Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


I’m not what you’d call… tournament caliber, but I’ve been maining Sinestro and doing quite well at his zoning game. Soon after that, I started getting ragequits. Like, lots of them. I cleared out a KotH room. I was worried, “Ten,” I said to myself, “you’re definitely a noob, but are you that guy who makes the game awful for others? I never see Sinestros, most of the scrubs I see are Deathstroke.” I was worried.
Then the other day, I had a ragequit who sent me three PMs in a row:
“another fukin noob”
“lern 2 play”
"fukin spammer pussy"
It made me feel a lot better, because I realized then that there was nothing wrong with my zone game. The problem is the fact that some people want to win all the time, every time. It was my first-ever hater.
I almost wish I’d saved the PMs.


I’m concerned that people immediately regard people who leave games as rage quitters

Like, they could be busy or something

A rage quitter is when you see the notification, “connection has stopped, returning to lobby” or something like that


I’m not what you’d call tournament caliber either, and I’m only at about a million in ranked right now. I cannot speak with the authority of a champion, but never ever allow yourself to be convinced that you shouldn’t play a certain way because you’re making the game bad for others, especially not if its random people online your concerned about.
It’s one thing if you don’t want to make your sibling or your best friend cry, but the people you meet online should know what they’re signing up for.
Also for your consideration: As a Batman player I got around random Deathstroke shennanigans well before the nerf happened thanks in part to bat trait, but I still tense up when a guy picks sinestro. I’ve had a problem with that matchup since day one. But despite losing due to a mistimed dash, or totally approaching the situation wrong for a long time, I eventually learned to adapt and I finally started getting consistent wins against him.
I didn’t get there by Sinestro players suddenly playing nice and deciding to start playing rushdown, I got there because I fought enough Sinestro zoners that eventually I started picking things up and getting the timing right.

Don’t mind the people who rage and sent you hatemail. Mind the people who are attempting to learn to be better.

Edit: Sigh…I just had a Nightwing rage quit. It really sucks because it was actually a good match…I used a lot of the stuff I learned to overcome the staff stance and he quit in the middle of the stage transition that would have killed him…


Ok seriously, what is it with Batgirl players not understanding that their teleport is completely unsafe. I just had another rage quit on me after I nearly perfected his first bar, so I sent him this:


He then sent me:


So I replied:

Rage quits make me sooooooooo happy.

He the responded:

wat a F-A-G

so I sent him a message pointing out how cute it was he was learning how to spell, but that he he had misspelled “what”. Further homophobic remarks followed.


And another Green Lantern Rage quiter. This guy was strange…I sent him a :), and he responded with “All I want in life is to be yellow lantern”.


Nothing has changed at all in the new patch


Give it time…eventually the people who aren’t willing to adapt will move on with their lives.


This Raven player Rage quit after one combo from nightwing lol

I had alot of Rage mail after this haha

Also this kid thinks that using supers takes skill. I tell him he just got lucky.

My Nightwing gets alot of hate :frowning: LOL


i just saw a sub-par killer frost in koth who had very low health against a doomsday player, landed her super, and quit during the animation lol. PSN = luigibunny


some guy named l-Spadez-l challenged me. after the second match, some ghetto boy got on the mic and started saying,
“yeah keep spamming that stuff man.”
“just keep spamming that. shit!”

i’m assuming he meant raven’s soul crush. i can’t believe there are aquaman players out there that don’t know raven gets a free punish on a blocked ground trident. i didn’t even get a punish on it 100% of the time. what’s even funnier is he challenged me a while back and won by holding back until he got to full screen and used laggy trident the whole match. he just casually forgot to mention my combos and psuedo-resets. i was going to compliment him on using aquaman, but he didn’t do one combo in the two matches we fought, i don’t think he even got me down to gray health, so go suck a railroad spike =]


Oh god, you encountered l-Spadez-l too? That guy was in a KotH was in last night. He wouldn’t shut the fuck up and kept begging about how better he was than everybody. I had to mute the guy. Dude talked a lot of shit and left without playing a single match.

Had a short set with CapiGbro6347. Currently 15th ranked guy in player match. We played four matches and kept changing characters every time I won. Sinestro > Batman > Deathstroke > Batgirl in that order. Quits after I beat his Batgirl and sends me a message titled no skills

"spam down 1 all day pussy"

Nightwing’s d1 in staff is excellent. I like how he conveniently ignores his own overuse of d1 when he played Sinestro and Batgirl.


haha isn’t that like the second or third injustice rager we’ve shared? i guess he was just having a bad day today.

while i have you on the phone, are you also AFH_Hawkingbird on psn?


No I’m not. That Hawkingbird is an imposter. I’ve turned down clan invites.


is he really pretending to be you, or is it a coincidence that he has the same name? and who are they, anyways? gamertags starting with Afh keep inviting me to a KOTH room and then leaving before the match starts.


I don’t know. I haven’t seen him online yet. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with the AFH tag.


I don’t get any, but I do sent a lot to those who quit early. Some of the replies are quite humorous. How will they ever learn if they quit before the first round is over?


Anyone who wants to join this thread but don’t get any hatemail just use Raven or Nightwing.

Scrubs despise these two, and will quit after losing once.

People switching to Sinestro or Aquaman trying to zone then geyting wrecked and quitting never gets old.

Your welcome.


Let’s just say the Teen Titans in general. Master any one of them to become Master of Hate.



this wasn’t directed at me, but i still thought it was funny. batgirl player who was beating everyone with scrubbiness lost to an aquaman player that kind of got trident-happy towards the end of the match.

here’s the louse! i don’t think his hero card loaded correctly, but it said his favorite character is hawkgirl.


I wanna share something that happened to me in SSF4ae thats a little off topic. I went up against this amazing cammy player and i was trying to use my inexperianced E. ryu. So of course he blew me up 5 games in a row. Then i whipped out my main (Vega), caught in about 2 combos and he immediately disconnects. I sent him a message “LMFAO!” and of coarse he didn’t respond. lol