Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread



Not exactly hate mail, but I dont know where else to post this. There’s this guy on YouTube who reviews games and is just shy of 19,000 subscribers. In case you’re wondering, he is quite the scrub. He made a few injustice online multiplayer videos. All of them look like its day 1 of the game’s release. Anyway, in one of his videos, which is a response video of some people calling him a bad player and whatnot, he goes on at one point talking about how he refuses to play against anybody that uses deathstroke.

In fact, in that video, while talking about not wanting to fight deathstroke, talks about and demonstrates how he waits out the clock at character select if his opponent picks deathstroke in order to force him to switch.

I made 5 consecutive comments on that video, I explained as thoroughly as I could about how deathstroke is very easy to beat and how his “cheapness” is all just crazy talk. I went over the frame data on his gunshots and what it meant (which he could have looked up on his own, but whatever) as well as giving him advice to get around it using his main characters (Catwoman and Aquaman). After leaving on a friendly note, both repeating how my comments were by no means intentionally hateful (his “fans” are a bunch of ass kissers from what I’ve seen in the comments section", they would probably nitpick the hell out of my comments to try and find some insults) and wishing him the best of luck in the game, he leaves this reply:

“deathstroke’s guns DONT have a long recovery timeframe, which is what the problem is. even with catwoman’s dash you still cant get across the screen against a good deathstroke player. Im not sure if you have this game or have played it online or if your just watching videos for it… but the good (and even bad) players are abusing deathstroke and EVERYONE is complaining about it, not just me. Ive spent my fair share of time online and its definitely a problem, regardless of how good or bad i am.”

To this, I reply with something among the lines of reminding him that he needs to let himself learn. I told him to hop into training mode with a deathstroke computer shooting his guns over an over again so he can try and find ways around it.

He replies with:
“For someone leaving such a wall of text of how i need to improve, you dont really have anything to back up your own skill level other than a training video of you playing on aquaman. If your such a hotshot on the game and your claiming that anyone can beat a good player on deathstroke why is it that you dont have a single video of you playing a ranked match against a good player using deathstroke on your channel? Post a video of you beating a good player spamming on deathstroke and then talk.”

So here’s where I semi-snap. I reply:
"Ok, let me set some things straight:

  1. I’m just trying to help you, if you don’t want it, just say so. Don’t be a prick about it.
  2. I can’t record any ranked matches at the moment because I don’t have HD component cables. If I did, I would have so much delay that it wouldn’t be worth it.
  3. I never claimed to have godlike skills at this game, stop putting words in my mouth.
  4. Beating deathstroke is EASY. What’s so hard to understand?"

I don’t know why I even bothered to try and help him. Probably because watching him play made me puke in my mouth a bit and I felt the need to remedy that.

tl;dr Scrub on YouTube with more subscribers than he deserves is having trouble against deathstroke so I try and help him. He takes offense because how dare anybody think that they’re better than him, right?

Oh yeah he also thinks that he’s responsible for Aquaman’s sudden popularity because of his first impressions video. Apparently getting 8000 views on a video with horrendous gameplay in a week means that you played Aquaman before he was cool. Yeah… Scrubs will be scrubs.

I knew it. One of his ass-kissing fans replied to one of my comments:
“Just shut up! Not to butt in here but your comments are sounding like you are lecturing people on how to play the game. Deathstroke is cheap, end of story. I had this game, gave it chance. Its unbalanced and not fun online. Jump over DS’s AR, switch to pistols. Jump over pistols, wake up sword jump. Missed the sword jump, hit the super button. Just traded my copy for a good fighter game, Capcom vs SNK 2.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I think his definition of “giving the game a chance” means skipping story mode, training mode and the tutorials and just hopping straight into the online multiplayer and getting frustrated after 20 minutes of consecutive losses. 2 of them being the keepaway Deathstroke players. Just a guess, but highly probable.


You should try challenging him to a game and play Cyborg. If he thinks Deathstroke is bad he hasn’t seen shit


his main is aquaman and he’s complaining about slade, srsly? all he has to do is get the life lead and stay back with his water shield.

by the way, i have an idea of who this mystery youtuber might be, but i could be totally wrong.
during the mortal kombat days, there was a guy who had a ton of subscribers, gameplay videos, etc. just like you said. on his channel, he wrote if anyone wants help with the game, he’ll gladly do so. one day i see the guy online, i challenge him, and he picks kano and throws knives+up-ball the whole match. i was like 0.0
i played him two more times to see if he’d do anything different, but he didn’t. lucky for him, i don’t remember his name. i thought about mentioning it on his channel, but i also figured his brown-nosers would throw a fit.


I even said in one of my comments that Deathstroke’s keepaway is shit compared to Cyborg lol

However him and his butthurt fanboys just won’t get it through their thick skulls that Deathstroke isn’t ST Akuma or something among those lines

Know what? I’m just going to drop his name. On youtube, he is known as ReviewZoneHD.

Here is the link to the video we were arguing on:

Now I’m frustrated because I wasted my time on some scrub who just refuses to swallow his pride and admit that he just doesn’t know how to play against Deathstroke and that he needs to practice.

Also, he only used Aquaman in his first impressions video. He says that Catwoman is his “go-to” character. Well she shouldn’t be your “go-to” character against a character with any slightly-above-mediocre zoning tool. She also shouldn’t be your “go-to” character if you suck complete balls when you pick her.

