Atlantic South Upcoming Tournaments

By popular demand!

Post links and information to upcoming tournaments that apply to the Atlantic South ONLY (ie: in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, SC, NC, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Mississippi).

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Bobsmack, Testing Grounds was postponed check dates and update please.

I am also hosting a tournament this is the link and the tournament specifics

November 25, 2006
Kissimmee, FL

Tamiami Extreme Ownage Tourny
November 24, 2006

There is a 3s tournament at Waba in duluth, Ga on nov 17

Updated because I forgot to include my own tournament…lol

***The Date was moved to the 9th of DECEMBER do to conflict of dates with Davids Tourny(Arcade Renn 4)

Tamiami Extreme Ownage Tourny
December 9, 2006
New Link:***

If anyone knows of anything coming up, please let me know so I can post it - I haven’t had time to dig through Tournaments and Events lately.

Here you go

Tamiami Extreme Ownage Tourney 2!
@ Mango Game Center
15190 SW 136 ST,Ste.7

Saturday January 13, 2007
11am - 2pm(Registration Open)…Casuals
12pm - 1pm(Free Pizza)

I think jville or gville also has one in the works i will let you know as soon as i see anything concrete.

Coolio, just keep me posted.

Saturday 13, 2007

Underground Atlanta Tournament
@Virtual Reality
MVC2, T5:DR, and probably SC3

I think it starts at 12:00 but I’ll have to check on that. If you need anymore info just pm me.

Here you Bob Smack

Another Arcade Renaissance Production:

Pre - Final Round Extra Money Bash

February 9 & 10 2007


Laquinta Inn and Suites
3484 Polynesian Isle Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34746

ACE_UNO Saturday 13 of what yo,

Post up a link as well man it would make it easier to find for people interested.

Cool, got it

01.27.07 NGNT4 & GGXX/ Tournament @ WPB, FL

Fun Depot
2003 10th Ave N
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 547-0817


Goldsburo, NC

Jan 27th

All fighters

Smash or Die 3
Smashbros. Tournament 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2

Feb. 10, 2007 at 2pm
Gamers Xperience
6981 Main St.
Lithonia, GA 30058

1 vs 1 ($5 entry)
1st-60% 2nd-25% 3rd-15%

2 vs 2 ($10 entry per team)
1st-75% 2nd-25% 3rd-special prize or money back



.24.07 WPB, FL Monthly Tournament (CvS2,3s,MvC2, GGXX/, ST, MBAC)

Vortex Game Center
3076 Jog Road
Greenacres, FL 33467
(561) 337-9083

For directions, I recommend going to .
For tournament rules, please go to .

Stop Crying! Bi-Monthly Tournament 4
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Entrance Fee-$5.00
CvS2 Tournament Fee-$10.00
Street Fighter III Third Strike Tournament Fee-$10.00
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Fee-$10.00
Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament Fee-$10.00
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Tournament Fee-$5.00
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament Fee-$5.00

Tamiami Extreme Ownage 4!
Fighting Games Tournament
@Mango Game Center
15190 SW 136 ST Suite 7
Miami, FL 33196

For More Info Call: 786-287-3418…(Mauricio)

$5 Entry Fee
Friday March 30, 2007
Saturday March 31, 2007

-Friday March 30, 2007 (Registration Opens @ 7pm)
$10 Tourney Registration Fee For Each Game

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Starts @ 9pm
Capcom VS SNK 2 Starts @ 11pm
Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Starts @ 1am
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(CCC) Starts @ 1am

-Saturday March 31, 2007(Registration Opens @ 12NOON)
$10 Tourney Registration Fee For Each Game
Guilty Gear XX Slash Starts @ 1pm
Super Smash Bros. Melee (1v1) Starts @ 3pm
Tekken 5:DR Starts @ 5pm
Soul Calibur 3 Starts @ 7pm
Dead Or Alive 4 Starts @ 7pm

you forgot about tennessee

Tilt (Located inside the food court of the Regency Square Mall)
9501 Arlington Expy
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 727-7906

                                   ****Tekken 5 DR**** 
                                    Saturday April 7th, 2007 

The tournament will start at 12pm. The registration will go from 10am to 11:30am. Try to get here at 10am so you will have plenty of time to relax, practice, or do whatever it is that you do before a tournament.

-Registration will start at 10am and run until 11:30am. The entry fee will be $17 + $3. Tournament will start at 12pm.

-Double elimination, best 3 out of 5 rounds and 2 out of 3 matches.

-Championship will be best 3 of 5 rounds and 3 of 5 matches.

-This will be a PS3 tournament. I already have confirmation on three PS3’s.

-Random stage select

-Turbo and programable controllers are not authorized.

-If you have a converter for the controllers please bring them. If you don’t have one then you may want to get one before the tourney. Also if you have a PS3 controller make sure you bring your USB cable for it.

-Once the tournament starts if you are not present when your match is called you will forfeit your match. If it is your first loss you will be placed in the losers bracket, if it is your second loss then you are out of the tournament.

-Players waiting for their match will be placed “On deck”, players waiting to go “On deck” will be placed “In the hole”. This will help us to run the tournament smoothly.

-Prizes will be determined after registration is complete. Cash Payout percentages will be 70% 1st/20% 2nd/10% 3rd.

-Money matches can be played during registration or after tournament (time permitted).

-Possible team tournament afterwards. It would be 2v2 or 3v3, whichever works best.

***I will only add your name if you post up that you are coming, or i speak to you otherwise. I do not want to waste my/anybody elses time by putting up people who do not plan on making it.

List of people attending:

Rey - “KingRey” Jacksonville, FL
Smitty - “The Real Don” Orange Park,FL
Sida - “Seeduhh” Jacksonville, FL
Charlie - “DevilSJin” Jacksonville, FL
Alston - “DaBossMan904” Jacksonville, FL
Rocky - “SuperSayain” Jacksonville, FL
Colin - “Kab” Gainesville, FL
Jason - “Trunks (TNS)” Fort Walton Beach, FL
Rashid - “ShinkuuR” Savannah, GA
Ahmed - “Bacon’s Extra” Charleston, SC
Wayne - “Waygamble” Miami, FL
"Onistompa" Miami, FL
Isaac - “TheOnlyOne” Tampa, FL
Adonis - “Guardian” Tallahassee, FL
Greg - “GTX” Jacksonville, FL
Horace - “WildCat” Jacksonville, FL
Steven - “CPR” Jacksonville, FL
Brandon - “GoStupid” Jacksonville, FL
Brandon - “Priest” Jacksonville, FL
Rob - “?” Jacksonville, FL
"TheHurricane" Charleston, SC
"TheVietChamp" Savannah, GA
Travis - “LTrav2k” Somewhere in GA
"Incognegro" Gainesville, FL
"Psb" Gainesville, FL
"Evilskip" Gainesville, FL
"Nipplesan" Gainesville, FL
"Gymeestylez" Gainesville, FL
"IMugkids" Gainesville, FL
Emmanuel - “No L” Jacksonville, FL
Nathan: Wildfire (TNS): Fort Walton Beach, FL
Thomas: Bones (TNS): Fort Walton Beach, FL
Cameron: Chessmen (TNS) : Fort Walton Beach, FL
Norm Stovall- final_cut- Jax, FL
Marvin - “Blake” St. Mary’s, GA
Steve"Underoath" Augusta, GA
Luis - “Upgrayedd” - Jax, FL

To be added, put your name - “Gamertag” and city,state