select).

Marvel Vs Capcom 2: $5
2 out of 3 sets

Blazblue Continum Shift $10
Best 2 out of 3 matches
2 out of 3 sets

**Street Fighter III: Third Strike **$5
Best 2 out of 3 matches
Best 2 out of 3 sets

**Super Smash Bros: Brawl **$10
Rules will be posted in our Smash Boards Thread

Super Smash Bros: Melee $10
Rules will be posted in our Smash Boards Thread

Melty Blood (Japanese Playstation 2)
2 out of 3
Earth Stage
Winner keeps same character and moon phase

Rules may change at any time. Hope to see you guys there.


Atlanta, GA
SSF4, maybe Brawl


Oh, Melty & 3s, I’m there. Hopefully if 10 or more people show up for 3s, we can get a real tourney going. I’m all over Melty though!!! And if I’m there for sure, I can supply a PS2 for Melty but not controllers.


i’ll be there.


I posted up a thread at melty bread. Is there any way that you can post up in the thread I made and get some hype for the thread. And big thanks for bringing through a copy of the game.

Atlanta Revival: Reawakening January 15th, 2011 Atlanta, GA


I’ll try to make it. Shouldn’t be much of a problem with how close it is to a Marta station.

Also, no love for Guilty Gear?


The train station is within minutes of the Georgia World Congress Center. It is an easy short walk. Secondly, the CNN Center is within walking distance and it has tons of restaurants and fast food spots as well. So, once you come and you park (if you drive) there’s no need for a car for the entire duration of the tournament.

Secondly, as far as Gear goes. Gear has kind of died out since BB came out. If there’s enough of a following, we’ll consider adding it to the list of games to be ran. Secondly, we are always open to side tournaments so if you want to bring the game through and see if people are willing to sign up for the game as well. Anyhow, hope to see you there next decade.


Warner Robins, GA

I’ll bring a ps2, a cube, a tv, yada yada.


Yeah even if I somehow can’t make it, I’ll make sure that my PS2 sure does.


alright peeps time to get HYPE!


What system is marvel being played on?


cool, sign me up!

Eddie "TooMuchDamage"
Atlanta, GA

A few quick things though:
Like the poster above me is asking, what system is MvC2 being played on? Also, there should be a side-event for SSFIV! Team tournament, random-select tournament, or something that popped up in my head the other day: 50% tournament! (everybody starts with 50% handicap. HYPE)

Of course, a side tournament like this for SSFIV will probably have a reduced fee, but it should be MAD fun and attract some less-competitive players!

Just food for thought :tup:


Sweet! Ill make it to this one.

Conyers, GA
ssf4, and any crazy side tourney for ssf4 that Eddie comes up with :slight_smile:


For the side tournaments, we’re really torn between “new characters only” tournament, or random select. %50, that sounds like a good one as well. I should’ve added one for the poll. :frowning: Oh well, there’s always the next one.

That’s what is up. It’s nice to see you coming through again. You one of the first people I chilled with and played games in the scene with. Great times, lol.


lol great times indeed. remember the guy who blacked out at MetalMikes old apartment haha… we should have never let the other guy take it so far :frowning: nobody wants to taste balls when they wake up



Go to the bank,local store,gas station, momma’s house etc BEFORE YOU GET TOO ATL REVIVAL and get change for your all tournaments you plan to enter,door fee,money matches etc-etc.

It’s crazy and a bit frustrating when the 1st 25 people all have $20.00 bills and we run out of change in a matter of 7 in a half minutes.



Yeah you right…I think I’m one of the few that actually brings change for all my games.


This will be my first time to a tournament, so what will constitute a setup? TV + console + stick(s)?

If so, I can provide a 20" Sony flat panel, PS3, copy of SSFIV, BlazBlue, Tekken 6, one TE stick and possibly a reg. FightStick (roommate’s)

I’d like to be signed up though.
David Choe
Athens, GA


I forgot to mention that I also have MvC2 on my PS3.


I should be making it to this!

Savannah, GA