Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


In this game? Name one.


It’s a joke.


Xechs getting all those likes.
Xechs pls. BibleThump


Ok, so I woke up to find that ReviewZoneHD just uploaded a new Injustice video. He recorded a few matches in his usual player match lobby(s) and it turns out that he recorded our match as well. He told the story, saying how it all started with my 5 comments and whatnot and that I told him to “go into training mode and practice” which it seems like he took it as “go back to training mode scrub huehuehue”.

HOWEVER… in that video, he only decided to put in our game 1 where he won, obviously trying to protect his bloated ego. He did mention my two other wins, but said that they were “boring” because I picked up on his “tactics” (If you can even call them that). Not to mention that he said our argument was “amusing”. He also admitted that he was just making up excuses. And later on in the commentary bit he said that he’s not going to play Injustice anymore. He said a bunch of things, I’ll just leave it at that. Oh yeah and he recorded a game where he beat a Deathstroke player because “OMG I BEAT A DETHSTROKE!!!”

I’m not going to leave any more comments on any of his videos. I’m not going to go to his channel anymore. Now I can relax knowing that (hopefully) he’s in the process of getting off his high horse.

OH YEAH by the way @Husteen: He mentioned your message in the video, but I don’t think he included your match against him.

Here’s the link:


Makes me regret I missed the chance to at least be there. Though to be honest my mind frame from the last few days hasn’t been great so I might’ve did what he did, just without the video and stuff.


I use GL, you can imagine the hate I get. It usually amounts to how I’m a scrub, a pussy, a bitch, I need to learn to play the game “right”, blah blah blah. Funniest part is these types of messages all come from people who refuse to block, mindlessly jump in, and otherwise try to play super offensive but at the same time don’t understand what they’re doing. I always tell these people to learn how to play a fighting game, if I don’t have to switch up my zoning because you can’t beat it I’m not.


He put the match I had with him on there.


Apparently Bane using armored meaty command throws pisses people off. Who knew.


i’m a youtube celebrity! i’m mentioned @3:55, and my match is @19:05! well, the first match, anyways.

just in case anyone is wondering, my name is who-steen, not huh-steen >->


Heh, got another match where I was wrecking the wonder woman but good and had nearly won the first round in less than 10 secs, then the person bails. I didn’t even use the meaty throw but once! ;p


BATMAN-BE_AFRAID: “u suck hoe

^ a gardening tool. what foul language. my ears are burning.

by the way, i got another message from that zer0 reviews guy: “i gave u a shoutout n showed the match in the last video i uploaded. kind of a long video. i show 20 matches.”


Got some good mic rage from The_Boss1125. He complains that I spam ground blast and that I’m not even good. Wrecked his Raven and beat his Harley. After I left the room he sent me a message saying that Nightwing will be nerfed and to get a life. I congratulated him on earning his red power ring


Ok, I posted my video as a response to the video that our whole shitstorm started on.

EDIT: Ah, the smell of salt. He commented on my video saying:
“I said GG, i stated in the last video i uploaded on my channel that you beat me 2-1, so i dont know why your sending this to me as a video response and plastering my name and channel in the title. You won, congrats. I didnt even practice or play that entire week before cutting it on to play you, not that it really matters, but i certainly wouldnt be gloating about your victory.”

To which I reply:
“1. Aren’t you the one who said I should upload some footage of myself playing Injustice online?
2. Your username is in the title because I played against you, didn’t I?
3. If you really didn’t practice or anything, then why did you think it would be a good idea to challenge someone?
4. I’m not gloating about my win. I’m exposing you for the fraud you are.”

Then, the butthurt shows:
“The fraud that i am lol? i never said i was a pro player on this game. As far as the “if i really didnt practice comment”, i uploaded like 50 videos to my other channel for a different game so i dont know when you think i was playing it. Your such a shit talker dude, i never even said anything rude to you other than you shouldnt be giving people advice on the game. But whatever, if this helps your self esteem then have fun with it.”

“Im done talking with you though and have nothing else to say to you, i would say it was nice to meet you, but it wasn’t.”

I reply:
"“I’ve never even said anything rude to you.” Oh really now? “What are you, chicken?” Because I’m obviously Marty McFly, right.
Also, by turning down advice from a knowledgeable player, you are essentially saying “NOPE I know everything I need to know about this game! All I have to do is mash buttons like an idiot and anything that can counter my playstyle is cheap and broken!” Have fun never learning from your mistakes. Stay salty."

NOW I’m done with this guy. I’m not dealing with him anymore despite him still not getting through his thick skull that he’s a scrub.


I have a friend of mine (love him as a brother but . . . ) who (even in Marvel) complains that I spam with keep away characters. In this case its Aquaman, and that I use “From the Deep” to win. Even though go several matches using it only in combos and not to zone. I actually use it to bait jumps. But what ever LOL.

So far everyone has been nice online.


Played some guy named Superman 357x (who creatively used Superman) on XBL. After he spends the ENTIRE match just using that dash punch and jumping heat vision, I just jump the heat vision and hit him with ground trident until he dies.

So he sends me a message saying “fucking loser gotta play cheap when your losing”…i pointed out that I was merely countering his heat vision, and he should learn another move. He replied with “fuck you nigger”

just wanted to point out what a racist scrub he is


He should have made his gamertag
"super12yearoldtuffguy 420blazeit"

Normally, people with numbers and billions of x’s in their names are complete trash online.



My GT is xXxxxXx. Hardest of the hardcore.


My gamertag when I still had an xbox was xXxkw1k5c0pezm4nxXx. (jokes)


I sometimes think about changing my gamertag to “RicoGrenadeMe”. 10 points to whoever knows where I got that sentence.

I had 2 green arrow mirror matches. First one spammed his arrows from full screen like a mother lover, and because of lag I kept getting opened up. He didn’t leave.
Second player had a bit more balanced playstyle, but also didn’t rely enough on the arrows. I played keep away at a couple of moments, but the rest of the time I rushed in and used the arrows in close distance with pokes and stuff, trying to emulate ChrisG’s fuzzy guard tactic. Dude backed himself into a corner, popped the super when I was standing right in front of him, and I used B3, beating out the exploding arrow and sending him into scarecrow’s room. Dude leaves after scarecrow stabs him in the neck.

I call him wimp, he calls me spammer. I then point out that it was a mirror match, an alright connection (not underwater like the first match), and yet he still lost because I just played better. And also that I’m not the worst of spammers.


I predict Limitless Hate Mail and RQ when The Wolf is Loose