Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


Supes is the scrubs dream character for sure. Almost full screen beam that you can MB for tracking overhead. Fullscreen beam that’s fast that goes straight across. A freeze move to make combos braindead, and good hitboxes so you bare ever have to time his move to get a combo off of them.

That said this Superman player went 19-0 in tbis room I just got in. He’S dojng nothing but laser eyes over and over, not mixing it up with the straight one to keep people off balance which is how I know tbe people he’s beating are terrible.

So this goes on a while until I finally get my turn and I body him with Raven. He doesn’t know how to block Raven crossups and teleport sheananigans and got destroyed free by combos.

Everytime he tries to jump I dark sqeeze him long before be can get the beam out. He tries to TK the move to get it out faster but it goes along to low to reach me mid-screen.

After I beat him he sends me a message that says “nub” on it. After that I knew it was gonna be a good day lol.

EDIT: he also left the room immediately after losing.


did you know raven has enough time to reflect AND soul crush superman’s air lasers? probably not if he does it low to the ground, though.


Even Joker can punish that shit. It’s not good.


If your character can’t punish or just flat out beat Supermans Projectiles, then you can just jump over or block and dash in.


a lot of characters can probably punish the air lasers because of how long it takes him to fall, but i’m saying raven can absorb and then soul crush his air eye beam. i thought that was pretty interesting. if it’s the grounded version, then forget it.

EDIT: i think raven’s absorb also makes his MB eye beam whiff lol.


Well…I guess I got what I think is my first hatemail…I’m kind of not sure. I just got a message that read:

I also got a message from another guy who I nearly perfected that read:

No hate to the guy though. He took the loss, and I actually wanted to send something positive back to the guy afterward. Because after that I did about 10 matches and even though I won the majority of them, pretty much all of them ragequit.
…I’m kind of afraid that sending something back thanking him for not rage quiting will wind up sounding condescending no matter how I phrase it though…


Yeah, that top one is supposed to be a penis. Dunno why he didn’t go with the standard, though.
edit: actually, it might be a middle finger. Still meant to offend.


so he sent him a needle dick? lol you should send him back one of these 8======D


Got some good ones today from J-Rap416 and X-BlueDream-X. Both of them called me spamming faggots. BlueDream took it a step further saying he wished I become a victim of homicide. J-Rap reported me for hacking to Sony lol.


My younger brother was very angry due to the Lantern’s Might special move. Went as far as to turn the game off.


Okay guys, I play this guy called " EverytimeShowout" and he plays what seems like Deathstroke exclusively.

We played about eight games and I body him the first two games free when he’s trying to zone me out. Then he switches to strikers island and uses interactables to takes 2 games off me when I DRASTICALLY underestimate the impact that turrent has on the match up between Raven and Slade when he gets it midscreen.

So I adapt a more aggressive style jumping over his guns for full combo and destroy him. So he swicthes to a different stage again and again constantly losing trying different ways to zone me and failing. He even resorts to trying to rush me down using that spin sword move and that’s how I learned the MB version ends with an overhead lol. Too bad his combos suck as he obviously hadn’t planned on having to use any. Which means I don’t lose much health.

Admittedly he became more adept in his zoning game as the games went on but I always would get in or miscreen where Raven has the edge. Right after I won the 8th match he quit at the win screen before.

Final score me= 6 Slade player= 2. It’s a shame because it was a fun set and the ragequit left a sour taste in my mouth.

Guy was a lvl68 Deathstroke who couldn’t even finish his combos and mashed wake up attacked that got him constantly Soul Sqeezed. Can’t believe how bad players thrive in this game.

Anyway I’ve recently picked up Nightwing, he’s a beast.


Ah, you’ve picked up Nightwing? Now the ball is in my court. Welcome to the order.


I can’t even remember the last time i fought a decent deathstoke online. It seems like every single guy I see online lately is horribly confused when my bats cancel out his zoning and their wake up sword leads to a full combo punish. At that point it’s basically a coin toss whether or not they rage quit.


Yeah I already main Raven and play Cyborg bit by bit so it was tempting for a long time to main all the titans after all the great stuff you been saying about him.

Took him to training mode and liked what I found out. Staff mode is clunky but it has much better zoning and tricky overheads into good damage.

He has shitty cross ups tho which I’ll have to adjust to since all my other characters have good ones. Even Flash’s seems better.


the last deathstroke to spam me was actually a crazy_88 member. as a matter of fact, i’ve had a lot of trouble with mortal kombat clan members challenging me and just spamming away. i beat him like three or four times, then he switched to deathstroke, spammed, and left. he was on his real account, deadrikk, but his clan account is something like crazy_clown_88.
i don’t know why people were saying raven gives deathstroke problems because it doesn’t really seem like she does.


Mid screen she rapes his face. Full screen he bodies her. Full screen becomes more even if she can go dark Raven.

The match is all about controlling space my friend. The two games I lost were mainly because I rushed in carelessly and ate bullets I shouldn’t have.

Up close I think she has the advantage and can stuff most of his moves.

Stay mid screen, be patient until you see an opening, avoid Slade being full screen.

The guy that ragequit against me would Clash because it push us full screen and return his edge.

Mid screen she bodies him free.


is it because she can soul crush punish his guns at that distance?


Yeah her soul crush is faster than his guns and he can’t really punish it.

Also at that range you can bait the sword flip move for punish or jump in over his guns for a free combo.

Slade can’t really do shit at mid range to her besides move back and eat chip.

Don’t let him walk back without you moving forward to keep it at her best range.

You’ll either chip him down to where you force mistakes for you to punish or he keeps trying to beat the sqeeze with guns and loses repeatedly killing him.

I’ve gotten much hate from stroke players this way.


But Deathstroke is sooooo OP. He should be nerfed Herp De Derp and nobody can beat him I thought?


Staff Mode isn’t clunky at all once you get the hang of it. It takes a while though, it feels less intuitive than Escrima. But once you figure it out, it will be your preferred stance in most instances.

His crossups though…yeah, pretty mediocre, when it comes to jumping normals at least. You have to use other tactics to open people up with Nightwing.