Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


So far with the main man i have 1 RQ and mic hate thx to anarchyxreaperx <3


Deltron and Mastodon in a single post. I think there are laws against that much awesome.


I think I lost a friend. I join a buddy’s KotH room where he’s playing with the rest of his friends. Things start going good until I dominate the lobby. One the guys rage quits (understandably as the match was very lag), being told I spam the same combos, one being upset that I won’t rushdown his doomsday and armor through his supernovas. Got to a point where it wouldn’t continue til I left.


He didn’t deserve your friendship if they couldn’t handle being graced by Dick’s presence.


they sound like casual players.

and STILL no ragemail for me. everyone’s probably caught on that i’ll post it here lol.


The hate is rolling tonight. Sage–88, an Aquaman called me a cunt spammer because kept doing ground blast while he tried to backtrack to the corner IO.


It’s too early in the morning for me to come up with anything clever so insert joke here about how you spam cunts with your Dick.


I agree with @Saitsu here, he doesn’t deserve to have you as a friend.


well, finally got a ragequit! the award goes to a mister XxDragon_PunchxX. he went to choose green lantern, but switched to batman once he saw me pick raven, which was probably a good move. i get rid of his gray bar, get him in another combo, and i see the magic words: Ending game. opponent has left.

i just did my normal combos and setups and stuff. he had a lot of meter and could have used it for a clash later. i found him in another lobby and his player card says he has 36 disconnects! little weasel ruined my 2 game win streak! i think i had a win streak…
sent him the usual “tsk tsk.” but no reply. >_>


finally, some ragemail!! and not a moment too soon.
Boycott_Crapcom and his really good record of 334/97 challenge me. about twenty seconds into the match, his grundy just stops. i wait for a generous amount of time before i start wailing on him. during the rematch screen, he sends this:

well, excuse me for blocking and maintaining space against grundy. he really loved to do the armored grab, but he didn’t even bother with swamp hands. every other grundy player i fight spams it at full screen, so i don’t see why he can’t do the same. i just replied with a simple “thank you =]”

EDIT: status update from a TYM member: “subzerosmokerain: Has anyone played Boycott_Crapcom? This guy is insane, I could only get 5 matches in our set of 25.”



Had a ragequit that really rubbed me the wrong way earlier. I shouldn’t have let it bother me…but I can’t help it.
I main Batman and I got put into a Lobo matchup. We did some good footsies for a bit and eventually we wound up on opposite sides of the screen. Knowing that Lobo has a terrible long range game, I proceed to hurl batarangs and use Bats’ trait. Even tried to see if I could snipe him with the grapple gun. Thing is: the guy won’t stop down blocking at a distance. He won’t dash in, he won’t jump in, he just stays there. The match goes on and eventually there’s a pretty huge life deficit. I’m feeling kind of sad at this point so I decide to rush down and finish him off.
Then, suddenly, random ultra on wakeup catches me, and the second the animation started I knew it was over and it was all I could do to not beat him to the punch. I knew there was no way he would burn all his meter without at least trying to burst and get some life back unless he’d already decided to end the match, and the jackass just wanted the chance to flip me off before he pulled the plug. Sure enough, as soon as the bike rides off it all goes back, and somewhere some idiot is patting himself on the back and feeling all smug despite the fact that he got his ass kicked because he didn’t understand how to dash in and block.

Arghh…Successfully trolled.


Or maybe you got outplayed


Also, chucking Batarangs constantly is actually not a good idea against Lobo. He can dash in quite quickly once he blocks them and unless you have meter for MB Rangs, he’ll just MB Hook Charge in for absolutely free.


Thing is, that guy didn’t even bother dashing in according to what @Eric_Z19 said. Just sat at the other side of the screen and blocked. This same stuff happens with people who don’t know how to counter Slade.


That’s the best part. Batman has a pretty weaksauce zoning game against the rest of the cast and I’m not even that good. I get blown up all day long by random Doomsdays, and I only finally started beating Bane’s consistently the other day when I found out that his charge can be countered (derp).
I doubt the guy even knew how to do the charge though.


Fought a guy who got mad because I wouldn’t let him bunny hop to me with his Batman. Just kept zoning him with Superman.


No I know. I was just saying to be careful about doing that against Lobos in general. You never know when someone’s playing possum.


Shame on you for using superman.


Shame on you for using dat bitch ass character you use >=o