Two things:

  1. I’m sorry for my language. Between stupid customers at work today and stupid scrubs and their brain-dead fan boys, I’m just a bit fed up with people at the moment.
  2. He keeps replying to my comments asking me to “prove” myself by posting myself playing online ranked matches, because as I’m sure were all aware, “ONLINE IZ SRS BIZNESS!!!one!!”. I really want to find him on PSN so I can record myself beating his crappy Catwoman. Then I’m going to post it on youtube and make his blind fans (children? 11-year old CoD fan boys?) see that he is a fraud. Oh god, I’m so tempted to message his PSN account saying “hi im a big fan of ur yt channel, can we play injustice sometime? :D”



EDIT 2!!!:
OH MY GOD LOL he challenged me via his YouTube comments I’M LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW

“if im a scrub what is your psn, i will hop on and see if your good or not. anybody can talk trash on youtube. i havent even insulted you.
whats your psn or are you chicken?”

“im a scrub that needs to go into training mode. your a 108 win 27 loss player thats knows the ins and outs of the game, enough so that you can tell others that they need to go into training mode. You have a video of you doing some crazy combo with aquaman, so you obviously have the game.
why are you afraid to give me your psn and accept my invite?”


well, it’s not the guy i was talking about, but i do believe i’ve seen him online.

i don’t know… i always kinda sorta empathize with these guys a teeny bit because i feel like we’ve all been there when we first got a competitive fighting game, but guys like him really aren’t good for the fighting game community. i also feel like this guy is what the tournament players think most casual/online players are. he really should just return that game so someone who really wants it can have it.

you know what, someone else posted a video similar to think on TYM, let me go get it…

EDIT: here it is. i don’t even wanna listen to this fool again. here you go!


I think I fought him online before. He was terrible, but I could just be thinking of every Catwoman I fought online.



Oh god I cringed so hard as soon as he said "Deathstroke is one cheap ass mothafucka"
I can’t remember the last time I cringed that hard

I beat him by the way. We played best 2/3. I fucked up hardcore in the first game, and he just barely pulled out the win. In the second and third games he didn’t even touch my red health huehuehue.

Buuuut afterwards he sent me a “gg”. I was still frustrated, so I didn’t reply and I deleted him off my friends list.

Also I recorded it. But now I feel guilty for doing so since it was kinda out of spite :confused:

What should I do with the recording? I don’t know whether I should upload it for the sake of exposing him, keep it to myself as a little prize, or just delete it entirely. Dammit conscience!


Upload. Do it on YouTube as a response to the other video. Hate hate hate.


haha, indeed. and i believe the number of times he said “spamming faggots” is the number of times his momma dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

i was gonna say nay to fighting him because i don’t get involved with people’s “well you think you’re better than me prove it and fight me!” egos, buuuuuuut since you already did, you might as well post it.


Ok, I’ll upload it. Give me a minute. I’m not really proud of the way I played though, all that confusion around why I wanted to help him in the first place combined with frustration from him being completely unappreciative of my advice lead to many dropped combos and way too many b2’s.


OMFG, i cannot believe my good fortune!

i hopped online right now, browsed trough the lobby, and who do i see but the infamous Zer0tobackdown!!!
i shite my pants, hope that he doesn’t challenge me, then a challenge from him pops up! normally, i wouldn’t have accepted because his record isn’t anywhere near good enough, but since i learned he’s challenging “top players,” i figured i’d give it a go!

we had two matches. my raven whooped his kittywoman pretty good. i got a lot of combos and all that. he jumped a lot and didn’t block on wakeup/botched his wakeup attacks, so it was pretty easy. he left after the second match and i sent him “GGs i saw you on youtube.” he left the lobby and didn’t write back. i hope i’m in his next youtube vid! what if he plays our matches and says something like, “look at this guy. spams combos all match and only accepted my challenge/kept playing me because my record is bad.”


Yeah, in our match he jumped a lot and did the same combo into a sweep over and over again. Way too easy to ADAPT TO MY OPPONENT’S PLAYSTYLE.

Video will be up in a bit, I just had to trim it down a bit so it will upload faster. Before I embed the video here, I want to apologize for the terrible quality. Like I said in one of my comments in his video, I didn’t have HD component cables to hook up to my Happauge.


What room was he in? I hope he’s still on so I can kick his ass


he’s back in the elseworlds room!

and he finally did reply, “heh ya i couldnt handle ur skillz gg to u 2”


Here you go.



I found him in the elseworlds room. I challenged him and handed him his ass. Quit after one game. I didn’t get to use my staff stance tricks :frowning:


You’ll get your chance soon grasshopper.


I PFFT’d and hue’d, good work

EDIT: I decided to check the comments on that guy’s video again, someone said "Upload that video."
He replied:
“why would i upload a 20+ minute video of me losing 1-2 lol… first match i came from behind and won, match 2 and 3 he learned my patterns, blocked most of my stuff and combo’d me like crazy. they were kind of boring matches to be honest. i havent played much in a week and didnt play at all before hopping on to play him. he would have won either way”

My face when.

Them excuses.

But at least he can admit that I would have won :B


How lame of him. He gets downloaded and all of a sudden shit is boring. Nigga needs to learn to adapt


Nah man, option selects.