Atlantic South Address

Whats going on Atlantic South Division.
I’am Lord-Iceman actually known as Ice or Trayveon. Im making this post to tell a short but "TRUE: story and send out a warning.

On May 16th 2007 while heading home from work I was Pulled over by Cobb County Police. Apparently I had ran through (Or not made a complete stop while at a stop sign) I also was driving with out a light for the tag (Which I didn’t know was against the law). Moving on, i was followed all the way to my apartment complex by an officer, I made it home and was detained.

Apparently the car I was driving in which belonged to Alphonso Lewis also known to you all as ZHOUTAI here on the boards of SRK, recieved a hit while the officer ran the tags.
Mr. Lewis was at the time (And currently STILL IS) " A MISSING PERSON"!!!
The officer told me this is why I was being detained.

Alphonso Lewis had been living at my home for about a month, He allowed me to use his vehicle to go back and forth to work, he has been bouncing around from place to place all over the Greater Georgia area every since his departure from the Air Force (Which my lawyer and fellow friends have yet to confirm if he was really in the military) From Decatur, to Savannah, to Augusta, to Midtown, to Marietta/East Cobb to currently (On assumption and hear say only) in Florida.

While I was detained the officer searched the car and found a Stolen 9mm Pistol.
When I was placed in the squad car I do not know what words were exchanged but all I know is he was given back his car keys, his car and I was placed in Jail. I got out on Bond 2 days later and and when I returned home My Ex-Girlfriend was in my home keeping things in tact (So I thought).
I quickly did a search of my home, and realized I had My Playstation 2, My Computer Moniter, The Ram inside my Computer, Computer speakers, 4 X-Box games, and Half My rent Stolen. I’am currently facing a fenloy charge of a stolen Pistol which can give a person up to 5 years in prison max.

Alphonso Lewis has yet to return any messages from myself, my lawyer, or his own family.
The car he is currently driving is NOT his it belongs to his mother, she is the person who put out the Missing Persons report looking for her son.
From what I was told by her he owes her money by the boat loads, he also owes his father.
His bank accounts have all been closed or canceled and he is living off of people like YOU and I.


I 'am not here to tell you all what to do and who to trust im just giving you all a warning.

Alphonso Lewis is a lier and a thief, He has stolen from me and a few other game heads here in the state of GA… If you see him, play with him etc just be aware.

In the same vain as this thread. Zhoutai, got me into this situation too. First, I was there went Iceman got arrested all to find out that Zhoutai was a missing person. He basically, talked to Iceman’s ex-girlfriend to cash a money order that was pinned to the wall of the apartment for rent. Then he blamed me for a)taking Ice’s computer speakers, b)taking his computer memory, and c)talking behind his back.

Now, he left me no apologizes for trying to sell me out falsely to Iceman, and me and Iceman still talk and play. He has tried to put so much of this shit on me its damn there crazy, and the fact is, he tried to pawn me to get him WoW stuff.

Iceman and myself will warn yall, Do not trust this man. He is still wanted by his family, police, and many others. He is still a missing person and don’t let him fool you. He also left the Atlanta gaming scene in shambles because of his action.


Im done. Im too pissed now.

i wouldnt have figured this when i first met him awhile ago just thought he didnt like new people:rolleyes:

That’s fucked up yo. I ain’t seen that fool. Sorry you had to deal with that BS.

So do I need to keep a look out for this fool at the next finalround? Is he the short guy with the cornrolls/afro sometimes? I think I remember how he looks, but i’m not sure. That’s some shady shit yo!:wasted::arazz: