Atlantic South Phone Book of Goodness (Numbers, XBL, PSN, Kaillera, etc.)


psn starret
name alex
email avoulgarellis@gmail
playing umvc
sarasota/bradenton fl


Name: Corey
PSN: Aceofspades321
Games: AE, UMVC3, MK (really bad), Blazblue (for shiggels)
Online most everyday but not always fighting games


Name: Taylor
PSN: Chaos242
Games: SSF4 (EVERY DAY), Tekken 6 (not lately), MK9 (occasionally)
Location: Woodstock/Marietta, GA

I am online every day, as I use it to “decompress” after a long day at work. Add me and let me know you saw me at SRK!


I’m not giving a whole lot of personal information.
I’m in southeast NC.
My PSN tag is dogboy_TNB.
GGPO: Dogboy
Supercade: I am rarely on there due to the main comp not downloading xp sp3 correctly and being old. I’m TNB or something.

I currently have ae 2012, UMVC3, 3s oe, Tekken 6, and HDR.

I’m best at HDR with Chun, beating Voltech’s Chun in a match after failed attempts with other characters against him and others. I’d say I’m worst at the new marvel and Tekken 6, and not having people that are significantly better and generously helpful to play against is not beneficial to me. I’m kinda bad at sf4 as it’s so odd and there are SO. MANY. Matchups.

I’m not a furry. I grew up with having a dog or 4 in the house. And with whichever dog during whichever time, I was their boy. Not a reference to liquid television’s dogboy either. I use TNB because those are my initials. I also entered that into arcade machines, and it’s a sort of homage to NKI, who was beastly and disappeared.


XBL: x0EvilPikachu0x
Name: Tim
Games: SSFIV:AE(both systems), KOF13(ps3), Third Strike(360)

Seeking new friends/players who can enjoy a good fight. Also seeking players to give me pointers and constructive criticism. I’m not great, but getting better


SN: Princemurphy
Name: Bershad Murphy
XBL: Princemurphy
Location: Albany, Ga
Games: AE 2012, MK 9, KOF, SFXT, P4A, TTT2, GGPO


Name:Quinton Bruner
Email:Pm for that
Number: 912 654 4637
Location: Hinesville/Glennville G.A
Games: SSF4,K.o.F,(meh)UMVC3,SFxTK,S.G,3rd Strike


SN: pandazmafia
Name: Gina
Location:Fort Myers/Cape Coral FL
Games:MvC3, SFxT, Blazblue, Skullgirls

Since I transferred from NJ to college down here I have been having a hard time finding ppl to play with. Everyone is in Tampa/Orlando/Miami T___T


SN: furyXT
Name: Gordon
psn: furyXT
Live: ProtonFury
Location: Valdosta, GA (Moody AFB)
Games: umvc3, kof13, sf4ae. plus several others that are outside the fighting game genre.
looking to get better with fighting games. Not the greatest, but can hold my own in a fight.
Willing to drive to meet up too.


Name: Trey Young
YM: ninjakid86
Email: and
Location: Lilburn, GA
Games: Any Fighting Game
YT Channel: TreyYoung17


Name:Ezekiel Stewart
PSN: DemonWolf34 Games i Currently Have:AE2012,Virtua Fighter 5(fs),3SO(Third Strike Online),and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Location:Clarksdale,MS &
Youtube Channel:TheGamerMachine914
Hit Me Up Guys! I’ll be Training 24/7 now!


Name: Phill
XBX Gamer tag: Philosophy123
Location: Sharpsburg, GA
Games: Umvc3, AE 2012, 3rd Strike (currently learning)
Just looking for some people to play with. I am pretty laid back and I don’t get mad salty when I lose :slight_smile:


Name: ???
PSN: Rugalitarian
Location: ???
Games: AE, SFxT
E-mail: ???


XBL: weird thumbs
Location: TN
Games: TTT2 and SSFIV AE

Scrub but sodium-free and looking for friendly matches and people to grow with. FWM.


PSN = themightyikari
Location = Charleston SC
Games = UMVC3, Skullgirls, VF5FS a little bit of 3rd strike


Name: Jimmy
XB0X Gamer tag: spinalslimjim
Location: Florida City, FL
Games: mvc3, SSF4, AE, SFxT, Injustice, MK, MK vs DC
Add me and lets Fight!


Back activly playing with my fellow Southern FGC, after I had to deal with some life issues. Here’s a update

XBL = djdell82(main) M1dL0w(for fighting games only)
PSN = djdell82(main) M1dL0w(for fighting games only)
Location = Albany,GA
Games = PSN/XBL(3OE, MvC 1/2, Injustice, MK, MK vs DC, SFxT, UMvC3, SNK games(all of them on both XBL/PSN) etc. Will to travel and if live near Albany, I have a place big enough to host a few for some in house casuals.

Also still get on GGPO/Supercade/ArcLive and other PC based fighters. But I play more on PC than on console, weekends usually my console days


Name: Will Anderson
SRK: drwill439
My Steam and Xbox names are in my signature.
I’m currently in the Columbia, SC area, but I’ll be back in Atlanta in November.

Games: 3S (360), SSFIVAE (PC and 360), Injustice: UE (PC), SFXT (PC, but I dislike it), KOFXIII (PC, looking to get a 360 copy soon)


Name: Josh
STEAM: AndresNoGiant
XBOX 360: AndresNoGiant
XBOX ONE: AndresNoGiant

Games: STEAM: SSFIV AE, XBOX 360: TTT2, SFXT, USFIV, Injustice, XBOX ONE: Killer Instinct

Not the greatest but always having fun. Looking for friendly matches mostly late nights on weekdays and weekends.

Close to the Raleigh, NC area, also looking for a local scene if one exists over here.


SRK: xazavier009
Name: Xazavier
XBL: lelouch0012
PSN: lelouch0010
Steam: xazavier009
Skype: lelouch0010
Hangout: xazavier009
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Games: USFVI (X360), UMVC3 (X360) ,GGPO, Fightcade, Rival Schools , Project Justice DOA 5(X360) BlazeBlue