Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


Batman’s cross up is stupid good, especially with the double jump divekick mixup. Even as a guy who mains Batman I get caught by it all the time in mirror matches. At this point when I see a Batman rushing towards me (especially after sending out bats) I either a) throw out an antiair batarang and meter burn it close to keep myself safe, or b) backdash on instinct. Usually by the time they land they’ve already committed to a combo string and its easy to catch them.


Because I’m stupid. :frowning:


Pft you pussy, 1v1 me noob!

I just don’t play randoms and avoid all rage, rather play with people I know will give me a productive game session then someone who can’t punish a jump-in 15 times in a row.



Dayum your Deathstroke was sexy! Out of curiosity, am I that Sinestro at the end? That scene looked really familiar XD


So this weekend i played skullgirls and injustice

In skullgirls i got GG and love <3 (and one ragequit)

But in injustice
good thing u had insta win interactables they will be nerfed

lololol baddie. (After he RQ because his strategy of jumpman didn’t work)

And a lot of RQ

And got this 30 minutes ago againts another jumpman err i mean batman
u fucking suk

Why because i know how to block?

noooo cause u stay back the whole time spamming then when i get close u would use the shield nd repeat it again so go bck to fucking ur sisters pussy

Funny thing that you complaint about me doing the same thing over and over when you where jumping and trying to do a cross up all the time. and i say “trying” because you failed all the time

i was trying to get to u cause u would throw the staff then i would get close uppercut then tht aqua man shield then bck up nd do it again

Meh learn to play and adapt or go back to COD

10 minutes later i saw his profile and he was playing black ops 2


i made a killer frost player ragequit lol. i would either punish her slide with a jump back 2>combo, or use raven’s counter poke B2>combo. after i took her gray health bar, she ran away to full screen and tried to spam ice spikes; she left during the combo that would have killed her lol. psn: jew126


His gamertag was Jew? Soooooo many jokes, I don’t even know where to begin… :stuck_out_tongue:


Roll a die.


Tonight I played a few matches against Supermaxlover (think that’s his name), a Black Adam player. This guy rage quits every time there’s no possibility of a comeback. I call him out on his raging telling him he should trade in his green power ring for a red one (tried to counterpick with GL). Challenges me again in 1v1 and sends a message saying the ring’s up my ass. Play another set and rages quits again when I destroy him. I send a simple LMAO message. He tells me a scrub for only doing one combo. He challenges me again and rage quits again. I send him a message of thanking him for the free wins.


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hah, we had a youtube guy who basically did the same thing. not ragequit, but hated on the game, didn’t take well to advice, etc. you can read about it a couple pages back in this thread. is AcidGlow on live or psn?


I named it RRRAGE QUITTER! because the way he went out on the video was so emotional/enraged, but i never asked or cared enough to find out. You could find out through his channel though.


Bane not a grappler? Is this guy serious?


Hes trying to play Bane like a brawler. He’d be better off playing Doomday.


so there’s a member on testyourmight by the name of houdini_deez305. i wonder if that could be the infamous houdini_DEaz that’s been sending a few rage messages. apparently, he’s at ufgt.


well, i just played my first bane after the patch. he pretty much is doomsday now except his trait lasts about 18 seconds, only 6 seconds cooldown. ugh, just when i learned the matchup, i have to do it again.


Just fought a batgirl who couldn’t seem to figure out that the little teleport move wasn’t safe. He sent this:

“u just block ur cool”

I sent back a message saying “Ah Gee wiz, thanks d00D! :)”

Edit: Also, i’m drunk tonight…makes it extra fun.


I ran into some guy named epickai in a standard player match on the 360. I used Lobo and beat his crappy Batman pretty easily. During the rematch, I used Hawkgirl and got a perfect opening round against his Batman and he left the game afterward.

I asked him why did he rage quit, to which he claimed that he didn’t rage, but my connection was terrible. He proceeds to bombard me with messages for half an hour saying that I need to get my connection fixed before going online and that I was the only laggy match he had the whole night.

Of course I asked him why would he run it back if my connection was so bad that he couldn’t play, to which he said that he wanted to earn the win back and that he quit because I didn’t earn or deserve lag wins. He also said that he thought it was his connection and that he figured it would subside during the second fight.

I quickly pointed out that if I was supposedly the only person he played that night with lag, then he’d have no reason to suspect that his connection was at fault. He finally admitted that his NAT Type is sometimes at Strict. After that confession, I sent him this

I ran into that guy in Ranked a few days ago. He was talking trash before the match began just because I used Hawkgirl. Like most XBL Batman players, he just tried to do ji2 the whole game before doing the same combo every Batman player does. I literally did WE until my back was against the corner before I did a d2 as an anti-air and I did a throw so that he was against the corner. I proceeded to do Hawkgirl’s b1->WE3 loop for the rest of the match and he was screaming into the mic that I was trash and got lucky.

That scrub literally spent close to an hour sending me invites for a FT5 and calling me a pussy and trash because I didn’t play him again. I just told him his opinion of himself far exceeded his ability and that he needs to either practice or trade his copy of IGAU in to Gamestop. I love how people on XBL are quick to throw out a FT5 challenge in response to losing.


As an aside, is it just me or are the 6 go to insults/hate mail from the online fighting game community

  1. You need to get pussy or You’re a virgin
  2. You have no life
  3. spammer
  4. fat ass
  5. scrub
  6. insert racist word here (usually either the N-word or white boy)