Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


very true, but then again, he is using hawkgirl. all she has to do is fly and scorpion can’t touch her.


Even if that is the case, that likely wasn’t even on his mind. He would’ve done that no matter what character he was playing against, just to be a dick. I never understood why people play a certain way to provoke a reaction, just to run and post it here… Completely defeats the purpose of threads like this. It’s not even hate mail at that point, it’s calling you out on your BS.


yeah, i’ve never understood trolling online, either. i know a lot of tournament players do it, but unless the opponent knows them or something, it looks really bad. i got confused when i would see someone spamming online, and then i would see them get top 8 in a mortal kombat tournament. even sabin has a twenty minute video of him trolling with scorpion online, but it wasn’t really trolling, he just won virtually all his matches without knowing how to use the character.

anyways, that’s why i would avoid fighting scorpion, or any dlc character, right after they’re released. lobo is pretty much extinct, there’s some batgirls here and there, and now it’s scorpion.


I haven’t even played since the update… Hopefully, there aren’t too many Scorpion players running the above tactic. It wouldn’t work but, it would be annoying. Let’s see what XBL has in store for me tonight. Lol


i wish i had a screen recorder so i could capture people quitting on me, among other things.

DAWN2 challenged me and left the match after i did away with his killer frost’s gray lifebar. checked his hero card after; he has 83 disconnects 0.0


few nights back i got dropped out of 2 games, called time warner an saiid working on poles tell 4 am, had to send gg sorry messages to 2 folks…what made it worse was i asked each why the rq before i got my net completly knocked out for upgrades


I get soooo many rage quits, they’re not even worth mentioning. However, this one is:

I played against “Im Kaleb” who quit during the 2nd or 3rd game… Sent “Lmao”(that’s all I send after RQs now) and he responded with, “get a fucking life”

I find this funny because his reason for losing wasn’t because he was mashing buttons and I knew what I was doing, but because I didn’t have a life. I responded with something a long the lines of, “Get a backbone. Running from a video game…? Pussy.”

He goes on to directly contradict himself by saying, “Your talking shit to someone that played less than 20 matches. (He was the same level as me, btw) Go fuck yourself. I’ll leave when I want to leave, it’s a GAME. Games are made for fun. Getting my ass handed to me by a no life isn’t exactly fun”

It’s just a game yet, he couldn’t take a loss? He couldn’t leave AFTER the match? He couldn’t spend time learning how to not mash buttons on his way to Lv40+? He’s only played 20 games but his reason for losing is still because I have no life?

I just called him a pussy again, because all he did was make excuses, and told him its not that I don’t have a life, I’m just a better player. He didn’t respond after that.


playing just the story gets you up to like level 30 ish or more, no excuse for the guy ,but he can have that rank and played no online matchs


Yea, that’s probably what he did. However, he STILL didn’t admit to that being the reason he lost. He was dead set on my “no life” status being the reason he lost… Lol


theres never a reason to rage quite, what ever the excuse, so i feel ya

i can impress you all with my 500 losses 8o something wins in umvc3 rank


Got my first bits of ragemail since I switched to Green Arrow…which I guess means I’m doing it right.

First one was from HOLLYWOODxxx and just read:


Very original.

Next set were from a guy named KSI Jacen Kayos
I actually got paired up with this guy randomly 3 separate times over the course of about two hours or so. First match he uses hawkgirl and manages to pull out a win at the end. Match was a lot closer than he realized since he was low enough on health and I had full meter that one well placed Ice arrow would have sealed it…but he pulled it out in the end. Was a good match.
Second time he picks black adam. I honestly can’t remember how close this one was, but I remember it ending in my favor due to him trying to dive kick and eating an ice arrow constantly, and always jumping over me after d1 into “useless arrow”.
Final matchup he picks Raven. It’s pretty free. He doesn’t block d1 ice arrow when he needs too, and he throws out her projectiles and distance grab without a care in the world. An overhead ice here and there with an ultra finish and its done.

So he sends me this message:

“1 combo spamming crap”

Then after I tell him that’s just the character’s bnb and that’s how you play he sends this:

“ive had my ass kicked by green arrow hes a lot better than u give him credit”

I was tempted to say “yeah I know, you just got your ass kicked by green arrow”…but thought better of it and instead sent him a message telling him that if he wants to see more variety he should learn to block d1 ice arrow and force me to change up my pattern. I have no reason to stop using a strategy that works. No reply.


Oh yeah, I ran into some rage quitters for the first time in a while as well! I was honestly starting to think they all quit.

