Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


I’ll be on the lookout for this guy.


you know there is a SF thread for this right?


yep but i was lazy


Got one today from a Green Lantern who kept walking backwards on the aircraft stage. He was trying to get to the canisters so that he could toss them, but I just stayed on the other side of the screen and tossed out swamp hands over and over until he approached. We did this dance for two matches before I declined a third. “fuckin spammer.” I responded with the usual “wanna be my girlfriend?”


No hate of any sort occurred but last night in the KotH I joined the entire room groaned when I picked Nightwing. They were talking among themselves how difficult the Nightwing matchup is for them.


Getting a lot of rage quits tonight… I’m only on day 2 (day 1 playing online). I’ve noticed a trend: Lose game 1, switch to DS in game 2, lose again, leave.


Been trying to pick up Green Arrow lately and I found a guy in player match who picked deathstroke and proceeded to blow me up. I managed to squeeze one victory out of him after a handful of matches, but he beat me every other time. Eventually Two rounds go by where he basically perfects me and I can tell he’s getting bored with the fight…so I decided to bring out Batman before he leaves to make sure he doesn’t think less of me. Well…I dropped every single bnb and it was close, but he actually managed to beat me at the end. Next round, still dropping…but I win.
Then he switches to Ares…and Destroys my Batman. It’s not even close…he gets me in a corner, I can’t react to the godsmack in time…and I get bodied hard. So at this point I’m thinking “oh snap…alright…this is gonna be tough.” Round starts, complete 180 in my favor. I finally manage to start landing my combos and he barely touches me before I drop his first healthbar.
Then he sits up…standing strangely still…aaaaaaaaaaand ragequit.

Sent him a message:

“Why’d you quit?!? GGs BTW.”

No reply. Made me sad…


After being called out on a rage quit… He played Deathstroke…

I don’t even…

Then he had the nerve to say he’s “actually good unlike me”

I sent this:

No response so far.


got a pretty funny message from strokersito20. his black adam went 2/2 against my raven. after the matches, he sends
"run bitch"

i reply with “lol BA players are so salty”

he send back “español porfavor”

i was kind of tempted to write back “lolo el blacko adamo playerso areo soo saltyo”


I believe he was trying to infinite combo me with cyborg but I wasn’t having any of that with Black Adam, so he rage quit and I sent “Salty much?”

Then I called him out on rage quitting and he replied


They always say that. Everyone is tough as hell on the internet, right?


It’s also hilarious how every character is bullshit, except the one they’re using.


I finally played this game today. Finally it was loads of fun. I was just figuring stuff out. Prior to this I never played, I just knew some character properties and the stuff they changed from the patch. He was going on and on about how Deathstroke is cheap ect.

So I pick deathstroke (because I want to see what the rage is about) and spam gunshots and win. He gets salty so I do a runback and he beats me. Keep in mind I told him that gunshots were weaker now, and that every character can dash in-between them. So he does and beats me. He picks superman because super man according to him is also cheap with his eye beams. I pick Stroke again evertime he tries to eyelaser me I air gunshot him. I win.

I start picking Joker cause he was the one I liked the most and zone him with joker. Even though jokers zoning isn’t the best and I know virtually no combos. He picks Batman. He beats me most of the time. But I manage to beat him a couple of times…Que super sayain levels of salt into x-factor. He got so mad and all I could do was laugh. I admitted I suck at this game cause I don’t play it. But that wasn’t enough for him. It was glorious, the rage this game can cause. I want to buy this game now just to piss people off with joker.

Also I want to throw in that we played for a long time and he mostly won and was talking mad trash These were the highlights.

ALSO why do people say Nightwing, Batgirl and Supes are cheap?


You want to see the reason why people say Dick is cheap? All you have to do is see me play him.


IDK he just seems solid. Alot of baby tears have been shed because of nightwing. Besides theres no such thing as “cheap” its a word scrubs use as an excuse to cover their own suckage/lack of knowledge at the game.


with dick:

force them into the corner, get a combo that guarantees staff stance, abuse them
they won’t leave the corner…ever


Now I must learn this. My goal is to give my friend a heart attack from what he calls “cheap”


it’s not really something you need to learn, it’s just nightwing’s staff moveset

it’s just meant to bully people


Guy didn’t know how to block and punish Scorpion’s teleport. Also didn’t appreciate me trying to help him.


To be fair, you did kinda just spam the move over and over with no intention other than to be annoying… You were fishing for rage, and that’s what you got.