Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


I never got real abusive hatemail, tho i did get 2 messages saying i’m a cheater. No idea how i would pull that off.


My brother got this after playing DS the same way his opponent was and beating him at his own game.


the first two are the same lobby; the second third one is a different lobby.

anyone notice a pattern here?


EMPEROR online are frauds? Xbox EMPs seem cool imo


I beat someone using Deathstroke and I got a message that simply said “zoner.”

lol what


what I should send every time someone ragequits on me when I am using Sinestro. “In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what’s right, burn like my power, Sinestro’s might!”


got some hilarious scrub mail today, but first, the backstory!

i was in a koth yesterday watching matches and listening to RudeMuthaphukka say things that would make gamefaqs blush. he sounded like he was in his 20s, so he wasn’t a teenager or child, he possibly had a voice distorter, and his account is fake. some select quotes from the conversation with one of the other guys in the lobby are as follows:

i hate when people spam one move and then they think they’re good.
that guy’s a pro-spammer. he only uses the top spam characters like deathstroke, superman, doomsday, nightwing, etc.
yeah, get to the end of the line, deathstroke spammer.” - he said that after i beat the slade that beat him haha.
oh shit he chose green arrow. he’s just gonna do arrow arrow arrow and nothing else the whole match.
i can’t spam. i only use moves once.
i only spam sometimes.

fast forward to today, i join another lobby where he just happens to be, become king, and now it’s his turn to fight me. i didn’t want to play him, but my only other choice was to leave. i go zatanna, he picks raven, and he was really bad. aside from the one combo he did in the beginning, he just jumped the rest of the match like he’s using batman, so i start D2ing him a lot. he has about 15% life left, i get him with a combo into MB puppet master in the corner, do a MB B3 so the transition will do more damage and he won’t clash…

“your opponent has left the game”

i was of course amused, but sort of in disbelief at the same time. it must be really embarrassing to have to rage quit in front of everyone in a koth like that. before the next match even starts, i get a message from him that reads “sorry azz spamming faggot” another one pops up a couple minutes later saying “ur blocked now bitch =)

no idea what he was talking about with the spamming stuff. i didn’t use zatanna’s trait, i didn’t use the vortex, i didn’t really get to do anything because it was so laggy. now that i think about it, zatanna can’t spam raven anyways. i thought he was on a troll account, but i guess he’s really new. why can’t people just say they’re mad and didn’t want to lose?


It’s really childish that people have the last laugh by saying you’re a shit player and act like their reasons are right and then block you, some people don’t even want to have constructive criticism these days.


he was a newbie, i guess. i think we’re all like that when we get our first competitive fighting game, especially if it’s SSFIV, ugh. now he leaves the lobby if i’m in the same koth as him.


this will probably be my last post here because i don’t play injustice anymore. i’m bored of the game and very annoyed with the lag. there’s a slight possibility i’ll get the ps4 version, though.

got a bunch of rage messages from redpassionmark:
run & spam BORING

i then replied with something like “i know, i spam combos a lot.”

no u run too much. u don’t know any combos. no one comes online to chase people the whole match. just so they can stand back and spam special moves. practice fighting. because running and spamming shows u have no skill and need more practice offline.

i then ran into him in a koth lobby where he fought a superman spammer i talked about in this thread before. i sent him a message saying “how did you like his spam?”

"all of u have no skills. stay offline till u learn how 2 play. blocking spammers"
he uses nightwing, and he just isn’t good at the game. he now leaves the koth if i join.

got a random message from Blunt_SOLJA: "i dropped my move"
i was in the koth lobby he was in earlier, but i didn’t play him. i assumed he got me confused with whoever was playing, so i replied with “wrong person.” then he wrote back “?” considering the name he chose for his gamertag, i expected as much haha.

played a few games with** hEaRtLeSs443**. after he quits against my zatanna, i send “GGs,” and he replies with “bg.” i took that to mean BatGirl, whom neither of us was using. i replied with “what does that mean?” and he sent back “bad games lol.

my zatanna beat a deathstroke spammer by the name of smittysarge who, as you can see, ragequit. “u bum no true competition u was fighting my 6th character vs ur number 1 spare me.” i replied with “zatanna is like my 5th character, and she only came out a month ago haha.” he never replied. here’s his ragescreen:


had a nice long set with** YourW3lc0me23**, who was a nice raven and green arrow. after a lot of games, he sends “gotta change diaper.” i assumed he meant a baby’s, but since he didn’t specify, i started thinking of the possibility that he meant his own diaper and started laughing. as a joke, i sent “i hope you mean a baby’s! xD” he never replied.

