Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


Truly listening to stories of scrubs (not necissarily noobs) get bodies makes me happy. This was hilarious. Seriously COMBO SPAM? Words cannot express how hard that made me laugh.


Still doesn’t beat ‘grab spam’.


I think that the word spam should be eliminated from the FG vocabulary. As if there is a set number of times you can do an attack.


What, FG players can’t get hungry? Spam is a great snack.


It’s too salty


Or “block spam”


My brother says this. He also say that I “Play like a Hoe” because I block his unsafe attacks and punish him. If fills me with conflicting emotions of loving my brother and not wanting to hurt him and wanting to slap the shit out of him for saying something so ass retarded.


Letting him go on in life keeping that belief is hurting him more.


When I prefer to be at a certain range I get called a pussy. Apparently being mid screen is just as bad as being a full screen away.


lol yes, if ragemail threads have taught me anything, it’s that people who send it send it to everyone. and i’m nowhere near miami.


Decided to make an account to post to this thread after reading through it.

I’ve had a few messages sent to me during my time online, mostly just your average “pussy” and whatnot, but I think the funniest one is actually a self-rage story.

When I first got the game I played it all day with two friends of mine and we pretty much just spent a few hours beating each other up in versus and then decided to take it online for shits and giggles. My first ever online match was against a Grundy and I had no fuckin’ clue what to do against him playing as Joker. I ended up getting bodied hard and flipped my shit (something I tend to do a lot, lucky for me I don’t have a mic), yelling about how Joker “had no way to beat out his fucking armor” and stormed out to calm down. I hear my friends cracking up and one of them comes to get me to show me the message I got. Sure it was some “hurhur quit the game faggot” shit I reluctantly went inside to read it and found that the guy had written a paragraph complimenting my play and asking if I wanted to play some player matches against him. I felt like the total ass I was.

Coincidentally, I still have no clue how to deal with Grundy as Joker :C


Not a Ragequit/hatemail story

So I’m playing a Water Guy mirror match online. I’m able to pull off some combos despite the lag. I won the round, but at the end of the round, the other guy gets on his mic and says “Hey man, those were some really awesome combos! Great game!”

ALL the warm fuzzies!


It’s good to know the #1 player on the leaderboards is so humble in victory. Don’t know why he thinks he deserves it when he disconnects every time he’s about to lose. He’s not even any better than your average Deathstroke player. Fullscreen zoning, random super, wake up sword flips, and can’t block overheads.


How is Hate IS MY FUEL still #1? The guy is a fraud. I would wreck that dude if he was on PSN


i think i did see hate_is_my_fuel on psn. i just assumed it was a gag-profile.

EDIT: never mind. the profile exists, but he has no trophies for injustice. i must have seen him on an xbox recording.


Man that dude Hate is my fuel is pretty ass tier. I want to see him in an actual tourney and see him get a bodying of the highest caliber. Oh well…


Why did you not keep him in the corner?


Your punishing game is beyond shit.
Doing Strings that wont even get you close enough for a hit. Fuck is this garbage?


i got a challenge from carnage137, he had over 1000 wins, his batman against my raven. the thing about this guy is he sometimes has his mic on, but he talks very quietly and mumbles. if i wear my headphones, i can hear what he’s saying, but i can’t wear them while playing because they leave me too close to the tv. i could hear him saying stuff like

“man, do you always have to be raven?” - meanwhile, he always picked batman. and for the last time, i do have other mains, but they aren’t ready for online.
smacks lips why are you staying back and laming me out?” - because i know better than to rush up to someone from full screen, and i’m trying to find a way around batman’s fullscreen trait bats>dash dash dash jump>combo that everyone likes to do.

after a few games, he sends “i hate raven.” we ended up going 4-3 with me in the lead. he selects “quit” after the last match, and i reply with “then why are you fighting me?” then he sends me a new message saying “raven is cheap.” after that, he replies to the first message with “because u picked her.”

…? for the record, i’m not too thrilled when my opponent picks batman lol

i don’t know what he’s so mad about; the matches were about even. i’m not sure if it’s necessarily because he’s a super experienced player, but how much experience does batman require? i’d play him again. what kept throwing me off was it would totally look like he was going to cross me up with a jumping kick, but it wouldn’t for some reason, so i would block the wrong way. does batman have a fake/ambiguous cross up or something? he would also jump at me with an attack, i would block, then he would jump again with another attack and it would eventually open me up. i wouldn’t be able to punish it even though blocked jump ins don’t have much hitstun, either.


Raven could be one the characters he doesn’t like to play against. I generally don’t have a problem with Wonder Woman but it always pisses me off when competent players stay in the air all the time. Doing the charge move, air dash for ambitious crossup, and abusing the reach of J3. It’s very hard to land a hit. If I get touched once I’m likely losing 40%.