Atlantic South Arcade/Game Center Locations (NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN, PR)


Yeah that’s what I am trying to figure out


Hey, anyone know of any gatherings or arcades in the Columbia, SC area? I mostly play street fighter, but I’m open for anything.


I would also like to find a place in Columbia, SC to play fighting games at.


I know there’s some comic book shop in the area that has both an SFII game (Hyper version?) and Marvel Super Heroes. Upon doing my research it’s called “Cosmic Ray’s”.

There is fucking nowhere in Spartanburg or Greenville to play fighting cabs. There’s no arcades anymore period (aside from Gatti’s). Give me something that’s not Tekken 5; rather have a half-assed Marvel cab at some random skating rink. Sheesh… I’m about to give up on arcades.


Hello everyone. Looking for games in ultra around the upstate area. Anyone available?


I’ve been a few times to Cosmic Ray’s, it’s pretty neat. It think it was either Hyper or Champion edition along with Marvel Super Heroes. I got a few matches in, but I haven’t played it in a while. Down the road, I found this store that sells games, but they rarely hold tournaments and have no cabinets.


Is there an active FGC in Miami,FL that anyone is aware of? Interested in jumping in.


hey guys i am in jacksonville dos anyone have a hori stick for sale so i can get some usf4 in + dos anyone play sf3s in Florida at all


Can anyone from the Atlanta area help me out with the FGC down here?
I wanna get some offline matches of USFIV


hey all. i live in fellsmere, FL looking for some ppl interested in gathering somewhere to play some fighting games. i play just about everything not good at any though lolz. feel free to hit me up if you live near by so we can figure something out


Reel World
9819 Goodman Rd.
Olive Branch, Ms 38654
Phone Number posted on FB page

We have the Trinity of Next Gen Consoles playing on Competition BenQ Monitors with Deluxe Cable Internet and seating for over 50. Tournaments held weekly with large cash tournaments usually running 4 weeks with 5th week being finals. Small cash tournaments held every Saturday tho on several games. Check the page to see what game will be coming this month!


Anyone in Port Charlotte? Fighting gamer here looking to connect. I play everything but am out of practice since I have no one to practice with. Hit me up if you live in the area!


I live in Spartanburg and would like to play some people locally. If you still check this or anyone else in the area PM me.


Daytona Beach has two Gaming Centers we use for weekly sessions.

Arena LAN Center
$5 Unlimited Fighting Games 6pm to 1am. Usually USFIV night.

Gamer’s Sanctuary
$3 Unlimited BYOG 5pm to 1am. Usually the “Others” night- TTT2, Garou, Marvel, etc.


I’m new to the scene. Building a squad. Looking to get into the Street Fighter circuits in GA. Can anyone help?


Just moved to GA (valdosta) trying to get into sfv scenes. Any insight on places/players? Thanx


im trying to post a picture but i cant do it can someone here help?


There’s a weekly casual scene in Johnson City, TN on Thursdays. It’s at G2K Games at around 5:00pm.


I’m in Chattanooga, TN


WOW Its been awhile since I’ve been on here. How is everybody during