One guy named “ZZZEERROOO” quit because I got his joker into a corner on atlantis (at full health) and I proceeded to do corner combos all day. 334,334,111, reload ice arrow, d1 ice arrow, rinse and repeat. He quit right after the third reset when I decided to grab him instead. I sent him a :slight_smile: and told him his name was fitting. He replied in the affirmative.

Another guy whose name I can’t remember picked doomsday and quit after “useless arrow” blew up his supernova for the 4th time. God I love how it can do that.


so when the game was pretty new, i used to get challenges from residentevil911. we used to have a lot of good fights with his catwoman/killer frost against my raven. the matches were really one sided, but he wanted to try to beat my raven anyways. i’m not sure about him, but the matches were pretty laggy on my end. he had his mic on and was really nice, but his girlfriend was in the background being a c*ntface about him playing the game.

a long time goes by, and he challenges me again. this time, he doesn’t have his mic on, and he chooses slade… this was before the patch that gave people a chance at beating him. he spams me the whole match and leaves at the rematch screen. i didn’t really know what to think of that.

an even longer amount of time goes by before i see him again, which was today. still without a mic, he challenges me and picks superman. i’m trying to learn other characters, so i ditch raven, even though she has options against superman that most of the other cast don’t, and i pick harley quinn. he was playing fine for maybe the first 10 seconds of the game, but then started relentlessly using eye beams. i tried to get around them, but nothing worked. he does that for about 10 seconds, and i just put the controller down. he keeps doing it until my life gets really low and then starts tea bagging before he does the final eye beam that kills me. i of course left, and then he sends me a message saying,

"lol i remember when you were good"
i told him i’m trying to learn new characters, and i called him a jerk because i was upset. he sends back,
lol well u werent learning when u gave up dipshit

it’s sad when people you thought were nice turn out to be @$$holes. he’s still in the lobby, and he’s currently on an 11 streak probably doing the same thing. for a minute, i thought it might be someone else using his account, but i doubt it. now i see why people are so annoyed with superman’s lasers. raven has little problem with them, but other characters…


Block and dash up in-between them. Thier recovery is ass.


i know. i’m pretty sure harley has enough time to silly slide (her full screen command dash) between them, but that’s not really the point. i just put the controller down so they can get their win and go do it to someone else.


$10 says it’s the dumbass girlfriend


How does that help? Actually if you want to help him you should have stomped him for using such a weak tactic. Unless you are trying to keep people raging so that NR nerfs zoning to be useless.


lmao that was one of my suspicions, too. she was so rude, you guys.

he had his mic on, and i could hear her in the background. after we fought two games, he was like, “babe, don’t go on the computer, you’ll use up the band,” and she’s like, “well, what am i supposed to do, sit here and watch you play?” and i’m like “yes, b*tch!”

in another match, he almost won and he was like, “aww. i would have won, but raven has that projectile parry thing.” and she’s like smacks lips “oh, whatever.”

then another time he said, “babe, we need to teach you how to use harley.” and she didn’t say anything lol.

she probably said even more things, that i can’t remember at the moment. don’t ever let a girl say stuff like that to you. gamers are impeccable creatures, and there are people who would kill to get themselves a gamer boyfriend. she doesn’t know how good she has it.


how does she have it better with a gamer bf?
I’m just curious
she sounds like a dick for not supporting him on a loss


I played a gl today that mainly did slide into overhead. He beat my Ares the first match, mostly because I respected Green Lantern even though he wasn’t using most of the stuff that makes him good. Next match, I switched to Doomsday and brutally crushed his soul. Third match, he tried to counter pick with Deathstroke and just shot guns. I bodied him again and left.

He sent a message saying that I’m a
scrub, so I replied that “cheap” stuff only works on noobs and that his mother scrubs dicks with her mouth. He claimed that without Doomsday, I’m shit and that I lick balls. I commented that his tears are delicious, lantern and ds are better than Doomsday, that he is a terrible player, and I asked if he wanted to be my girlfriend. He replied with “spammin faggot noob… enough out of retard”.

I think he was so angry that he could no longer form a coherent thought.


I’m almost completely new to fighting games, only character I really wanted to play in Injustice was Bane. I went into a KotH, dethroned the king and then beat two other guys in a row (one of them tried to mirror match me and did bad). I got a message from the old king telling me to learn more than one character and combo. Just completely unexpected but pretty happy I mined some salt I suppose.

What I found mostly funny about it is that he called me out on having one combo, which was my main highest damaging bnb (and not the only thing I was doing) and yet he was only doing a single combo which I blocked and punished every single time, whereas he didn’t block mine at all and with it being the highest damaging thing I could do I didn’t see a reason to switch it up.