Atomiswave System

Who play or had a Motherboard Atomiswave System.

I would like want to know, What’s your opinion? :smokin:

I heard, it’s change software kit games on the motherboard. that’s cool

Which is best game??

all of the big name games (mainly Metal Slug 6, Samurai Shodown Tenka , KOF11, NeoGeo Battle Colosseum, and Hokuto no Ken) got PS2 ports. Of those, only Metal Slug 6 (in the Anthology), KOF11, and NeoGeo Battle Colosseum have been released in the US. Samurai Shodown Tenka is coming to the US in the upcoming Samurai Showdown Anthology which will have every 2D Samurai Showdown game. You will have to import Hokuto no Ken though.


Thanks for information

Oh i see There are game port to PS2 US version. :razz: Hokuto no Ken is only import.

I’ll pick a game Hokuto no Ken softwave kit on my the Atomiswave motherboard.

It’s not worth it if the game is over 60-70 dollars. I figure 40 bucks for the Japanese PS2 version + swap disc. If you already have an Atomiswave board and don’t have any games, then yeah, pick HnK or Samurai Shodown 6/Tenka up (I recommend Samurai Shodown).

The Rumble Fish 2 is IMHO the reason to own an AW board, it is way better than the first game in the series but tragically never received a console port. If you’ve never played either of the games in the series the feeling can pretty much be described as a pleasant mixture between Mark Of The Wolves and Guilty Gear XX.

Ooooh, :u: that does sound good, MotW is my favourite.


Samurai Shodown 6 software kit is pretty expensively over price than HoK. :bluu:

Cool, I’ll forward to buy Rumble Fish 2 game for later. thanks :china:

Here is sample of titles available for the Atomiswave:


Dolphin Blue


Knights of Valour - The Seven Spirits


Guilty Gear Isuka


Metal Slug 6
KOF Neo Wave
KOF Eleven
NEO?GEO Battle Coliseum
Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (Samurai Shodown 6)


Demolish Fist
Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish 2


Hokuto No Ken (Fist of The North Star)

That’s not just a sample, that’s a list of every game for the system.


My favourite a game King Of Fighter. I’m interested KOF Neo Wave still cheap price than Rumble Fish 2 price. I’ll skip RF2.


last question,

Should I use JLF and LS-40-01 sticks are on my custom box for 2 players.

Which is best stick for Atomiswave System?

I would use layout buttons this for match perfect AW?

Atomiswave cabinets came stock with Sanwa JLF sticks so I would thing that they are the best ones to use. You can also try LS-32s if you like them more than the JLF. I don’t think the LS-40 would be a good fit for atomiswave.

The best layout for Atomiswave is this:


(X)= button plug

just take the Astrocity layout and plug up the roundhouse/hk button hole. The only guilty gear game on atomiswave sucks so this layout will work for every game. The reason I would plug the RH button hole instead of just not drilling it is because the layout for SS Tenka is:


I am not sure what the mappings for the buttons are but for all non-Samurai Shodown games it goes like this:


x= different for every game.

So I would just have a 6-button layout with the roundhouse (bottom right) hole plugged up just in case you ever get Samurai Shodown. Hell you can even order a Sanwa/Seimitsu control panel from AkihabaraShop, wire it up, and mount it on a wooden frame.


Wow, thanks for help!

I would like to play JLF sticks on AW than LS-32. I prefer LS-32 on any street fighter games and LS-40 on any SNK games. LS-32 is short throw than LS-40.

okay…I’ll take the Astro city layout and JLF. I’ve two black cover button plug on hole.

bless you!

I had an Atomiswave system with KOF: Neowave, and Guilty Gear: Isuka a few months ago.

It was fun, but I was hoping for more games; and the good games cost too much.

Buying an AW to play NeoWave is a waste of money IMHO, might as well play 98 or 2002 on the MVS.

Well…AW NeoWave Softwave is half price as MVS. it’s not very expensively.
It’s cheap price. :smokin: it’s cool graphic NEo Wave.

nah dude you only need 1 button plug for the roundhouse button (bottom rightmost button) as all atomiswave games use 5 buttons. You will only need to change the layout if you ever get Samurai Shodown Tenka.


I find a AtomisWave Consolized on

look awesome vid.