"Atleast make this fun!" The Anna Williams Thread


:eek: I have to learn this woman, LOL, she’s so fun!

She has a deadly FC game and is just really dirty. Also need to experiment with CAT stance to see just how useful it is, really.


:eek: Holy snap, do NOT let this bitch get you backturned, LOL. This shit is retarded.

So Bitch Slaps (b+2, 2) is a double high tracking move (early tracking on both slaps, making it somewhat inconsistent in catching sidewalks) that is NC and leaves the opponent backturned. [S]So far, if you get backturned, I have no found a way to escape the seemingly guaranteed d/f+3 that she can do afterward. That means she can get a full BT standing combo into Frost Needle launch, which is tag bufferable and proceed to end the game, LOL.[/S]

[S]I mean, Bitch Slaps isn’t too great of a move and I’m probably focusing on this too much, but the damage off of this is pretty silly.[/S] Bitch Slaps leaves you at +5 with the opponent BT, so you can at least begin some shenaniganry, but be careful obviously.

Also, female characters can Bitch Slap the Bitch Slaps by pressing 2, 2 on reaction to getting hit by the first slap. Amazing technology.


:eek: This can’t be right; there has to be a way to avoid d/f+3 when you get backturned. Testing when I get home…this…can’t be right. >_>


:eek: Okay, I clearly just wasn’t blocking correctly the first time I did this. You can block d/f+3 after a backturn.

Phew. That was scary for a sec.

P.S. - You can also jump clear over it…wow. o_0


:eek: So recently I’ve been wondering how to stop people from pressing buttons on Anna so I can get the ol’ pain train running.

I’ve started thinking…maybe just take advantage of button pressing and do more CH fishing? u/f+1, 3 and d+3, 2 are great CH moves. I might just try this.


I used to use those Bitch Slaps frequently -
Also when Nina/Anna performed this move on the original TTT - should the character be female, they will try to slap you back - I LOL’d when this was retained in TTT2.
Although this was not really a guaranteed combo, I still find it interesting that it can back turn the opponent. This is also a default TA! for Anna…
The CAT stance is extremely useful, especially during combos: Anna has a few strings that can cancel into this stance - like f+2,3b then you can continue from there - you can also side step after that string too!
A good high hitting poke for Anna that I found pretty useful is df+3,3,3 = It is guaranteed, does a decent amount of damage and has a 4 follow up after.


:eek: Still trying to get a hang of how to play her under pressure, but I’m sticking with d/f+1 and d/f+3 right now and it seems to be working out okay.

She’s got some safe stuff and everything else seems pretty risky, so I just have to remember to tell myself for now that it’s okay to safely poke and run away for the rest of the match if I have to instead of constantly putting myself at risk.


Exactly how differently is Anna from Nina? She was once a palette swap, right? How much has she developed into her own character over the years, or has she at all?

Also, it’s very underwhelming to see the lack of content in this thread. I guess, just like every other fighter, if you’re not playing the top tier, you’re not gonna get a wealth of information online about your characters. :shake:


:eek: Anna has grown into her own for quite some time now.

In terms of differences, Nina has better speed, range and normal pokes while Anna has better mixups and CH setups.


The differences between the two became more apparent by the Tekken 3 rolled around. As of Tekken 5, Anna became far more fleshed out - Anna has a much better mix-up game, threatening low hitting moves, some better counter hit game, as well as a unique stance system (CAT) for set ups and combo continuity. As of T6 - TTT2, they only have very few moves in common. One noticeable thing is that, Nina has more command/chain throws than Anna does. Nina does not have as many particularly threating low hitting moves like Anna does either. Anna also has more high risk/high reward scenario’s her more powerful moves/strings/launchers.


Updated post #2 - Provide some good solo combos and a few tag partner ideas for Anna. I also provided a short summary of Anna’s strengths and weaknesses. There will be more updates in the near future.


:eek: Just in case it needs repeating, I think one of the most critical things an Anna partner must have

is the ability to juggle off of tag buffered d+3,2. Anna MURDERS red life with this particular buffer off of FC d/f+2 and a partner that can help her abuse it is a solid pick.


What are you guys using for TA filler with Anna?



Read read read


I would normally resort to her default tag or qcf+2,1 on an empty field.

The general consensus is to use the following TA fillers for Anna:


Heads up everyone! Hurtbox is here to help!




Yannik… Use that magic 4 to get people to stop pushing buttons.
Ch4 <dash> 1 df3,2~df1 f32 hurts a looooot. They will stop eventually.

As for TA fillers (obviously the more hits prebound the less hits int the TA)
f3b~df+2,1 or df32~df1

Additionally Anna has red life options from all her launchers using d325. For example
df2 d325 or as stated before FC df2 d325
There are many characters that can take advantage of this like: Lings, Changs, Nina, Lars, Bruce and I’m sure there are more but these are just examples.


Yeah, I’ve discovered about three months ago how to properly fit magic 4 into my game with the different characters I play.

It’s such an unconventional button to press for the reasons you press it in Tekken unless you’ve been playing a LONG time.

Tried working on CAT stance suff, but I’ve put that to the side for now and have been trying to incorporate a more stable moveset with Anna by using more things like 4, WS 3, etc. I think the mistake I made with Anna was trying to jump straight to the mixup situations instead of picking out a stable moveset and playstyle and then branching off into her particulars from there.


Yeah that’s pretty much what you need to do. Play her fundamentally theb incorporate the mixup game


Anna Morning Bread and Butter!!