***Atlantic South: Please read NOW!***


The death of arcades in the South (and world!) lead me to the end of a fun “career” of fighting games. For the past two years I’ve let my hands rest easy far away from the 'stick and button mashing that comes with competitive arcade gaming. Living in a sparsely populated area with few truly knowledgable players and a less that acceptable on-line service (early XBOX LIVE and even -gasp- the old XBand SNES/Genesis network) I found it no longer compelling to play. Recently LIVE (on a much improved XBOX 360 on-line service) featured the release of SFHDR and shortly thereafter the console release of a much anticipated if not highly doubted release of SFIV is now available and guess what…I’M Back!!!

OK, enough melodrama. The thing is I still find myself fighting hordes of scrubs and face off on laggy connections. I wanted to start a thread that would allow everyone in the A.S. to post their gaming network sigs (Live or PSN) so I (and everyon else) can add the group of Atlantic South players to their Friends list so it’s much easier to find (hopefully) skilled competitive play without facing off against the same barage of “casual” SF’ers.

I know I’ve played some great players while on LIVE but I think we all need to throw out our sigs and get everyone into some competitive on-line play. Hopefully we can benefit from each others play styles AND hopefully deal with less lag (in theory at least)

Now, there is no need to start a NEW thread for this. BobSmack (who hopefully isn’t deleting this thread right now) maintains a very nicely organized Phonebook/Directory of A.S. players. There are only a very few entries in the Phonebook who have their PSN or LIVE account name listed. Everyone, please go and add your account name for your on-line gaming connection and if you haven’t done so, add your SRK sig and info (no, you don’t have to add your actual Phone Number or SSN# to have it listed…) and let’s get everyone listed and added to our Friends list.

I’m back and I want to play some talent…everyone register your sigs!



I’ll give it a while and see what happens. Listen to this man - he’s one of the reasons we have Atlantic South!


And lo he looked upon it and said it was good!


Too bad the reason we argued for a seperate region of our own doesn’t exist anymore. Why did APEX go away?



Wasn’t it basically because people were running 8-man tournies in their living rooms (or worse yet, claiming non-existant tournies) and inflating their APEX points, rendering the rankings virtually meaningless?


LOOK :l: to get my info.:wink:


Well yes it is there BUT, if I want a comprehensive list of A.S. players on XBLive then would it be better to search through all the area specific forums or find them under one heading? I will compile a list of the XBL and PSN accounts and place them all under one post if anyone feels that would be beneficial!

See you at FR sirs!



ok here my info cause I love the ATL south!!

<---- info there as well


Post your info under the Atlantic South Phonebook that is stickied at the top of the A.S. forums.



GOOD SHIT TED!! i’m ready and i want to play you more. teach me the ways of lolsim :slight_smile: i’m going to the other thread too. i’m unemployed right now so i’m on alot of the time.