these next few messages are when i was in player match trying to get the “rainbow girls” background. i had to get 20 online wins with killer frost, catwoman, and hawkgirl, none of which i know how to use. i don’t even know all the basics of those characters. despite me meeting and exceeding the criteria, the background never unlocked :frowning:

i beat Sknat207 with my scrubby killer frost, he ragequit, i sent “lol” and received “fuck u frost usin ass mutha fucka

next was my catwoman against BroncoCoreElite’s flash. i beat him a couple times and get “catwoman’s 4 pussys…lol” during the rematch screen. if he meant she’s cheap, i agree, but as we all know, flash is far worse. i replied with “so is flash.” i don’t remember what my other responses to him were.

… how u figure that? … & i was play more to the pun of CATwoman being a cat a.k.a. pussy” - i’m considering this a lie since he got really mad after.

this from the guy who uses catwoman w/ the cheapest unblockable move in the game that renders the opponent unable to move so u can run the same identical combos over and over… still waiting to here how flash falls into this category…
i laughed at him for saying catwoman has an unblockable move
… uhhhhh. wow… urr dumb… congrats on the wins bub…” - every time someone says “bub,” it reminds me of wolverine.

i got a simple “fuck off bitch” from brianjimmy1994 after losing to my killer frost and getting a “lol” message for ragequitting on me. i thought it was so funny that i could get so much ragemail and/or quits for using characters i’ve never used before haha.

to wrap this post up, i was in a koth when two girls on mics joined, making the room full. they started talking to each other, then started yelling at each other. a couple guys in the room also had mics, so everything, including the chat, got funny really fast:


gamertags have been censored to protect the innocent[/details]

random photos



You guys seem to have it pretty lucky, the Wii U version is plagued with people who have no fucking idea how to play. And even my suggestions toward how they should improve in certain scenarios get completely dismissed, due to their unwilling to learn.

This is a conversation I had with a guy last night following Deathstroke “cheating” claims:

Me: Please look up the definition of the term “Zoning” and how it’s a legitimate practice used in PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENTS! You want to play competitive games, then learn to COMPETE!

Retard 1:Depends to what degree if your using Deathstroke and just go to far end a stage and spam guns thats not right, you dash, you get shot, you jump you get shot,. …just as an example.

Me: Crouch block the shots, and dash on his recovery. When you’re close enough, you should be able to force him to make a mistake. Then punish…
It’s zoning 101, be patient and punish the recovery frames… Or learn how to play Batgirl! There’s a way around everything in this game, if it wasn’t so, it wouldn’t be tournament viable.

Retard 1: I crouch block but deathstrokes meter burn assault rifle/grenade launcher takes care of that, not forgetting some people buy this as thier Dc fans not because thier fighting game pros, if it sounds like sour grapes then its because i feel i should rightly have more wins if people hadn’t spammed even if im no fighting game pro PREACH!

This is all I see when people start complaining, it’s silly, unjust and harmful to people looking to buy the game. I don’t know what else to say, I can’t see what point you’re trying to prove except…
“Go easy on the casuals, or they’ll ruin your community”.

Retard 1: Not “go easy” just dont spam “zone” to a degree where the other player cant even move, and yes thier are such scenarios but for now we can just agree to disagree on this little debate, I will complain if I want to, not like i’ve not put the practice in, i dont mind losing just being screwed out a win, thanks for your input.

Me: Y’know, if you put the time you spent complaining into Deathstroke spam counter practice instead, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to complain. But it’s your decision, enjoy!
(He removed me from his friends list after this)

Retard 2: Are you be able to beat the “casuals” without spam…sorry, “zoning”? I gave up playing online because it was no fun playing people with one tactic. That’s the impact this has on “your community”

Me: I main Batman… But yeah, I’m sorry you couldn’t learn how to get around Deathstroke, I take full responsibility for your inability…

So not only do we have to endure retards slandering players on the community page, the amount of rage-quits is fucking phenomenal. I have guys quit the second I dash in and land Batman’s BnB juggle combo. If you hide your character selection, that will work too.

The Wii U Injustice community is pretty small, so when you play for 3 hours, unable to even FINISH a match because of these imbeciles, it’s somewhat disheartening.

Is the Xbox version still populated? I’m thinking of migrating back.



Hahaha, i also have hatemail from broncocoreElite. Called me a “spammer” for using those ELITE batgirl projectiles. Must be tiring to get that mad all the time